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My Friend Is Looking Down On My Other Friends

My friend hates all my other friends? ?

She's probably just jealous. I get like that too, at times, but I try to ignore it, rather than indulge it. It is stupid to let jealousy take over.
Don't let it affect things with your other friends. You're right, you're allowed more than one friend. If you wanna get to the bottom of this, maybe you should try to talk to her about it? Don't antagonise her, just be gentle about it. Don't sound like you're accusing her of anything, it won't go down well. Maybe she can't see how irrational she's being. Try to let her see your side, what you've told us.

Just one little thing, though. I only get jealous over ONE of my friends. And ... um, I'm almost convinced I'm in love with the girl. :\ I don't act right with her, I never have. Is that a possibility for your friend? Don't just bat that suggestion away. Seriously, getting irrationally jealous is a sign someone likes you more than a friend.
An idea might be to ask her friends if she's the same with them. If she is, then it clearly just in her nature to be a bit clingy. But if not, you have to ask yourself why she singles you out, why you're different in her eyes.
And, btw, no stereotyping. She could be gay. My best friend is gay, I would never have guessed, before she told me. She had A LOT of boyfriends before she realised, I think she couldn't understand why she didn't feel much for them. I think she wanted to be straight.
Just food for thought for you. But don't jump to conclusions either, ok? I'm not saying she IS gay, I'm just saying don't rule that out as a possibility. Just be sensible about this, please. :)

Rebecca :)

Why do my friends look down on me? (Very long)?

My friends always look down on me (my closer friends). They make fun of how I dress, how I look, and what I do. Yea, I'm not the typical teenage girl out there, who parties and hangs out with a bunch of pop. kids and who wears high heels/mini skirts/leather bags to school, and still manage to get A's.
I'm more old fashioned/nerdy (but not too smart unfortunately).
So I'm not the smart one out of most of my friends. They are the types who get straight A's in all their AP classes with ease. I try my best to stay high up there, academic wise, taking 6 AP's, with A's and B's in all my classes. I like suffer to even get an B+/A- in AP chem. -_-
Anyways. My friends and I were talking about school and such, and they said, "People who get B's in chem are so dumb. Actually, B's in anything. I cannot accept a B. I mean, how can you even get a B? Ap's and honors are so easy!" Literally. They know I complain a lot about chem. Intentionally or not, they really didn't need to say that. The fact that they generalized people who get B's are "dumb" is just morally wrong. This isn't the first time. When I asked for help with my calc hw, they looked as if I were the dumbest person ever. I thought friends were there to help you. I guess not. I've never asked my friends for help with anything since then. If I had a question, I would either stay late to figure it out myself, or ask a tutor when I get a chance.

I'm personally a very modest person. I don't like showing off at all. When I get A's or good scores/awards, I keep it to myself. They usually find out when school announcements or flyers about these events are made public. They usually say my art isn't good (won gold/silver medals several times), they say I look weird and awkward when I dress up or put makeup on. I usually never dress up.... :/ and they just have weird looks on their faces when I do something out of the norm that may cause some attention. I'm like a loner now because they try to exclude from their activities.
It's senior year for me, and I want to change. After I get accepted to college, I just want to be carefree and lively. I want to dress up and show off my talent and skills to the world without them judging me :( It's just so suffocating because I feel like a piece of dust when I'm with them.

Is it just me?


No one can "take" your friends away unless they decide to do so. Friends come and go from our school lives. Some will remain with you through your adult years, others won't. It doesn't always work out, but those are the facts.

There is a saying that I love which says "Friends come into our lives for a reason, a season, a lifetime. Within the last year, I have come to be in close contact with a friend I've known since we were in the same kindergarten class. I have also been in touch with a high school friend that I hadn't heard from since i graduated.

Then there are the new friends I have made over the last little while that I absolutely adore, who are in my life for what I now consider a lifetime. Things are ever changing as are friendships. No one can guess from day to day who will remain in our lives or not. It is up to every individual to make that choice. It's especially not easy when one is in grade school or high school. Cliques that are there one day have changed the following day.

You make some really strange associations here. You say that Sam has been your friend for 5 months, then you immediately say that you have known her for a week. Your last paragraph say 4 months. It can't be all those dates, two of them have to be in error. Only one can accurately describe the time period you have known her. I know how hard it is to think straight when you are feeling very hurt. Especially when you think that things will be forever. Nothing in this world is forever, nor is it a guarantee.

My Ex-Girlfriend is a better friend than all my other friends?

Recently, my ex girlfriend has proven to be a much better friend than any of the people i call my best friends.

I have hit a major turning point in my life. A major argument between my parents has broken the family apart and we are now about to look at divorce and i will be leaving this place i just now started calling home. In this argument (of which i heard every single word) i not only found out that the man i used to call my father is a lying, cheating, pathetic excuse for a man, but i found out about his abusive past with my mom. All of this (added up with the constant verbal and occasional physical abuse ive endured myself) has knocked me into a deep state of depression.

Naturally i've turned to each of my best friends for comfort and support. I've done the same for them when they needed it, and ive done so to the best of my ability. In my situation however, ive found that one is too busy complaining about vague and extremely minor issues to care about mine, another seemed to fake her support and proceeded to ignore me completely, and yet another laughed at some of the things i said regarding my situation, and didnt help me in any way.

By that time i had become extremely depressed and felt unloved and desired no contact with anyone. My Ex-Girlfriend then decided to talk to me, and i, having no other place to turn to, opened myself up to her and told her just about everything. Now, she and i are not the bet of friends. If theres anyone i argue with, its always her, and those arguments always find their way back into other arguments with her. Yet, when i opened up to her, she proceeded to support me and then lift my spirits. I had never been there for her during a major issue like i had been multiple times for my best friends. Yet she was the only one who helped me to feel better.

