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My Friend Needs Support Help If You Can

My friends don't support me?


sounds to me like these kids aren't your friends; if they would laugh at you and say i told you so.

"a true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart", & the things that we regret later in life are most often the things we DIDN'T do rather than the things we did.

no~i didn't make either one of those up, but they are so true.

if running for homecoming queen is that important to you, then you should do it~but brace yourself, don't be devastated if, for some reason, you don't win; because that is life.

and maybe you should look for some new friends because the ones you have don't seem to be true.

I am always there for my friends but when I need help, I realize there is no one around. Why is that?

When your friends talk about their problems, you are willing to help. You offer your help. When you are having problems, you may mention them, and no one offers to help. You may not ask for help. Most people don't think to offer help. Most people also don't think to ask for help. When people ask for help, it's ok to say no if you don't want to help. When you ask for help, understand that no one is obligated to say yes. When you help people, you are internally keeping score. You are thinking that this person now owes you. And when you need help you expect them to repay the debt. The fact is, you offer to help with no strings attached. The fact that you do have strings attached and you don't mention it makes you a really untrustworthy person. I would not want you as a friend.

How can I support my friend whose parents are fighting and might get divorced?

Listen, just listen to them. When they are down, give them a safe place to cry. When they are worried, listen without judgement, without comment if you feel their wrong. Yeah I mean bite your lip and just listen, let them talk it out, their gonna need to, over and over. You’ll be bored, angry, heartsick or scared listening to them but don’t stop listening. Actively listen, with a nod, a hand on the arm with a gentle squeeze, a “Yeah I totally get that”. If they’re scared of the fights, let them hide out with you, don’t get in trouble doing it, let your own family know whats going on but by all means give them a safe house. And that’s all you need to do. Its what they need the most.

I always support my friends the best I can, but they never support me. How is this fair?

Who said it is fair?Nobody said life is fair. But beyond that rather rude suggestion, as an adult you get to choose your friends. But first be honest with yourself: is the support you've given your friends support that they solicited? That they asked for? If not, you can't claim credit for something no one asked for. If they did solicit it, was it effective? I mean, sure, it's the thought that counts but support that actually yields results is always going to be valued more by the recipients. I obviously don't know the details of your situation, but you have to be honest with yourself about whether the help you offered and actually delivered worked.If you're sure that your help was wanted, and that it was effective, then consider that many people, especially those just starting out, are terrible at actually returning in kind help and support. At this point in life part of the experience is learning what to expect from people and adjusting your efforts to accommodate a realistic expectation of what will be returned. If you just like supporting and really do it magnanimously then whether people return your efforts doesn't matter. But if you're more pragmatic, then learning not to give things that likely won't be returned in kind is also a key learning curve. It's best to learn that now than to be continually disappointed in life. Either give with no expectation of return, or learn to judge what you can give without worrying whether you get support returned.Finally, some people just suck. It's your life, you can discard existing so-called friends and pick up new ones whenever it suits you.

How do you help a friend who's having family problems and they need help right at that moment? What can you say?

This is really good that you want to help your friend to cope up with the problem they're going through because you care for them.But the real problem they don't want to open up their family stories in front of you..So you can only just give them moral support,tell them or make them realize whatever may be the sitution or matter you are there beside them . For that you can do this by writing a note or msg that you really care for them and this stressful and sad face of them you can't see anymore .so,being a friend they can freely talk with you.And please make sure that they trust you.. :-)

I killed my friend in a car crash help me?

Go meet a competent psychiatrist - and seek professional help.
...Otherwise, all you will receive is a lot of useless advice to 'repent for your Sin', and to 'ask forgiveness from The Lord God' - neither of which will give you the support you need !
Fare thee well !

My friend's boyfriend lost his job and he pays child support?

This happened to my husband when he was laid off in December of last year. We were in the middle of a custody battle (had been involved in it since August) and so it was especially stressful, but we got legal advice from our lawyer and here is what she said.

A. He should call his child support enforcement officer and explain to them what has happened ASAP. If he has filed for unemployment, then great, if not - then he either needs to 1) let them know he has no income to garnish or 2) set up something so they can garnish what he can afford during the meantime before another order can be put in place. Even if he can only pay $50 a week from his unemployment check, at least he is still paying what he can to help support his children during this rough time.

B. He won't get thrown in jail or have his license revoked until he is in some severe debt here. If he contacts his child support enforcement officer, they will know what is going on at least. Keeping them updated and showing them that he does care and want to support his children - just that he has unfortunately been laid off from his job - will go a long way with them.

Is he currently seeking employment? My husband found new employment and was working 3 weeks after he lost his job. Once his job started back up again, he let the enforcement officer know and they began garnishing his wages again. Since he was only 3 weeks behind, they set up a payment plan where he paid a certain amount above the normal wage garnishment to catch up.

If the job he gets is much different in pay than his last job, then he will need to file a motion to modify child support to get it adjusted (up or down) to reflect his current wages.

My bestfriend suddenly just talks to me when she needs or wants something from me. What should I do?

I can offer a bit different perspective to this.It is way too simplified to say that just because she is selfish, it means she ia not your best friend or doesn’t care about you.First of all, everyone is selfish. If you try to select your friends by not being selfish, you will find yourself alone quite soon. Selfish is not a bad thing, it is normal. People always find friends that make them feel good. However, in a successful relationship people will find pleasure both in giving and getting.What might have happened in your case is that you are a good listener and she has just gotten carried away by talking about her problems and asking for help, because it has worked perfectly over time. Now you might have a story to share or a problem to discuss and she has just not adjusted to the new situation where she would need to be a good listener. This, in turn, has made you more sensitive to her always taking and asking.I have been in this situation myself (in the bad friend role) and I can assure you it was totally unintentional. The moment I understood that my friend needs me to shut up and listen, I did. But before that I pretty much acted the way your friend did and I didn’t understand that anything would have been wrong. If she would have just stopped being my friend, as other people are recommending here, I wouldn’t have understood at all why this would happen or my role in it. Seriously, I totally loved her, I just didn’t realized what she needed.So the solution is - talk to her, gently and directly, but without blaming. She just needs to realize you need her to listen and be there for you. If she refuses, move on. But chances are she is just like me - not understanding what is going on.