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My Eyes Have Been Burning Constantly For The Past Two Days It Has Gotten Worse And When They Water

Why are my eyes burning constantly?

Hello, my name is Katie Dawn and I'm a 15 year old girl from Ohio. Recently, for about a month, my eyes have been burning constantly, as well as hurting at times, and becoming read, as has the skin surrounding my eyes. I do not smoke, though I live with my grandparents and my grandfather smokes, however whenever he smokes I try to stay in my room and away from the smoke because I can not stand it. I babysit during the daytime, so I am not constantly at home, however my eyes burn just as much when I am at home as they do when I am babysitting. Also, I do not wear makeup. I use to, however I no longer wear makeup anymore because it's just too time consuming. My eyes, when burning, feel somewhat like when you go swimming and you put sunblock on and accidentally get some sunblock in your eyes. My eyes water quite a bit too, and lately I haven't been feeling very well. I feel very tired and run down and my eyes are having trouble focusing. Also, though I am naturally pale, I have even less pigment to my skin the last few weeks. Is there some kind of illness that could explain this, for instance is it a cold? Also, been getting headaches and limb and muscle aches for the past 2 weeks, and I have 2 dogs however have had them for years without problem. Please help, I hate how my eyes keep watering and burning and want to buy some sort of eye drops or something to put on them but if it's an illness I don't want to waste any money, which is why I included my other symptoms to see if there was any correlation between my physical and health symptoms, and my eyes burning, watering and becoming bloodshot. Thanks!

My eyes are sore, itchy, constantly watering and when I close them they burn and water more. Help?

This has been going on for about 4-5 days. I have saturated my eyes with eye drops, thero-tears they're called, but they don't work. I have an eye condition where my tear ducts don't produce as much liquid film over my eyes as they should, so I have to use the eye drops when my eyes become dry to make tears for me, if that makes sense.

But regardless though, it has never been this bad. My eyes hurt, they feel like they are raw, I just want to rub them all the time, they burn, constantly water, my nose becomes really runny and in the morning when I wake up my eyes are really puffy, which is not normal.

My eye drops don't help, cold and flu tablets don't help, I have no idea what's wrong, but does anyone have any home remedies that might help temporarily until I get to a doctor...please? They are really burning.

Why is my left eye burning and watering?

Watery eyes (epiphora) tear persistently or excessively. Watery eyes can be due to excess tear production, inflammation of your eyes or inadequate drainage of your normal tears.__________Causes:Watery eyes may be caused by several conditions. Any type of inflammation — infections, allergies, a foreign body or other irritants — can result in watery eyes.The tear ducts don't produce tears, but rather carry away tears, similar to how a storm drain carries away rainwater. Tears normally drain into your nose through tiny openings (puncta) in the inner part of the lids near the nose. If a tear duct is blocked for any reason, you may experience watery eyes.Older adults sometimes have a blocked tear duct. More commonly, the muscles that hold the inner part of the eyelid flat against the eyeball relax, which, in some cases, causes the surface of the eye to dry out, resulting in chronic irritation and watery eyes. In other people, the tears puddle up behind and overflow the lower eyelid.Common causes of watery eyes include:- Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) - Blocked tear duct - Common cold - Dry eyes (decreased production of tears) - Ectropion (outwardly turned eyelid) - Entropion (inwardly turned eyelid) - Foreign object in the eye - Hay fever - Infection of the tear duct - Ingrown eyelash (trichiasis) - Irritation of the cornea (front of the eye) - Pink eye (conjunctivitis) - Trachoma__________When to see a doctor:Watery eyes may clear up on their own. If the problem results from dry eyes or eye irritation, you may find it helpful to use artificial tears four or five times a day or place warm compresses over your eyes for several minutes. If watery eyes persist, make an appointment with your doctor. If necessary, he or she may refer you to an eye doctor (ophthalmologist). See also Optical Clinic PhilippinesSeek immediate medical attention if you have watery eyes with:- Reduced vision - Pain around your eyes - A foreign body sensationSource:

My left eye stings and burns, but there's nothing in it?

My left eye has had this feeling for the past two or three days. I've rinsed it multiple times with Blink Tears eye drops but nothing has surfaced. My eye is constantly burning and every time I blink I feel like I'm being stabbed in the eye. It wont water at all and feels extremely dry. It's getting worse every day and my vision is getting foggy in that eye. I'm left eye dominant so I'm worried? What could it be? (I wear contacts but do not sleep in them. I replace them on the first of every month.)

Why do my eyes water when I have a cold?

It’s because the tears that are constantly formed by the lacrimal glands in the eyes are drained through a tube that ends up in your nose. So, whenever you get a cold, the tube becomes inflamed, its walls become swollen and boggy and the tears just can’t drain through the tube. Since the tube’s clogged, the tears just pool up in your eyes and start overflowing. And that’s why your eyes well up when you have a cold.Correction - It's not the extension of inflammation that causes watering of eyes. It's rather that the nasal mucosal sensations are conducted to the brain through the trigeminal nerve which also carries sensations from eyes. There is a mass or an indiscriminate response to simulation of the nasal branches of the trigeminal nerve and the brain doesn't differentiate between the nasal mucosa and the eye. The result is that one reflexively tears up as the nasal mucosa congests with the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve. Interesting spiel up above though. Sorry for the misinformation. It was inadvertent and I must have researched before sharing this hypothesis of mine.

Face burning, itchy, sensitive to heat.?

The past week my face has been very itchy, burning, and sensitive to heat. I’ve tried every lotion out there but it just made it worse. All this spot burns for a while and it kind of eat away my skin causing acne scars. This condition on my face has caused my eyes to hurt and made it sensitive to lights. I also feel hyper active also during this uncomfortable tingling and burning feelings around my face and would have to go wash my face constantly with cold water. I’ve tried taking all my vitamins, drinking plenty of water and juices, but nothing seems to work. I’m not allergic to anything and have stop using cologne, face washing product, and clothes freshener. Please help!

Eye STILL burning from onion chopping?

my eyes are STILL burning from chopping up onions and green onions today for dinner, but i did all the chopping at or before noon.. i had to chop one white onion, and then about an hour later i had to chop up 3 or 4 green onions/scallions..
They don't hurt as bad now as they didd when i was actually chopping, but they definatly still hurt and its quite annoying!
-i also had to cut a green bell peper, could this cause the burning?

So, anyway to stop this?
and why exactly does this happen?

my eyes and myself thank you XD