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My Freind Is In The Worst Situation And Idk What To Tell Her

I'm the worst friend ever!!! D:?

So this guy started talking to me and I was like 'idk my friend used to talk to you"
and he and I talked about the situation before them for a little bit and anyways so he started talking to her again and when she told me he was tried talking to her I was telling her how I think he likes her a lot and everything but she'd tell me she's talking to about 9 guys at 1 time including him who she doesn't really care about and she actually wants to get with this other guy but she's only talking to them so she can feel wanted

and well that guy who she used to talk to and started talking to again started calling me about every night and we'd talk about stupid things like aliens ANYWAYS he said he was starting to like me and stuff and I figured it was a friend thing cause we didn't flirt and he called me "sis" before

my friend tells me what they talk about and the issue she has with him was that apparently he's too serious about her and too lovable and she's only in high school but she kept talking to him and other guys but when she sees him flirt with a girl on fb she gets mad cause she expects that he wants to marry her and etc..

How do I tell my best friend I'm in love with her?

My best friend proposed to me two years back. I was a nerdy-type of a girl belonging to a conservative family. I had no idea how to respond. He mailed me a love letter and I freaked out after reading it. My mum read it too (it was unexpected and my  mum was sitting right next to me while I opened my mail). I ignored him and deleted the mail.I pretended like nothing had happened, so did he. But it had. The barrier surrounding our uncomplicated but hidden friendship had been shattered. And the worst part was, while I was unaware of his feelings, the girls I used to hang out with used to tease me about him. They knew that he liked me, I don't know how.Needless to say, it was awkward. We didn't talk for almost a year, until the school farewell. I was starting to miss him and I wanted to talk to him. We had gone from being best friends to strangers and it was upsetting.After school finished, but before starting college, I took matters into my own hands and messaged him, apologized and requested to continue the friendship. I felt cruel and selfish for doing that but when he told me he wanted us to remain friends, all my doubts went away.College started and our friendship resumed. Some time later, he told me about this girl in his class that he had a crush on. He's a happy boyfriend now!The thing about falling in love with your best friend is that if the other person doesn't share the exact same feelings, it becomes the biggest what if of your life. I love him, but it isn't a romantic kind of love.The positive aspect is that your best friend knows you better than your other friends, so the relationship doesn't feel much of a strain. I don't claim to be an expert on relationships, or dating for that matter, but I think you should go ahead and tell your best friend how you feel about her. Talk directly. A phone call, or a face-to-face chat.  Start it as a question. Ask her how she feels about dating. Take her out to a place special to her. Don't be afraid to lay it on thick. Tell her how much she means to you. If she doesn't feel ready, go slow and let her know that she will always be special for you.PS: I had to go anonymous because the said friend is on quora and I don't want to hurt his feelings. Don't hate me please!!!!!

My best friend has bad breath!!!?

Well if you guys are really friends then you should be able to tell her. I am a member of pretty terrible breath...and my friends tell me all the time. I'm actually glad that they do because then I can take a mint and not have bad breath around a guy. Real friends tell each other everything, but maybe you're not the kind of friends who do that. If you think it's appropriate to tell her, then just tell her "Shaylee you kind of have bad breath, want one of my mints?" Or something like that. If you just want to be subtle about it and not really tell her then say something like "Shaylee want a mint? They're really good!" That way you won't have to tell her and her bad breath will be cleared up in no time!

How do I tell my friend I don't want to go to her birthday party?

There are three types of friendships.Casual friendships,Good friends, andNot meant to be friends.If you relationship with the birthday friend is casual. No big deal. Go if you can. If you have a conflict, explain the issue and move on.If your relationship falls into category 3, this is a bit more complicated. No reason to openly show your dislike of this person. You can decline and make a non-specified excuse. “I have a prior commitment.” You don’t need to explain that commitment is eating pizza on your sofa while bing watching WestWorld. You don’t get along with this person, so feigning that you like being around them is not necessary. After a number of “no thanks” they will get the clue. Even if they find that your excuses are not convincing, what’s the worst that can happen?Them: “It’s like you make up these excuses because you don’t want to hang out with me?”You: “Um, you might be on to something there.”The important one is #2.Making friends is easy. Making and keeping good friends is rare.The journey from friend to good friend is tempered with trials and conflict. Whenever you care about another and spend enough time together, fights are inevitable. Jealousy, hurt feelings, inconsiderate behavior, miscommunication, unreturned favors, “MISSED BIRTHDAYS” are among the various intentional and unintentional interactions that test a relationship.There is not one lifelong friendship I maintain that hasn’t experienced a massive fight at one point. Sometimes the reconciliation is quick. Other times it takes time and effort to rebuilt the relationship. It’s work, but valuable and rewarding work.You use the word “my” in front of friend which is telling. There seems to be a current falling out with this friend. If you are not ready to get into the emotional and time-consuming process of airing your grievances now, you can excuse yourself from this birthday party. The important question is are you ready for this relationship to slip from #2 to #3?If you wish to hold on and give the relationship another chance, you will eventually need to confront your friend and talk it out. Quora must have a good question for that situation. Good luck.

