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My Friend Is Constantly Talking About His Girlfriend

My friend keeps talking to my girlfriend?

Does she want to hang out with him?

I think you ought to speak to him, man to man, about what he's doing. You have to trust her to be alone with other men...she can have guy friends...but I would be somewhat suspicious, too.

My friend is constantly fighting with his girlfriend, how can I help him?

My best friend always fights with his girlfriend. They're nothing alike and are only going out with each other to have someone to go out with. They've already broken up once.

They went out for three months and broke up. My friend told me it was because they fought all the time and she was starting to think that it was okay for them to fight because no matter how bad the fight was they would always get back together, and that he didn't want a relationship like that. They day after they broke up, he started going out with another girl to make her jealous. The new girl he asked out was one that he had gone out with before.
A few months later, he started going out with her again and he said it was because they had been taking a break.

Also, even though they are going out still, there is another girl who is two years older than him that he spends most of his time with. The older girl's boyfriend lives 45 minutes away and the older girl is constantly hugging my friend and acting like a ho around him. I told her not to tempt him because he already had a girlfriend and he said it was because she is deprived. She always talks about how she wants to stay with her boyfriend forever but get to hook up with and make out with all the guys she wanted to.

He has been my best friend for a while and I don't like to see him getting himself into stuff like this. I am friends with his girlfriend and she is a really nice person, but the constant fighting in their relationship is not healthy. Also, I think he might become tempted when he hangs around the older girl if she is constantly doing slutty things around him. Guys have cheated with her in the past and I'm worried it might happen again.

What should I do about my girlfriend talking to a guy friend a lot?

Here's a tip for to start with. Stop looking at people in terms of gender. The question is, "My girlfriend talks to a lot of friends. What should I do?" Then the answer becomes easier. So are you upset that she's talking to other people while not responding to you? Maybe she doesn't have anything to say to you. How do you know she's reading your texts, ignoring them, while talking to these other guys? Unless she's telling you that she is, it seems like you're a little too obsessed with it. No one is required to respond to a text message, a phone call, or anything. It's their choice. If you feel hurt that she's ignoring your texts for 20-30 minutes, then talk to her about it. There's nothing wrong with feeling insecure, but how you react to your insecurity can be a problem. I'm not sure why you have a problem with her guy friends. She has them in her life and they are her best friends. She's not hiding anything; in fact, she's telling you about her friendships and what's going on in her life! She's sharing with you! There's nothing nefarious going on here. She has friends. Anyone who tries to control someone and who they can or can't be friends with is controlling and abusive. Don't be that guy. The problem here is not your girlfriend who has friends that she talks to. The problem is you, your insecurity, and your attempts to control your girlfriend. You need to work on your insecurity, talk to your girlfriend about it so she can help you, and try to let it go. What has you so insecure? She's with you, not with anyone else. If you constantly worry about who she talks to and how long it takes for her to respond to your texts and try to control her, you will drive her away. It's going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why do you put "best friends" in quotations? Are you assuming she's lying about it? Why can't they be her best friends? You don't trust your girlfriend, you're insecure, and you are trying to control her. Whew! Sounds like you have some work to do before you're ready for a healthy relationship.

My friend is CONSTANTLY talking about his girlfriend?

Okay one of my friends, he's cool funny etc. But there's one problem: he constantly talks about his girl nonstop! Now, I'm not jealous and I don't have a problem with it but like almost every other sentence is about her. I know he probably loves her and all, but It's like he's trying to remind me that he has a girlfriend. I don't talk to him first, he always talks to me first. Then when we talk, its about his girlfriend
-,- lol. I have a guy who I'm talking to now and when he asked me did I have a boyfriend, I said yeah. Then he laughed and said, "who, your dog?" I said no I just don't like talking about my relationships lol. When we text, he is always reminding me coooonstantly. He says "she's so pretty" or "I miss her". I'm just thinking... Okay why are you talking to me then! Lol I never say it but that's what I always think. He even goes as far as talking about their sex life and her body! I don't wanna hear that! :O But we've been friends for a long time so I'm used to it now. I just don't understand why he does this though.

