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My Flag Counter Is Pushing Down My Posts On Tumblr How Do I Fix It

What is a thigh gap? does this count?

Well if you don't know, you don't have one. it's genes, it's just a gap in between your thighs, don't make it complicated.

How can I promote my self-published book if I don’t have Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and very few people care about my ideas?

There’s just no way you’re going to be able to promote your self-published book without having an online presence and especially a social media presence. It’s one thing to not want to have personal social media accounts but you’re going to need to open accounts to promote your book. They don’t have to be personal, you can use your book’s name or series if there are more than one.Also, it doesn’t mater how many people know about you and your ideas now, that’s why it’s so important to have an online presence. You want to leverage the power of social media to help those people that would be interested in your book find you and the way you do that is by casting a wide net and being present on all major social media networks.Next you have to be active and I don’t mean spamming your book. You need to engage in relevant conversations and communities with people that could be interested in what you write about. Share interesting things and generally add to the online conversations, let people get to know you and what you’re about.That’s the only way to slowly build an online network that you can then use when you want to promote your book. In other words, it’s going to take some time since you don’t already have a network, but it’s well worth the effort to build one up.Once you’re part of some relevant communities and have a decent amount of people following you, you can promote your books and actually have people take notice. You can still promote your book without a network but it’s very unlikely you’re going to have much traction unless you get very very lucky or happen to be friends with someone who does have a following.So how do you actually promote your book on social media? People are only going to take a couple of seconds to look at your post or tweet and scroll on, you’re going to need a great book cover to convince them to stop and check your book out.If you don’t already have a good book cover I would suggest trying out Placeit’s book cover maker. Here are some book covers I made using the templates:These are super easy to make and work great for sharing them on social media. Here are a couple more examples and a how-to video so you can make your own.Hope that helps!Full disclosure, I work at Placeit :)

What is the US Army Regulation regarding PT Tests in below freezing weather, more so running in such.?

I know it's AR 21-20 but there isn't really anything relevant to my interests regarding a 2 mile timed run in 20 degree weather for a PT Test. Isn't there some kind of regulation against that?

Not all of us are robots and can run properly in such weather... I now know there are 5 androids in my platoon though. Crazy... crazy robots...

How would you define a sports dynasty?

It is open for interpretation.....I personally consider a three-peat OR a period of 4 in 5 years (win two, lose, win two) for the NHL......I also consider it to vary somewhat from sport to sport.

Technically speaking, the word derives from the Chinese dynasties which span hundreds of years so it is a grey area and can be debated.

For what it is worth, the NHL "recognizes" nine dynasties (as poer

For me........NHL- 3 in a row or 4 of 5
NBA- 4 in a row
NFL- 4 in a row or 4 of 5
MLB- 3 in a row

My question is how would you define a Dynasty? YOU CANNOT, personal right answer and no wrong answer.

I will also add that you could even consider teams a dynasty that might have 2 Superbowls, lose one then win one but have a bunch of division/conference championships in a row.......some might even consider the Buffalo Bills a dynasty of a sort with 4 Superbowl losses in a row.

In closing, you will be happy to hear that here in Canada several years back, they had a promotion where they put a flag in every case of beer and the theme was that they were NHL, hanging down in my basement, I have a flag that says "Philadelphia Flyers- Stanley Cup Dynasty-1974-1975."

If my beer box says it's true then it must be true.

Good Q.

What does it mean when someone comments on a post with simply a "period" or a "dot"?

Hi,You need to read the post minutely as a learner.Then put a valuable comment around a paragraph about…01. You have learned from the post.02. Give inspiration to the author.03. Attract new readers.Without reading the post, commenting like “Amazing!Wonderful! Helpful content!” is quite the spam.A post comment: How much power it has in blogging!Thank

If you had to buy 3 items to make the cashier uncomfortable, what would they be?

Get ready for some weirdness.Biggest bag of marbles, super glue, and a plant.Bottle, a die, and a stapler.Scissors*, tissues, a paintbrush.Apple juice, a bag of balloons, Tipp-Ex.Ketchup, a clock, and some origami paper.Meat, a frying pan, and men’s shave oil.Motor oil, hundreds and thousands, and some paint rollers.Lipstick, cabbage, and a shovel.*let’s just pretend that I’m 18 and it’s completely legal for me to buy scissors

How can I unfollow everyone I'm following on Instagram?