Is my choice of friends poor? Is it bad that i trust my ex-gf more than my best friends? Why werent they there for me? Is there something im missing?

Looking after a friend when you're NOT 'the best friend'?

One of my really good friends gets absolutely trashed when she drinks. Last night, when we all went out to walk to one of the clubs in my city, it was me, her, her best friend (who she has been really good friends with for about two years, I met her four months ago- we're neighbours in our dorm) and about six other people. While we were walking down the road, my friend- who initially seemed fairly sober- suddenly went over the edge into staggering, propositioning strangers and occasionally falling over. I was really worried about her and followed her whenever she ran onto some random property and bringing her back to the footpath before she could get into trouble for trespassing and also prevented her from walking into the middle of the road several times (we were on the main road with cars going fast). While, I was doing this her best friend was laughing at her along with everyone else. We turned around to go to another bar when we got halfway there and walked past our dorm. When we did this, I suggested that maybe I could take my friend back to the dorm before she could really get into trouble (she had shouted things at cop cars) and/or hurt herself. Her best friend laughed and just kept walking. Long story short, we ended up going to a bar and my friend got thrown out for verbally abusing the bartender (somehow she seemed sober enough at the door that they let her in, despite the fact she pretty much crawled to the door). We then went to another bar I stayed with her until the end of the night when she finally seemed to regain some form of 'consciousness' and wanted to go home.

My question is; should I just let her best friend look after her? Should I maybe have chilled a bit more and done what everyone else was doing? Should I maybe just go out with my other friends when she's drinking, so that I don't have any responsibility for looking after her?

Please help, I'm really confused. =/

OMG! This girl is not, not, not your friend! She knows she's fat, not pretty or smart and has figured out that putting you down makes her feel better about herself. I'm assuming you're in your teens when friendships and belonging to a group are so important, but I'm concerned about how bad you feel after spending time with her. Please ask yourself this: Would you rather have the satisfaction of privately telling her the truth about herself, that you aren't going to put up with her hatefulness any longer, your friendship is over, and then walking away or would you rather not stir things up and continue to let her verbally abuse you and make you feel bad about yourself?Confrontation is hard for everyone, including adults. Standing up to this bully will not be easy. If you decide you don't want to feel like this anymore, here are some ideas of ways to change the situation.Pick a day - like Friday after school - when you can ignore her for a few days before you have to see her in school again. If possible, get your mother's support and protection. Most mother's love their children more than their children realize. If that's not possible, is there another adult or older sibling who you can talk to while you're going through this?Here's the thing you need to understand. Bullies don't give up their victims without a fight. She will tell you she'll change and stop doing these things (but she won't for very long and you'll be back at the beginning), she'll start saying nasty things about you to people you both know, she's going to attack you on Social Media (unfriend her!), she's going to call you over and over - block her number. You are going to need to be prepared to be alone for awhile. You will find new friends but it's going to take time. You might be surprised to find some of the friends you have with her come over to your side. One last thing. If you try this and it's just too hard, don't beat yourself up if you end up going back to being around her. Never consider her your friend. She's not. But what I'm suggesting you do takes a lot of self-confidence, strength and willpower. Many, maybe most, adults would find this very difficult to do.I wish you all the love, support, kindness and success you so deserve.

Tbh. Im just like that jealous friend you have. Base on my own experience with this one. We tend to get jealous when one of our friends talk to others. We feel left behind, we feel like someone just replaced our importance from you. Its just like another romantic relationship, when you see your boyfie laughing with some girls, wouldnt you feel jealous too? That’s like how we feel. So my guide for you is, never make her feel left behind and also start talking about the problems of the two of you. It will strengthen the bond. But you know? You also have the previlage to talk with others because your jealous friend does not really own you. You can do what you want woth your life.

I cought him looking down my shirt!!?

for my 15th b-day i invited a few of my best friends over and the guy i like. the guy i like is really tall. i am 5'10" and he is about 6'5"
also we have been knowing eachother ALL our life. and i have been having a crush on him since i was like 4 (honestly i use to run around the house trying to kiss him ;-)) but any way back to the point i was wearing this shirt it was not slutty at all. if it was slutty in the least bit my mom would have made me change it. i have kinda big boobs for my age and i was sitting by him kinda leaning up againts him (we are pretty close and comfortable around each other). well EVERY SINGLE one of my friends said they saw him keep looking down my shirt!!! and then when we left they got my camera phone and put it right were his head was and took a pic! and you could see all the way down my shirt!!
i guess my question is do you think he thinks i am slutty now?? or should i be worried about him???? oh then i kinda comfronted him about it and he laughed!lol!

Your crush’s friend looking at you quite frequently could mean a couple of things. Right now I will list them out:1.You are wearing very revealing, flashy or awesome clothes that make you look very attractive.2. Your friend’s crush is daydreaming and coincidentally was “looking” in the direction that you stepped in. Making you think that they are looking at you when they never really did.3.You are doing something that is completely and utterly insane. Your friend’s crush is just observing you to try to figure out how in the world you are able to do that and what you are made of, your personality, etc.4.You often keep talking and your friend’s crush looks at you to seem like they are paying attention to what you said in order to not be rude.5.Your crush’s friend has a crush on you or is interested in you.6.You are doing something or saying something that is illegal and against the rules. When you do that, you stand out to people in a negative way, pretty much just guaranteeing attention to be sent your way.7. Your crush’s friend is looking to someone else that is directly in your proximity, whether that is behind you, next to you or in front of you, making it seem as though they are looking at you.