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My Fiance And I Are Thinking Of Moving We

Thinking about moving to Scotland?

As the others have said, it's not easy to get a visa, but I'll answer your list in full.

1. About the same. 38 hours a week, 5 days per week. But people work the full variety of hours, including nights and so on.
2. Not great. About the same as the US, really.
3.Yes to all.
4. Yes, assuming you have the grades. Colleges are not the same thing as universities here, though. Colleges tend to be vocational education, and universities further academic work. International students pay high fees - around £10,000 to £20,000. Scottish students pay nothing - the government pays tuition.
5. Free at the point of service, paid for with national insurance contributions, taken from your wages.
6.No. There are dangerous areas, but as a whole (especially in the East) there are large numbers of Americans.
7.Depends on the area, massively. Between £100,000 and £250,000.
8. A small new car is around £10,000 to £15,000. Used cars go from £100 upwards.
9.Public transport is extensive in cities, and good between cities. Only Glasgow has a subway. Edinburgh has the best bus service in the UK. There are good train and bus links between cities.
10.The weather is temperate. Cool summers, mild winters. No major storms, and certainly no hurricanes. The worst you might get is a foot of snow in winter.
11.Almost the entire coastline is open to everyone. The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 allows free access to almost all private land, excluding gardens.
12.Not that I know of. You could contact Visit Scotland, though that's geared to tourists. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.
13.A great deal. The Pound is a great deal stronger than the dollar.
14.Photography is largely freelance. Marine biology is not an easy field to get employment in. Neither of these occupations will allow you to get a settlement visa. Not unless the marine biologist is a world authority, or bringing needed skills to the UK.
15. Largely, yes, A degree from a recognized US institution would be valid here. For many professions, though, you would require a conversion course.

Thinking about moving to Australia?

- 36-40 hours per week
- Australia has a much better economy than America so you shouldn't worry about not finding a job
- Yes, anyone can attend colleges, that's if you've gotten good grades in school. I don't know much about their price though. Yes, the government does help.
- Healthcare is great, free and very lifesaving.
- Australians don't care about your nationality at all. Maybe race, as there are (very few) racists. If you have "Australian racists" in mind, then you should worry about being ethnic looking NOT American - I mean, you could look Indian and yet speak American. Racist gangs in here will either target white looking folks or brown ones - this has nothing to do with being American, Canadian, British. Our racists worry more about your ethnicity, not nationality. But again, THIS IS RARE and we RARELY do have gangs!
- It's quite expensive these days, the house prices. A low budget apartment, even with ONE room, will be like $290 p/w. A small house is even more, like $310. I'm talking about Sydney...very expensive.
- We have train stations and a lot of buses. Subways are dominant in the city areas.
- We have cyclones here, not hurricanes, and they are common in the northern cities like Cairns (near Great barrier reef), Townsville, Darwin, Broome...not many people live there anyway. The capitals, like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide get very hot summers, like your Los Angeles. Our desert cities like Broken Hill and Alice Springs get temps similar to Phoenix. Anyway, the areas near the Great Barrier Reef have extremely wet summers because of monsoonal influences. Thunderstorms are expected in Sydney summers. Brisbane is very humid and warm throughout the year.
- Not in the cooler/southern cities, but in the northern cities like Cairns, Darwin and Mackay, winter is perfect to get to the beach. Even Gold Coast is too cool during winter for beaches.
- It is 61
- Since Australia is expensive save as much as you want.
- If you're going to the great barrier reef area then marine biology will be a good choice, as there aren't many job opportunities there as the places there are sparsely populated.
- Yes

Thinking about moving to Ireland?

If you are not an EU national then you can't just move to Ireland, first you need a job. When you have a job offer on the table then you can think about the logistics of moving over. Sadly there are no jobs right now for the 450,000 Irish and EU citizens who live here so you might have to put your plans on hold for a few years. Around 50,000 of our young people are emigrating to Canada and Australia each year, you could look to Canada perhaps? Right next door to you.

Try using the "Discover" section on Y!A where questions such as this get asked every day or Google "recession Ireland" to find our more information on the state of the Irish economic situation which is as bad if not worse than the US economic situation. The cost of living is high and more taxes/charges are planned in December.

To answer a few of your queries :-

Job outlook is bleak so put your plans on hold for a few years until the recession is over
Yes you have to pay for healthcare unless you are on social welfare
No it is not dangerous for Americans to live here lol, we have a few gangs but they are mainly drug related gangs so unless you do drugs you'll be fine
Yes there are buses in the cities (why wouldn't there be buses for goodness sake) outside of the main towns/cities the public transport system is non-existant
The weather is cr@p generally, cold and wet in the spring, summer and Autumn. Colder and snow/ice in the winter. It was barely 15C in Cork today, overcast & dull. Typical summers day
Yes you can visit the beach anytime but seeing as its cold and wet mostly why bother?
No point saving you can't move here unless you get a job and there are no jobs
Yes degrees are recognised everywhere

Thinking of leaving my fiance...?

it truly is more advantageous for a baby to come back from a damaged homestead than to stay in a unmarried. you imagine of your newborn now, in basic terms because he's gonna have dad round doesn't recommend that's more advantageous for him..he will %. up that you're both unhappy and who's acquainted with what can of worms which will open. do not recognize why human beings have little ones until eventually they're certain they prefer to be with their companions, yet yeah, that's none of my organisation. in basic terms go away him, your son will continuously have his father regardless. (when you're saying your fiance is basically with you simply by newborn that ought to point he cares a great deal about his son) so i might want to say go away him. you're going to finally end up leaving him besides contained in the destiny..your son will modify in basic terms positive. I come from a divorced homestead and my parents get alongside positive and we were all extra up understanding one yet another and loving one yet another.

