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My Friend Has Ignored Me For A Year And Now She Wants To Talk To Me Again

My friend has ignored me for a YEAR and now she wants to talk to me again?

Around this time last year, my "friend" completely shut me off for some unknown reason. She hasn't had a busy schedule at all, she hasn't gone to university or anything, she just shut me off like that. I tried talking to her for that whole year but she kept ignoring me. Today, she messaged me after ignoring me for such a long period of time. She started the conversation with "Hey". I replied with this: "Why did you ignore me for a whole year?" I know you weren't busy or anything. Why?" She then fell silent and replied five minutes later with "I don't know". I said: "Of course you know, you're the one who ignored me!" She said: "I seriously don't know!" I said: "I was constantly worrying about you when I shouldn't have, I don't forgive you for what you did. What you did was inexcusable. You're not my friend anymore. Goodbye." And the chat ended there. She keeps sending me messages but I just keep ignoring them and I also put my phone on silent so I can't hear her incoming calls and messages. Why would she ignore me for a whole year? Why is she talking to me again?

She ignored me, now wants to talk again, why?

Several months ago i met a girl, we hit it off pretty well, texted a lot. After a month or two we started flirting more and more, texting late at night, she would text me good morning/good night etc. We got really close, we almost made out once when hanging out, (probably would have happened if not for being interrupted, but that's not important)

Anyway, out of the blue, she all of a sudden stopped texting me and stuff, I would text her just to say what's up and she'd at first give one word answers, and then she started completely ignoring whatever i sent her. So i got pissed because i didn't do anything diffrerent or wrong so i decided to stop texting her to wasting my time with her. After not hearing from her for almost a month, she sends me a text and she's her old self again, and then she says that she misses me and stuff. Girls confuse the hell out of me, why is she doing this??

My friend has been ignoring me for months but now wants to talk because im ignoring her. How do I deal with this?

This is the perfect chance to talk about what was going on. Tell her why you weren’t talking, and do so without being a dick about it or accusing her of ignoring you. Simply say something like “you weren’t responding so I stopped sending messages.” That way you’re not assuming why she wasn’t responding. She’ll then hopefully respond with some sort of explanation. The less offensive or accusatory you are with your words, the less defensive she will be. This is how you get a clear answer from her. There’s a lot of reasons that she could have not been responding. Maybe she doesn’t like you. Maybe she didn’t think that she needed to respond. Maybe she thought that you didn’t expect her to. Maybe she’s a dickhead. Maybe she was mad at you. Maybe she died for a bit and then came back to life. You now have a chance to explain yourself and give her a chance to explain hers. Just talk about it. If you’re both reasonably rational people, things will make sense and the argument won’t go awry.

He has ignored me for the past 1 year, and he wants to talk to me now. I talk with him, but now he is ignoring me and saying that he is busy. What should I do?

Here is my very short answer. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.Relationships are about two people. If being in this relationship isn’t meeting your needs, then you should invest in relationships that are meeting your mutual needs. Your time is precious. You can’t get back any time that has already passed. Please choose wisely about how you spent it, as much as you are able to.You are valuable, irreplaceable and unique.Christine

My ex wanted us to stay friends but now ignores me?

We've broken up quite a few times and three months ago he broke up (again) saying he doesn't love me. He said he wanted to stay friends, I was ok with that. We had broken up 6 months before and had just got back together when he decided he didn't love me for sure so it wasn't too hard on me, just predictable.

But two months later, he ignores me. I think he blocked me on IM and he barely answered my mail (and yet I haven't harrassed him with mails) So I asked him if he really wanted to be my friend and if he didn't : So be it! But that I would be happy if we stay friends. He confirmed to me he felt close to me, I was his best friend, blahblahblah...

And now once again he ignores me! Hardly answer my mails and is never online. I don't understand why because I'm really not being pushy. I'm meeting new peoples, having fun but I really wanted to stay friends and share things with him.

Now I'm thinking I'll just stop trying to keep in touch if this is such a pain to him. Yet I'm sorry it has to be this way, we always had interesting talks in the past about lots of subjects, had so similar point of view, see life the same way...It hurts to think I've lost this.

What do you think about that? Do you have an explanation for his behaviour? Do I take things too seriously?? It's been three months since we broke up and he's been acting this way the whole 3 months saying he's my friend but acting like he's just some faraway acquaintance.

Why is my guy friend ignoring me?

There's this guy who I have been friends with for about a year and a half now. We see each other a lot, and he means a lot to me. Since I have known him, he's gone through three gf's -the last one also a friends of mine.

since he broke up with her, he has been treating me differently- flirting, facebooking me all the time, touching me casually, and acting annoyed when I flirt with other guys. he started opening up and telling me about his life, which is big, because he's a pretty private person.

last week I let it slip that I was glad he broke up with my friends because i was jealous. He seemed like he was okay with it, and we talked for another hour.
since then, however, he has been ignoring me, even though I have tried to chat with him multiple times.

We have always been strictly friends until he started the recent flirting, and it was only after that that I realized my feelings for him.

why won't he talk to me? what should I do?

My best friend has been ignoring me since she got a boyfriend?

