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My Friend Says Things Such As

Is there such thing as real friends?

The Bible describes a friend as someone who “sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24) Is that the kind of friend you want? Is that the kind of friend you are? To help you answer those questions, write down three qualities that you would want a friend to have. Then write down three qualities that you bring to a friendship. Ask yourself: ‘Which of my online contacts display the qualities that I value in a friend? Which qualities would those friends say I bring to the friendship?’—Bible principle: Philippians 2:4.

Establish priorities. Online friendships are often based on a shared interest, such as a hobby. However, having common values is more important than having similar interests. “I may not have a lot of friends,” says 21-year-old Leanne, “but the ones I do have make me want to be a better person.”—Bible principle: Proverbs 13:20.

Get out and meet people. There is nothing quite the same as face-to-face conversation, where you and another person can observe the subtle nuances of voice tone, facial expression, and body language.—Bible principle: 1 Thessalonians 2:17.

Write a letter. Old-fashioned as it may seem, letter writing sends the message that you care enough about someone to give him or her your undivided attention. That kind of focus is rare in today’s multitasking world. For example, in her book Alone Together, Sherry Turkle writes of one young man who says he cannot remember ever receiving a personal letter in his life. Referring to the time when people wrote letters, he says: “I miss those days even though I wasn’t alive.” Why not make use of this ‘old technology’ to make friends?

The bottom line: Real friendship involves more than just keeping in touch. It requires that you and your friend display love, empathy, patience, and forgiveness. Those qualities ultimately make a friendship rewarding. But they are difficult to display when you only talk online.
See article "How to Make Real Friends" in link below...

Is there such thing as a "friendly kiss"?

My friend was talking to me. And he said he wants to give me a friendly kiss on the lips. But I told him i didn't know a kiss on the lips was a friendly kiss.

Also, I have a boyfriend. So i don't want to kiss this guy on the lips. I don't like him like that. lol.

What should I do if I have a friend who says mean things, but acts nice?

A friend who says mean things and acts nice is insecure about the place s/he holds in your life and about her/himself in general.If you are comfortable doing so, ask her gently why she would say such things to you or about you when she knows they are hurtful. If you get a genuine answer, the friendship can progress once you’ve established your boundaries around things that hurt you.But if she won’t respond truthfully, for whatever reason, I’d pull back from this relationship and find people who are more secure and mature.Good luck with this.Annie

Double Dating - Stupid Things My Friend Says?

Okay, so my friend Danny, and I went out on a double date to see the Superhero Movie. It was so stupid, yet funny! Especially the H2O9 part, haha, hilarious. Anyways, after the movies we went to a Waterfront Park and sat on the benchswings, and watch the sunset. Just the day before our pastor at church was saying how its not really a sunset, because the sun isnt setting, the earth is rotating, and Danny was trying to make a joke about it. So while were here on this bench in front of a beautiful sunset, guess what this idiot says! "Yeah, isn't it such a gorgeous earth rotation"? There I am sitting on the bench nearby, and OMG!!! I just start cracking up at this stupid boy!

What have you or your friends said stupid on a date, and what do you think of this???

Is there such thing as a caprice classic ss my friend says there is i say its a police inteceptor?

Yea but they only had it out for a few years. Some time in the 90s I believe.

My friend says i copy her?

its really stupid, because everyone dresses in a similar way and everyone has similar haircuts (ie long with short on top). she seems to think that she starts every trend and is the first to wear this, have this haircut etcetc. and she constantly passes comments about how our hair is so similar, she had it first, she wore skinny jeans first and i dont think i should have to chage just because she has a similar style to me. it just makes me angry and makes me feel really stupid and as though i cant dress that way anymore.

Is there really no such thing as a guy friend?

My best friend (girl one) told me there's no such thing as a guy friend. The only reason a guy and a girl are ever friends are if one of them likes the other. I told her she was being ridiculous because one of my best friends is a guy and she pointed out a lot of things that he does that shows that he likes me as more than a friend. I don't like him that way back though I like a completely different guy from a different school. Suddenly I'm not sure if any of my guy friends are really guy friends because for every guy I've started to be friends with where I made friends with them I liked as more than a friend and I was hoping for something more out of the friendship. For the ones who I know don't like me and I don't like I at least used to like and I am really thinking about this guy friend thing

My friend keeps saying random things for no reason?

I asked this question yesterday, but I didn't get any answers, so I decided to ask it again.
A friend of mine has been saying completely random things involving strange things, such as his deodorant and his voice, to me and many other people. Why would he be doing this?