My friend is sexting?

ok! your friend has a problem girl, ok? you are right about that.. it has become a compulsion.. and listen to me ok? this could get her into SERIOUS trouble i mean its one of the worst things possible you can do with an online guy is sext ok? really dangerous!! i meet people online alot, but i know boundaries, limits, whats right and wrong and how to keep myself safe so what she is doing is potentially fatal! i mean seriously! you need to be the good friend that you are and get her help. if it is this serious and severe.. then she needs the help.. throughout all of her therapy make sure you give her lots of self -esteem boosts.. this is probably happening becuase what you siad.. she is incredibly insecure about her figure.. and if you let this continue.. it will get way more serious.. it will get to be a lot worse than this so you want to deal with it while its still at the beginingg.. as a friend to her, you have a responsibility to protect her and help her! tell her mother, and handle the situation.. explain to your mother the situation instead of just telling her so that she wont assume your friend is a bad influence.. but realize she needs help and you are being a good friend. phew! hope that helps! ACT FAST she is in major danger ok?

What is your worst heartbreak story?

when i come to know that my best friend is in love with a girl. but it was that time but now i feel interested that what will happen next. and i am helping him.

What's the best way to tell my crush I like him?

I'm going anonymous because this is something i consider very personal.I would say that you should wait a little bit and try to see if he likes you, just so that he doesn't freak out and think a random person is telling him that she likes himI told someone I liked him, it was the bravest thing I've done….I was scared and he barely knew me but I knew he was everything I wanted in a partner even with all his flaws he was perfect, I waited a whole year just to see him again and even with no contact with him in this year I waited patiently because I fell in love with him. But he told me he had a girlfriend and said we could be friends but then he just randomly blocked me and I felt so so hurt. I spent months thinking why I told him such a big thing about me, why I let him know that I was in love with him because he didn't care and to be honest even months later i can't move on…maybe it's because it was my first love.what I'm trying to say is, maybe you should just go out and tell him because to be very honest a lot of good things are left unsaid but I just think you should build a relationship with him before you actually tell him that you like him. Get to know him and show him what an amazing person you are and this will make he chances of him liking you back much more promising.I hope this helps x

Is one of my friends a bad host?

So I slept over at one of my bff's house yesterday and it wasn't the best ever. I'll rundown what happened.

She never really offered me any food or drinks. I always had to ask and I felt uncomfortable in doing so. Then when I was STARVING she takes out a bag of chips and starts eating away. When I grab to take some she only lets me have like 2. :P

I then also slept on the hard floor of her room! It was incredibly uncomfortable. Incredibly. She only gets me like 2 blankets and that was fine but I kind of felt like I should of had something a little better. Idk its like when she comes to my house I don't have her on the floor..I offer her my bed!

She was then on the phone with her boyfriend for 2 hours. 2 HOURS! And sometimes she would want to talk privately so she would leave me alone in her room. & I like(d) this guy, ya know? And we were getting in a convo over our cells and suddenly he tells me that we shouldn't go out because of the distance. When i talked to my friend about it cause I was upset she was saying that I was selfish and being really self-absorbed at the moment & I needed to move on.

We were also at the mall. I had about fifty dollars on me and somewhere I dropped 40 bucks and I was extremely upset because it was my birthday money. :( I really wanted to find it but she didn't seem like she cared. We tried to look but she always went off talking about something else. I felt like she didn't understand how much that money was and what it meant to me.

She was also on her computer doing her own thing for hours as well. She was on her facebook talking to her friends and playing this game while I was just sitting there bored as hell...& we werent talking to each other. It was awkward.:P

Don't get me wrong this girl is one of my best friends. I love her like a sister but I just did not like this weekend and the way she treated me. When shes at my house its completely different like we have an AMAZING time. But that just didn't happen.

So I guess my question is what do I do next time I go to her house? Am I overreacting to all of this? What's your opinion? :/