My Friend Is Being Abused I Think And She

I think my friend is being abused by her stepdad?

My friend went through almost the same thing except sexual. And she told her dad he took care of situation. She sees a counsler now and lives w/ her dad shes still having a hard time coping w/ it but she gets better everyday. Your friend NEEDS 2 tell someone and get help. She should talk 2 a school counseler or something. Just talking 2 her will help.

I think my friend is being abused at home.?

Shes 14. I don't really talk to her that much, because were not really friends anymore, because she causes too much drama with everyone...
But she has bruises on her legs... And she cut herself last year... Since she caused self-harm before; I wouldn't be surprised if she did it again, but the bruises are the size of finger tips. Like if someone jabbed their finger into her arms and legs? She lives with her grandpa, because her dads in jail, and her mom abandoned her and has a different family. She cries a lot and claims its because of friend drama. But since I've been noticing the bruises, I'm not sure if that's the case anymore...
She has told me and my friends that her grandpa has thrown stuff at her before.. And her grandpa is very strict.
She goes out with a lot of different guys, and always likes a different guy. She even went through a "Bi phase" where she said she liked girls too. But that didn't last very long.

My mom once told me that girl's do that if they don't have a very good male role model in their life? (Going out with a lot of different guys I mean) because they're looking for acceptance from a guy, or something. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

I mean, I don't like her. But I care if she's being abused. Nobody deserves that, not even her. What should I do?

Oh and she likes to get attention too. So I'm not sure if that means something either...

My friend is being abused by his dad, what do i do?

Thing is being a third party in this you do not know to what extent this kid is telling the truth about his father. This child needs help immediately! Start with your school counselor. Do not inform the authorities for you may be terribly informed on the "abuse" he claims is happening and all could be a fabrication to get attention.

My best friend is being abused by her dad?


My friend is being abused by her parents, what can I do?

Thank you for the question.I'm going to answer within my scope of knowledge which would be US laws and procedures.I commend you for your concern for your friend. Sometimes, one person can totally change someone's life; you may be this person for your friend.Please let them know that no one deserves to be hurt. Encourage them to reach out (Crisis Text Line: text Hello to 741–741 or 211 for information.) There is help available. People DO care.I'd urge you to talk to a trusted adult (parent, teacher, guidance counselor) about how you are feeling. The guidance counselor will be able to help a great deal and they may decide you have enough information to file a report. (Generally, they must be given by a person with first hand knowledge, but you may know enough to prompt an investigation. Reports can be anonymous.)No matter support your friend. Let them know that you are there for them. Encourage them to reach out. Life can get better.

Is my friend being sexuallx abused?

Ok so my friend (14) was having a sleepover/party thing and there were the 6 of us. me, my friend and 2 boys (also our best friends) and 2 girls . Either way... It was her birthday and we were having a party and sleepover. But me and one of the others came abit earlier to help etc... And we were just messing about and then her dad called her into his room and she didnt come back for like half an hour and we had run out of party stuff so i went to her dads room and knocked and then i heard some noice and her dad opend the door but just a bit. I thought he was getting changed so i was embarrased i asked him if he knew were skye (my friend) was. And he was like yeah i sent her out to go get a pizza for the party. And when i turned around to go from the corner i saw skye sitting on the bed only wearing a bra. For like 1 sec. 4 thought yeah shes just getting changed then i thought who am i kidding why would her dad lie to me? And why would she naked...

so i went back to my friend and told hìm what i saw and he said that he couldnt beileve it i also told him that i think her dad was drunk too because he smelt strongly like alcohol. So we said we'd look out for anything strange.
Then later when every one was here it was all normal until i went into the kitchen and saw skye on the counter and her dad on her tounging her and all and i gasped and they saw me so i walked out. Her dad left and didnt come back thd night . Am i just seeing it like this or is something going on?