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My Friend Always Tries To Make Me Jealous And Be Better Than Me

My friend always tries to make me jealous.?

Well, i don't know if she does it by accident. Don't say 'you need to get a best friend' because she's a lovely girl and she's always there for me. But she always tries to make me jealous, this is a pathetic example but we do ballet together and i bought some plain ballet shoes and then she comes on IM and says "I got them Danzet und clide split soles because the plain ones are crap" the danzet und clide shoes are like $200 and i just have the plain ones. I don't know what to say so i'm just like oh that's cool! :D I don't like it because she always tries to be better than me. I don't want to tell her and say oh you always come across like you wanna make me jealous i just don't know what to say to her when she says things like that

(Im not jealous of her by the way)

Why does my best male friend always try to make me jealous by talking about other females?

He’s not trying to make you jealous. You are his “best” friend. Friends talk to each other about important things in their lives.If you are romantically interested in him, you need to ask him out.This week.Don’t wait…

Why does my 'Friend' always try to make me jealous?!?

Let me warn you about something. The worst people you will meet in your life are the people that can't be happy for you or be glad something good happened to you. I don't think this is exactly the case though. This is something I actually did my friend when I was VERY VERY little. It was because I was jealous of her and wanted to be like her. She is putting you down. It will be hard but you need to tell her she makes you unhappy and she is upset with you for saying that you shouldn't care. Don't let a 'friend' treat you like that EVER. Hope I could help ;)

How do I piss off a jealous friend who always tries to compete with me even though they knew that I am better than them (aesthetically, academically, financially & logically)?

Well you can give energy and life to this drama…OR you can consider how your attitudes (clearly stated in your question) may cause someone else pain or discomfort.The very point that you deem yourself superior on so many levels accounts for the situation you find yourself in. Consider the need for you to do some self exploration. Do you really find life is better by ranking yourself against others? Does this really fill you up?Seek out contentment not drama, look to better yourself not in competition with others but within yourself to do better and be better. Your impact is not in the beauty of your face, the balance of your bank account, or even the intellect of your brain. It is in the impact and gifts (kindness, knowledge,etc) you gracefully share with others.So consider how you want to live your life, and how you want to self talk to yourself each day. I think this question ultimately is more about what you need to do for yourself than what you need to do to someone else.

Help! my bestfriend always tries to be better than me?

I feels as if my best friend is always trying to outshine me in everything we do. We do all the same subjects at school, intend on going to the same university and plan on having our birthday together. However, I have been noticing recently that she always tries to outshine me or put me down. She comes from a very wealthy family and can have whatever she wants whereas my parents make me earn my own money, she always brags to me about what she has bought when she knows I can’t buy these things. I know I dress very well but she always has to wear something better than me and out be the centre of attention at parties. She is really competitive at school and often doesn’t tell me her marks if I have done better that her (which I usually do). Recently, her parents bought her a car which was a newer model of the same car I have which really annoyed me. She was also the first to have a boyfriend out of the two of us and always teases my about not having one, asking if I am a lesbian for not yet having a boyfriend. Next month we are having our birthday together and I’m really worried that it’s just going to be all about her and that people will even forget that its my birthday. The thing is she is pretty, sporty, wealthy and skinnier than me, I just can’t understand why she acts like this. So how do you think I should deal with my so-called “best friend”?

Why is my "best friend" always trying to be better than me when she already is?

Because for some people, they know they aren't better then certain people and they want to feel like they are. I had a friend a couple years ago who always felt inferior to me (I didn't do anything to make her feel like this) but she always had to one up me, always bragged about when she went shopping and how much people spent on her, what her others friends said about her, and overall would tell any lie in order to feel like she was better then me. The best thing to do is to realize that your friend has an insecurity and maybe it's you that she's jealous of. You probably aren't as much of a sideline girl as you think you are and your friend probably sees that. Just be patient, I've dealt with several people who try and make their lives sound incredible compared to mine and tell whatever lies to make them seem better and the best way to handle it is patience. Ask her other friends if she acts like that around them and see what they think about it.

Good friend seems like hes always trying to be better than me why?

Okay Im going to be real with you here. This has to be THE longest question Ive ever seen. There are anthologies shorter than But I get it. You are ticked off so its understandable. I'll be even more real with you. I didnt read the whole thing. I read 1/3 but from that I gathered that your friend is an insecure, obnoxious know-it-all. Drop him. I understand a little friendly competition but come on. Real friends may make fun of you or give you a hard time just for fun but never to the point where you feel belittled. Trust me, his actions will only mature and get worse. He dosent even sound like a guy that is willing to listen to the problem you are having with him. Sounds like he will only try to hinder your growth. The type of person that cant be happy for you when good things happen or encourage you, even when you look like a dope, thats not a friend! Go with your gut on this one!

My Friend Always Tried To Beat Me At Everything!!!!!!?

I have a really close friend who is really sweet at times, but whenever I do something, she tries to do something better. For example:
When I told her I got a new BF, she said she started dating a popular guy. Thats just the start.
When I started kickboxing, she started bragging about how kickboxers aren't that good at sports, and since she does basketball, she's better than me.
I don't know what to do about her. Please help me.

My boyfriends female best friend tries to make me jealous?

I've come to terms with how close they are , they have known each other longer than I've known my boyfriend, i dont think theres any girl in the world that knows him better than her and my boyfriend says she's like a sister to him. but every chance she gets she tries to make me jealous by touching him in rather intimate ways, and I always act like it doesn't bother me at all but then she just does something worse, the other day she sat on top of him and started grinding on him and making sex sounds, it didn't only make me uncomfortable but everyone else in the room too, they all looked at me to give a reaction and I refuse to give them the satisfaction, my boyfriend eventually got her off but he was drunk. i see myself with this guy in long term and i dont know what to do to make his friend stop doing things like this, I'm always nice to her and I always give her a chance and she is nice too when we talk together but when we are around my boyfriend and other people she clings on him. for how long will this playing continue, it always haunts me when I go sleep because I don't want to make it seem like I'm trying to break them up if I tell him about his friends actions and I also don't want to control his actions i love that he is open with me about his friend