There are 2 ways to do this. 1. Do it manually2. Automate your workRemember, automation is against Instagram's Privacy Policy.1.1 MANUALLY [ Total Manual ]Instagram allows us to unfollow only 200 people in an hour and almost 600 in a day. If you try to exceed that then they might TERMINATE your account.Step 1: Login in you account and go to PROFILE.Step 2: Press the box displaying your followings.Step 3: Now in the list you can see all of your followings. Click on green butting written 'Following' on the right side of the profile you following.Step 4: A dialog box will appear. Confirm 'unfollow' by clicking yes. Step 5: Repeat this process for 200 times in an hour.Step 6: Come back after an hour and repeat the process.1.2 MANUALLY  using CROWDFIRE [ Recommended ]Step 1: Install Crowdfire in your mobile.Step 2: Connect your Instagram account in crowdfire.Step 3: Now, under menu section, you have the access of people, who are not following you back, who are following you but you are not following them,  who unfollowed you and who followed you recently. Step 4: Choose any section(for eg: NON FOLLOWERS) and it will fetch you the list profiles who are not following you back.Step 5: Press the red button on the right side of the profile to unfollow people.NOTE: Crowdfire gives you many features which enable you to unfollow people who do not matter to your account. 2. AUTOMATION using INSTAGRESSIn my several accounts, I use Instagress to like, comment and follow/unfollow people on my account. To unfollow people using this tool:Step 1: Sign up on instagress (you get 3 days free trial on your account.)Step 2: After login, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Go in you accounts setting by clicking on USERNAME of you Instagram displayed in the dashboard.Step 3: Inside settings, select unfollows checkbox. If you want to automate likes and comment then you can check them too.Step 4: Scroll down to the section of UNFOLLOW. You can find a dropdown. Select all if you want to unfollow everyone.Step 5: Scroll up again and press the START button.There are many other tools available for following and other activities but these are the tools which I use personallySome other tools are:1. Unfollowers for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook2. unfollowgram3. Instamacro4. JustUnfollow5. Friend or Follow etc etc.PS: if you want to learn Instagram Marketing, you can get in touch with me directly.PPS: Upvote, if you like the answer.

A U.S. Marine punched me in the head, knocking me out, after i touched his medals, Can I file a lawsuit?

I was at the K Mart, and saw a Marine, I called him a baby killer. He ignored me. So then
I touched his medals and said, You get these for killing babies. I spit on him.

Next thing i know, i was on the ground unconscious the next minute.

I did not think he would have the guts to hit me in public, the K Mart, in a public place. The store was empty. Maybe if it was more crowded, he wouldnt have done anything.

I thought they cant freaking hit you if they are in uniform?

I awoke 10 minutes later in an ambulance. They told me at the hospital, he hit me like 5 and 6 times, after i was out cold. I have 2 missing teeth, and a swollen nose, and swollen eyes and 2 bruises on my head. My hospital bill is over $10,000, including ambulance ride. Can I file a lawsuit against the military, to get them to pay my hospital bills?

Plus I missed 3 weeks of work, I lost over $1200 in work pay.

Also, they dropped the charges against this guy? How can I re-press them against him?

I think he should have charged civily and criminally, I had no clue a uniform man would attack somebody in public place.

How do you win Key Master?

I believe that there may be 2 possible ways to win. 1 method has yet to be tested. it would require u to have won at least once or to have seen someone else win, the joystick part should be relatively easy so don't worry to much about that, but whenever you see someone play, count how many seconds it takes for the key to reach the desired prize. if someone wins while you were counting you will then know how long it takes for the key to reach the prize and win. timing obviously varies among each row of prizes. the other method is pretty much luck. it is believed that if enough people play key master that there will be enough money in the machine to equal the cost of the prize, which in turn changes the games difficulty, making it easier to win. that's why everyone thinks it is rigged. I myself, don't know if any of this is true. but the first method is definitely worth a try, especially if your not the one wasting money on chance. you watch & count each try till you have right number of seconds to win!