How do I handle my girlfriend talking to a guy friend a lot more and more often than I am comfortable with?

3 guidelines here to assess a male- friend intervening in your relationship: 1) How much time do you spend together? How much time do they spend together? Both in person and over the phone. You should be the person she talks to the most. If you aren't, then you aren't her priority. And that's exactly how this conversation should begin. Don't apologize for being jealous or insecure, those are emotions that have various causes. It seems clear that the cause of those emotions in this situation is the amount of time she's spending with this friend. You don't sound controlling. Tell her to treat you like you're her priority. If you aren't, re-assess your relationship (which is fancy language for get your ass out). 2) Assess the trust levels of the relationship. How much do you trust her? There must be a certain amount of trust issues going on from your end, however that is not necessarily your fault. Examining your situation, her actions of hiding her phone and having skype convos late at night is sketchy. She isn't making moves that make you want to trust her. Relationships are built on trust, so it sounds like this relationship is on it's way out. 3) Self-reflect. Why did she start this new flame?This relationship sounds pretty much over, so it's time to think about the future. What made her lose interest? I don't mean to piggyback from the other answers, but are you too nice?Best of luck, I'm sorry about your relationship and the pain she's causing you with this new guy. Remember your self-worth. You don't need to deal with anything you don't want to.

My girlfriend told me to stop talking to a girl that has been my friend since I went to high school. Is that fair? Should I listen to her?

No. A lifeling friend is a treasure. A girl- or boyfriend is almost always temporary.If she is making those sorts of demands on you, it is likely she is not sure how committed you are to the relationship and views the friend as a threat. Try to reassure her that she has nothing to fear from your friend, but if it comes down to a choice between the two, you can always find someone else to date. You can’t replace someone who has grown with you.I am assuming for this discussion that you and your friend do not have any current romantic interest (past is ok so long as neither of you is still holding a torch). If you do, then that complicates the answer.

My Friend Talks About His Girlfriend All the Time?

Like, almost every ******* conversation has to have his girlfriend somehow referenced in it. I am happy for him, but holy crap he talks about her nonstop and it gets annoying fast (especially since I'm single). It's almost like he tries to rub it in my face that he has one and I don't. What should I do? Should I just tell him that It's annoying how much he talks about her? Or just pretend to listen to him? Also, has anyone else had to deal with a friend like that? Thanks for the answers, guys!

My girlfriend talks with one of her male friends very much. What should I do?

Okay, you've got a problem that can easily be talked out.Go to your girlfriend, and tell her straight - man to woman - If you are going to talk with that guy in life, I will double date! I don't care if he had a crush on you, or still has a crush on you, or you are ignoring him, or whatever. Talk to him one more time, and wave me goodbye, it's either him or ME!I believe that 99% of the time, the situation can be easily controlled. Girls are fooled easily by guys, guys who pretend to be emotional, and pretend to be their friends, but only guys (the boyfriends/husbands I mean) know what all guys think about a girl (their girlfriend/wife)! The guy who your girl is talking to right now, isn't there for emotional support, right? He's not a fool. He's making his chance so that the moment your girl weakens up and talks about leaving you or being frustrated in this relationship with you, that guy has his chance, and he gets lucky with your girl - which is HORRIBLE!I have known this thing from long because my boyfriend is a supportive man (and aggressive and dominating too, and I really love that about him, the way he takes control of the relationship!) and he taught me all this about the guys, and now I am expert enough to talk to any guy of the world behind his back, because he trusts me enough that I will never let anybody flirt with me. Not even come close to flirting! Not because I am afraid of him or something, but because we both trust each other, and I respect my guy very much. And that trust and respect needs to be there in every relationship, believe me. Feminists might bark nonsense all the time that women should not listen to men, men should not dominate women, men should give freedom to their partners, men should not restrict women from wearing short clothes or going out naked, blah blah blah, but the rules that are set for women MUST be followed if you want to set a good example of a successful relationship for your coming generations, or else, they will also learn more about cheating and running away and breaking up, than about going through tough times together and still holding on. We should build a society and not a jungle!Good luck! :)