I'm really sorry to say this, but this doesn't sound like a true friend. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon thing girls who aren't true friends will do sometimes: forget about all their friends and only think about boys.

If you really care about her and your friendship, which I assume you do, I'd say try and talk to her one more time. Tell her the things you've said here: how you feel lonely, how you miss her, how you really want her back again, just the two of you. If she doesn't listen, unfortunately, there might not be much else you can do. It's one thing for a friend to not realize what she's doing until you bring it to her attention, but it's a whole other story when you try to talk to them about it and they still don't listen/understand. If it doesn't work, it might not be worth it to try and hold on to your friendship. I'm really sorry; I know it's hard.
Do you wanna know two things that could happen, actually? Its just a maybe, but I've seen them happen before in my friends.
1. You might stop trying to reach out to her, and eventually she'll notice, and she will realize she misses you too.
2. Now don't go assuming this is going to happen, its just a big maybe, but just maybe! She and her boyfriend could break up. If that happens, she might come back to you for support and because she feels alone now. This could go well because she could make the effort to keep your friendship. Or, it could be just another indicator that this is a toxic friend. If she comes crying to you about the break up, then finds another guy and leaves you again, that is a red flag to suggest she is not a true friend.

I'm really sorry about all of this! Good luck. I hope I could help a bit.

My very close friend has been ignoring me for no reason, yet talking to others. What should I do?

Confront your friend. Get your friend alone. “Can we talk, there’s something I need you to confirm for me…” take it from there.I went through this once and I told my friend (because I had an idea of what it could be and I was right) “Offending you wasn’t my intention, I was simply expressing my concern, that’s all”Her face softened and returned to normal and we spoke.It could be a simple misunderstanding—-humans tend to jump to conclusions :)If your friend denies it and returns to ignoring you. Leave this friend alone. There is a saying “Once you feel ignored by someone, NEVER disturb them again.” Afterward if your friend asks you whats’s wrong tell your friend that you are not in interested in playing games. And no friendship can last if there is one person who is not willing to be transparent if they feel wronged/insulted by something you did or something they think you did. There’s no room for pride. Cut your losses if your friend denies there is anything wrong. Why should you be the only one caring about the repair of a friendship? It takes two to make this work, and a one-sided friendship is not something you need in your life.

I have a friend, and we got into a fight and we stopped talking. I miss her very much, but I don't know if she wants to talk with me again. What should I do?

Same thing happened to me. I made a joke and she just stopped talking to me. May be she felt bad. So i thought i should apologise to her. So i called her, but she being too stubborn didnt pick up my calls. Told me that she is going to sleep and i should text her.I replied that I only need 2 minutes, she still replied to text her, she told me that "Cooler chal raha hain, awaz nahi aayegi" (which according to everyone is just bullshit...what type of cooler would make such a noise that you cant even talk on phone) Still i texted her... And she was online the whole time but didn't even read the texts and then finally I told her "Text karne to bolti hain, reply to deti nahi hain.."She was still online, didnt read the texs and then the next day just gave a reply that she slept...nthg else.. I mean we were so good friends, who would behave in such a way with a friend..Now when we see each other in office, we just ignore each other...act like we dont exist for each other... I really miss the talks I had with her, we were a great team, helping and motivating each other in time of need.All my friends now tell me to let her go as she doesnt need me, she is happy without me...but i dont know the truth..I cant lose a friend like her...Now i dont know what should i do..i have this big interview and her motivating words will definetly make my day...but I dont think she will ever talk to me. :(What u should know is she really worth all the trouble..? Does she always care about you when you need it? Or she only comes to you in need? People will always tell you that ego will ruin a friendship, but what u should know is never ruin your self respect for someone who isn't worth it...if she is worth it...then go and talk to her...she will talk to u..apologise to her..

Why does my best friend ignore me when she has a boyfriend?

My best friend and I have been best friends since 5th grade and we are seniors now. We used to hang out all of the time, but whenever she has a boyfreind, she always forgets about me and won't even answer my phone calls. Currently, she's in a serious relationship and he bought her a promise ring. She ditches our plans and whenever we do hangout, he has always got to come. For example, last week, a couple of us senior girls went to the restaraunt and she wanted him to come. I date guys oftne too, but I know when we just need to have girl time-alone. She even talks about me behind my back. I know that less time will be spent between us because of him, but I think she needs to be fair about it. We haven't hung out in almost 3 months. We didn't even hang out before prom or homecoming. This is our senior year, so I think we should spend it together. He already graduated. Also, we often get in fights over this subject, and I'm always the one to fix it because she's not a very moral person, so I know she would never talk to me if I din't fix it. I just think wasting a friendsip over a boy is totally immature, but apparenty she doesn't and I'm tired of arguing. Even her mom asks me often why we don't hang out as much. We haven't spoken in 3 days and I caught her talking about me earlier. Over the thanksgiving holidays, she went to her boyfriends house every day, and we did not talk at all. Her boyfriend only lives a half of a mile from me, so why couldn't she stop by my house too? What should I do..should I say something-like always, or let it blow over and let her talk to me, because if she don't talk to me I guess she wasn't a good friend in the first place?????