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My First Gig Is Soon But Im Scared


Preparation can help. If you are well rehearsed and in good physical condition, any reasonable person would expect to perform well. But stage fright is not a rational fear, and performers are not reasonable people. It doesn’t matter if it’s all in the mind; dwelling on worst-case scenarios puts a real clamp on the voice. Trying to talk yourself out of these mental tail-spins only makes things worse. What’s important to remember is that anxiety means you care. Apprehension is good, positive, energy which heightens reflexes and expands our abilities. Your job before a gig is not to deny fear, but to manage its symptoms.

If you freak-out on stage, take command of your thoughts immediately. Barrage the irrational feelings with bits of reality. Recite your name and birthday to yourself. What is the date? This may seem ridiculous, but I’ve coached many people through panic attacks who could not recall how old they were for a minute or two. Most of all, remember that an audience is human. People will pull for you if you let them know how you feel. Missed lyrics and bad pitches are instantly forgiven if your heart is in the right place. Would you think any less of a performer who looked nervous? Of course not. So, give your audience the same credit and open up. Don’t let fear keep you off the stage.

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Someone HELP me! Im very worried about TEST results?

There are many cultures test. Call and see which one. You may email me if you need more information. My guess would be GBS. GBS is the most common cause of sepsis (blood infection) and meningitis (infection of the fluid and lining surrounding the brain) in newborns.
GBS is a frequent cause of newborn pneumonia and is more common than other, better known, newborn problems such as rubella, congenital syphilis, and spina bifida.

Before prevention methods were widely used, approximately 8,000 babies in the United States would get GBS disease each year. One of every 20 babies with GBS disease dies from infection. Babies that survive, particularly those who have meningitis, may have long-term problems, such as hearing or vision loss or learning disabilities.

In pregnant women, GBS can cause bladder infections, womb infections (amnionitis, endometritis), and stillbirth. Among men and among women who are not pregnant, the most common diseases caused by GBS are blood infections, skin or soft tissue infections, and pneumonia. Approximately one of every 100 to 200 babies whose mothers carry GBS develop signs and symptoms of GBS disease. Three-fourths of the cases of GBS disease among newborns occur in the first week of life ("early-onset disease"), and most of these cases are apparent a few hours after birth. Sepsis, pneumonia, and meningitis are the most common problems. Premature babies are more susceptible to GBS infection than full-term babies, but most (75%) babies who get GBS disease are full term.

GBS disease may also develop in infants 1 week to several months after birth ("late-onset disease"). Meningitis is more common with late-onset GBS disease. Only about half of late-onset GBS disease among newborns comes from a mother who is a GBS carrier; the source of infection for others with late-onset GBS disease is unknown. Late-onset disease is very rare.

How is GBS disease diagnosed and treated?

GBS disease is diagnosed when the bacterium is grown from cultures of sterile body fluids, such as blood or spinal fluid. Cultures take a few days to complete. GBS infections in both newborns and adults are usually treated with antibiotics (e.g., penicillin or ampicillin) given through a vein.

My brother is threatening to kill me help I'm scared!!!?

Well this isn't the first time he's done this, and he always does it when my moms not home but he never does it at my dads house. He just explodes and tries to kill me or threatens to. He has some sort of mental illness he goes to the shrink, but my parents won't do anything about it and as he gets bigger and grows he starts to size me up it seems an he's gettin progressively bigger its scary. And I'm only a girl he is stronger than e got mad because my sister and I were talking in the family room while he was out there and he didnt want us talking. He just exploded and said he was going to kill me and my dog he got a shank a stabbed my dog thoroughly the cage it didnt hurt we that bad it was just a scrape because he couldn't reach through th cage but, when I look into his eyes there's nothing there something's wrong with him. He's been getting progressively more comfortable with the thought of really hurting me he has been hesitant before but just yesterday he lightly stabbed me with a knife. And today he hit me repeatedly with the little shank I'm all scraped up. It's really ******* scary he also took my new ******* guitar I had saved up for to play in gigs and such and dented it with the shank. He doesn't care though he laughed and tried to joke about hurting my dog. He's disturbing he also just got kicked out of school and he's suppose to go to an alternative school for threatening teachers and stuff. I know this might sound bad but I wouldn't mind if he died or just got kidnapped or went away. I fear for my life im so scared and my parents don't want to believe there is anything wrong with him, because he's so manipulative and seemingly sociable and outgoing. I think he's going to kill me though and make look like I killed myself he told me that, because I've had a history of depression he has literally planned my murder I'm scared. Is this ******* normal my mom told me it was a phase what the **** kind of phase is this he is 14

Wanna learn to play the drums, But I'm kind of scared.?

You're starting at around the age a lot of successful drummers do so that's fine. Playing drums is can be very frustrating, especially if you like metal (judging by your name). Building up the speed required for the more extreme sub genres of metal (thrash, death and black metal) can take years. The bright side is that drummers are extremely valuable to bands seeing as far more people take up guitar or bass. Don't get discouraged when first starting out, it will be tough to learn to multitask at first but after breaking the ice everything will start to make sense and get easier. For most forms of metal you will need a double bass pedal but other than that a beginner kit should be fine for a while.

I hope you follow your dreams, trust me the world needs more good metal drummers. I myself play guitar and am desperately looking for a drummer who can play good death metal, you guys are like diamonds in a haystack. (I do play drums too but guitar is my best instrument).