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My Friend Missed Court Today No Ride If Me Puts Himself On Calendar Next Day Will He Still Get In

Are your homeschooled kids missing out?

One of the answer posts had this to say:

"I'm sure there are problems in public/private educations, but homeschooled kids miss out on:

The first day of school
The LAST day of school
"Graduating" to the next grade
A schedule
Lunch Hour
Christmas break, spring break, summer break and the first day back from these breaks
First crush, first kiss
Coming home from school
Passing notes
Making the honor roll
Going to dentention
Going to school with the same kids & building friendships EVERY DAY
Learning to become a part of something that isn't your church/family/homeschool group.
Struggling long division who are also struggling with long division
Feeling embarassment
Being away from your mom/siblings for more than 1 or 2 hours.
I'm not sure about this, so I'll post a question -- but learning about 'STUFF -- Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Art, Music, Sports. "

Would anyone like to respond to this?
I'll post my answer soon!

My best friend's dad touches me and makes inappropriate remarks? I really need input here! Free 10 points?

Here's what I would do:
1. Make sure he's fully aware of your feelings/lack of feelings for him and set boundaries ("Don't touch my shoulder, it makes me uncomfortable", "I don't appreciate when you kick me in the shin, stop it") You are not expected to be nice. It is YOUR body and you have the right to set the boundaries for it.
2. Tell your friend that you do not feel comfortable when her dad is around and you would prefer if it was just you two. Tell her you expect her to give you notice if her dad is going to show up later, giving you a chance to make other arrangements.
3. It sounds extreme, but it is very important to document times when he does or says inappropriate things. Be as specific as possible. Time/date/location and how you felt when he did it "scared, worried, anxious" etc.
4. If worse comes to worse, you may have to separate yourself from your friend and her father. You have the right to feel safe with who you are with and the right to be talked to appropriately.
5. Trust your instincts! If something doesn't feel right, get out of the situation as soon as possible.
6. If he refuses to back off or gets aggressive contact the police immediately.

Hope this helps in some way.

Is it okay when my boyfriend prioritize his guy friends instead of me? I told him before though, that it's okay with me because friends last forever and girls do come and go. When we have plans and his friends invite him on something. He would choose the latter and I kind of feel jealous.

I have been in a relationship with a guy like this and in my experience... LEAVE. NOW. I said the same thing, ‘I understand that friends come first, mine come first for me too, ‘ which I found to be kind of a natural thing when you're casually dating someone. However, once you’ve both agreed to become a couple his priorities should start changing. Certainly, they'll change once the two of you move in together, right? Definitely will change when you tell him IT NEEDS TO CHANGE NOW OR I WALK... So, you wait around a while, believe all the lies (just not a good time right now, I don't want to do this at a big party, they didn't answer..) until one day you look at your calendar and think holy shit! that was XYZ months ago and he's done nothing I said I needed him to do. You deserve better. You deserve a partner who will consider your needs alongside his. Yes, emergencies happen and sometimes ya gotta go but honey, a relationship is meant to be two people. You should never have to beg your partner to pay attention to you. That isnt just rude its neglect and it hurts so bad. Tell him you don't you understand things come up but it isn't fair that its always you he's ditching. You're supposed to be a priority too. NO SELF RESPECTING MAN WOULD EVER LET HIS WOMAN DEGRADE HERSELF THIS WAY. You shouldn't doubt that your partner loves you and wants to have a future with you. It is not your responsibility to show your partner that you're worthy of their love, you should not have to ask for basic respect. I asked over and over again for him to take a break from his friends and he would promise me that he would and things will get better, he's going to change… they would change for a day, maybe two when I'd tell him I want out. At some point, you need to ask yourself what you're fighting for? A year and a half together going down the drain because his friends (mostly all 10+ years my senior) just couldn't keep my name out of their mouths. Please stop disrespecting yourself by allowing this boy to walk all over you. He doesn't deserve your love or attention.

Is it possible Christine Blasey Ford is just misremembering, or embellishing her memory of the incident with Brett Kavanaugh?