Thinking of moving with my family from Massachusetts to Glendale Arizona?

My next door neighbors are from Boston and they love it in Peoria (next to Glendale). If you move to Glendale, I suggest the Northern part of the city, or Peoria. The central part of Glendale isn't the prettiest. I like this side of town because it's not as congested as say the East Valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe). There is so much going on over here now with entertainment and restaurants that we hardly leave this part of town unless its to visit family in other parts of the valley. I love the Arrowhead Lakes Area. You should really look there. Safe, clean, close to everything and easy freeway access. Lake Pleasant in only a few minutes from Glendale to.

The heat and Republicans are the only bad thing about the Phoenix area, but you can drive up to Prescott to cool down which is only 1 1/2 away, or really go north up to the pine areas like Flagstaff, Payson or Sedona.

Thinking about moving to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a very tolerant society, but every country has issues.

1. Work week is same as US
2. Job outlook is harder than it has been for a while, but there are jobs, just depends on what area, experience.If you want to live here however you need to qualify for the immigration requirements. Look into it as its not that easy.
3. College or universities are they are called here ( college is the same as high school here) and it depends on what course you are doing. I think if you are over 21 its a bit easier. Cost wise not sure if you will be local or overseas and it depends on the course. Can vary from NZD$3000-$10,000+ per year. Student loans are easy to get but I am not sure about for people overseas.
4. Healthcare, you pay to go to Dr (about $30), if you go to hospital its free (pretty much) and we have ACC (accident compensation) where if you have an accident you can apply and get government to help. Its a good system.
5. Gangs exist but they do not target people like that. Live in a good area and you will never have any contact with them.
6. We do not have trailers here. Houses vary depending on where you live. Say $150,000 t0 $250,000 for a small house/flat
7. Car decent probably around $8-10,000
8. Public transport is not great anywhere, and is why people have lots of cars in NZ. Out of the major cities its pretty poor.
9.Climate is nearly sub tropical up north to temperate. We have an oceanic climate, not too hot or too cold, wet in the north/west, dry in the east. We get cyclones every now and then, which occur in the north island only, southerly storms can being snow in the winters mainly in the south or middle of the north island (volcanic platau) do get a few earthquakes, a few floods and maybe droughts. Like anywhere you will have issues.
10.Beaches are pretty free, there are a few private beaches, although there is something here called Queens chain which means you are technically able to walk river beds and beaches. BUT there are some technicalities. In general you will not have problems with beach access...and there is a lot of coastline.
11. no
12.You will need to look at the immigration requirements before doing anything.
13. career depends.
14. yes for the most part.

Why am I thinking more about another guy instead of my boyfriend?

You’re lonely because your guy is studying overseas. You have some kind of fantasy in your mind about this online guy, who isn’t really real. He’s giving you a spark because it’s all a fantasy. And you’re only 20Now, you need to seriously think about your relationship with your boyfriend and talk with him about it. Are you ready to keep him around as a long term commitment, since you are both so young? He may be having the same feelings that you are experiencing. At some point in your relationship with your current boyfriend, there must have been some spark. Perhaps you don’t remember, but believe me, the original spark doesn’t last. What happens later is trust, comfort , and knowing this guy is going to be there for you no matter what. And you have to keep the spark going yourself if that is what you need so much.Many people in long term relationships get crushes on other people, but they are mature enough to realize that that’s all it is. Real love is very different from just a spark or crush you get from some online guy whom you don’t really know.Think about it, and I hope this helps.

What are signs my twinflame is thinking of me?

I’ve had this experience with a karmic and most recently with someone I feel a strong connection with. I am most vulnerable to receiving correspondence when I am am in silence or when I am in the midst of sleep. When I am in silence, I notice I feel a presence, a very strong energy. I also begin receiving verbal messages as if they are coming directly into my ears. Songs, images, strange symbolic occurrences sometimes flash before me in things I see as I am looking out through my eyes.When I am asleep, I often find that I am visited by an astral or physical manifestation of the person. I physical feel like I am right in front of them, looking into their eyes, we speak, have conversations, and strangely no matter how much sleep I’ve had, I’ll be jerked from sleep and into action. I shower, get dressed, and arrive to meet this person in the physical world. When I arrive to meet this person, it’s as though they have been expecting me and the conversations which we have had while I was sleeping actually took place because there is evidence in the knowledge and interactions that take place once in each other’s presence.Another thing that gets me is I will often hear their name, see it in my sleep, be awakened at the time of a repeating number.Usually when I try to limit my contact with this person do I get bombarded by some pretty magical stuff. I sometimes feel as though I am losing my mind. How can something like this exist if not in madness?

My boyfriend and I don’t have anything in common. I find myself not even knowing what to talk about with him. The sex is okay, but he’s not very experienced. He told me he loves me, but I don’t think he knows what love really is. What should I do?

This is one of those things where it depends on what you wanna do.If you don’t have anything in common with this guy and the sex is subpar, it’s best to leave the relationship now instead of trying to force yourself to stay out of loyalty.The last part of your scenario’s description worries me a little too, but only so much that I suggest you leave even more so. This smells a little bit too much like a scary movie plot for me, I’d say leave now.