Stephanie Vardavas made some very salient points so I won’t repeat them.Something else that should be noted. Judge Kavanaugh actually had his 1982 calendar that noted a July 1 party, and the names of three friends he would be attending the party with.Despite breaks in her memory of a significantly traumatic incident in her life, which are understandable and not uncommon to trauma victims, Dr. Ford did remember the names of two of those people. She was not greatly acquainted with them, but knew them in passing. If someone was fabricating an incident, they do not name witnesses to the incident. Witnesses can corroborate or deny a claim. How would she have known of definitely three party goers and the location of the party if these events had not occurred and were noted in detail on Kavanaugh’s personal calendar that she would not have access to, if it had not occurred?She could also describe the floorplan of the house the party was held in. A house known to Judge Kavanaugh.She also described encountering a common acquaintance, 4–6 weeks later, in a grocery store, who discussed the party with her. That person mentioned his summer grocery store job in his book in addition to the specific party that Dr. Ford had also attended. That person was Mark Judge.The transcript and Judge Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar will be used in the upcoming FBI investigation. Also not mentioned is Dr. Ford passed a polygraph regarding these events conducted on August 7, 2018.Dr. Ford did not make her allegations after Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination by Trump. She made her allegation long before Trump had made his selection for the Supreme Court and therefore could not have made them in order to sabotage Trump’s selection for political purposes.

Jehovah’s Witness: When are you going to stop celebrating the pagan practice of baby-showers?

According to Wikipedia, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a formal, invitational party.

No where in the Bible did God tell his people to celebrate the birthday of a baby – and he didn’t make any exception for the very first birthday. Did you know that baby showers have pagan origins?

Since Jehovah hates the celebrations of birthdays (or anything else with “pagan origins”) he must be very angry at his people.

So when will the faithful and discrete servant in Brooklyn New York repent of allowing its people to participate in pagan practices like celebrating the birth of newborn babies? Did you know that the only recorded instance of birth celebrations in the Bible were done by pagan Magi (pagan magicians)?

Keep this mind: Unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jehovah has commanded his servants to celebrate the birth of their babies, then wouldn’t it be safer to assume that he does NOT approve of it? You know how angry Jehovah gets about members of Christendom celebrating pagan practices such as Christmas and Easter. I think you guys are in a lot of danger. It’s not safe to offend Jehovah God.

What is the correct way to turn yourself in for a warrant?

There are two ways to turn yourself in if there is a warrant out for your arrest.First you could call the agency that holds the warrant. Tell them you want to turn yourself in, but you lack transportation means to get to their department/office. They will send officers to come get you. If you choose this method make sure that before officers arrive that you have a minimum amount of property on your person. All you really need is identification. Say your goodbyes to your family prior to officers arriving. Neither you nor the officers need a big scene when they arrive. Be there when you say you will be. Officers will be concerned for their safety, so don't be surprised if they use tactics to protect themselves when approaching your residence or wherever you are at. Be cooperative and make sure that people where you are at know to be cooperative and not to interfere with the officers.The second (and most preferable) way is to simply report to the agency that holds the warrant. When you report, again make sure you have I. D. There is no need to bring other property with you. When you are there, they will instruct you what you need to do. If the warrant is for a parole or probation violation, you can simply report to your supervising officer.Remember, self surrendering never hurts you when you go to court or have any sort of hearing. In fact judges will almost always take your ‘cooperation into account.

My boyfriend is joining the Air Force, any advice?

I love him and he loves me. I'm not at all worried about him dumping me, and I'm not afraid of the "what if" thing. Why? Because I know we are meant to be. Long distance relationships don't frighten me. We aren't engaged just yet, but I know we want to be married when he is done with serving. He wants to serve for four years.

Here's the thing that does scare me though, I'm scared. I need to know that he will be alright. I mean, joining any branch is difficult, right? I'm more scared that something dangerous will happen and that he will be taken away from me. Does any one know the odds of that happening?

And also, for the ones staying at home, do you write letters? Do they receive them?

What should be my next step? I have until the end of the Summer until he enlists.

Scared out of my mind,