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My Friend Wants To Hang Out Too Much

My Friend wants to hang out with me too much!?

Goodness I hate this situation lol. It happened to me all the time. You just need to talk to him. Tell him your busy or you need some alone time. This has to be bothering your parents too, right? Now it's tricky because you don't want to be mean, but you want him to back off, yeah? Part of the reason he's probably doing this is because he really doesn't have that many friends to hang out with and because you were nice to him, he feels like he can glom on ALL THE TIME. And you want your space, it's totally understandable. Just talk to him. Tell him you like being his friend, but you want to do things by yourself and with your parents and your other friends. If he doesn't understand, then you may want to consider just dropping him altogether. (Sad solution, but you may have to just let him go if it bothers you that much)
Good luck, hope I helped!!

My girlfriend wants to hang out too much. help?

Yes, too much is too much and I think you have the right opinions about this. She is suffocating you. She obviously doesn't have much of a life after the relationship which is why she depends on you to entertain her. I agree, if she did stay the night in your house your parents would find out and it would just be a dumb situation to have to explain. All you can do is tell her to not depend on you so much. Tell her that you want to go on proper dates and not just her coming over to your place to hang out. Tell her it is boring---it is boring just hanging out constantly and her sucking all the entertainment she can out of the situation. If she doesn't show signs of improving her neediness and her lack of having her own life then you are going to have to set some ground rules. She won't like to be told to back off and limit her time but you have no choice as it just sounds like such a drag and the relationship would be doomed faster if she doesn't back off.

My friend never wants to do what I want to do?

Your situation has much simliarity to one I had with my best friend. We've known each other for so many years, and we spent tons of time together since high school until about 3 years ago when he met his current girlfriend, and I basically lost him lol. But anyways, before that happened, I would always try and suggest ideas for things to do and it would always seme he'd never go for it, and he'd give the same lame excuse of "oh, I'm too tired..." or blah blah. But of course, anything he suggests I just say yes, cause I don't care I just like hanging out with him and having his company. I don't know how old you are or how long you've known this friend of close you are. But I suggest you just be honest and straightforward. Just say, "hey man, whats the deal? We only hang out when its something you wanna do? Because I figured we had enough in common to where it didn't matter much what we do, as long as we do something." If he is mature and open enough hopefully, he'll let you know why...but he'll prolly just brush it off like it shouldn't be a big deal which maybe he thinks he's grown apart from you and his interests have changed. Either way, the bottom line is if you guys have a close and imporant friendship in your eyes, be honest and tell him you just wanna know cause you care and still want to maintain your level of friendship.

Guilty.  Especially because I'm fairly introverted so I need to spend a lot of time alone (not to mention I work a lot).  The time I do have I prefer to spend on family and a handful of very close friends.My approach is to be very direct about my needs and feelings.  I don't lie or sugarcoat and I don't make plans unless I'm committed to them.

Are My Friends and I Hanging Out Too Much?

I'll be honest with you, two of my closest friends are getting transferred to another school so since we won't see each other much once they go to another school, we decided to hang out a lot. Last week, we watched the Lego Movie. This week we planned to go snow tubing. We hang out like that pretty much every weekend. Is that overreacting? One of them even said during the summer she might be able to take us to her grandpa's cabin in Florida which is 1,000 miles away from where I am. I think we are getting a bit "extreme" because one of them suggested we should go snow boarding then have a sleepover. At that moment, I was like, "Um... Doesn't that seem like too much?" And my friends are like, "Going to Paris isn't even too much for us!" Ok... She also suggested we have a double night sleepover which is staying over at someone's house for 2 days straight! Are we going overboard?

I can't get my best friend to hang out with me anymore. How do i get my friends to like me again?

My friend no longer ever wants to hang out with me anymore unless he's really high. I ask him constantly to hang out, but he always has other things going on. i know he's busy, but he can't be that busy all the time. He tells me that i whine and complain too much, but the only thing i whine and complain about is how he doesn't have time to hang out with me like he used to. i don't know what to do anymore. please give me some advice

I dont like hanging out with my friends?

Well honey, there is always time for change! You sound like you are making good and healthy choices for you and your "so called friends" don't support those choices. It's ok to hang by yourself for awhile too, until you meet some people that are a little more on your level! This friend that doesn't hang with the same people, would it be so hard to talk to her about how you feel? Maybe she would invite you to hang out with her "crew" if you don't feel comfortable inviting yourself in.
Keep in mind that you are young still and there will be plenty of people in and out of your life! You sound to me like a strong and level headed girl, so just keep your chin up! Stay happy! Make healthy choices and life will work out for you the way it's supposed to!! :)
Good luck with EVERYTHING that you do! :)

Maybe, you should be aware…that when you finish your studies in that school 90% of them won’t contact you back. That is why you should try to hang out outside of school if you can or if you want to keep those friendships, and even so, some of them won’t call you back. Exactly, people are assholes. Sorry, that’s how it is.I lost most of my friends from primay to high school, because even though we used to see each other every day for years, at the end we didn’t know how to hang out with each other and spend time somewhere else that wasn’t school. We didn’t talk anymore. They will usually forget about you, because they will only see you as a classmate, not really as a friend.If you don’t care about them then it’s okay, you’ll meet more people in the future, but keep that in mind for the ones you want to keep in your life. You must spend time with them in different places and situations, so they start to associate you with more personal, fun, exciting, relaxing, entertaining and individual activities, not just the school or work place when you are on a break.If you want to work towards better friendships, then yes, it is bad that you don’t hang out with them, but if you don’t care about them…then by all means, spend some time alone, train yourself and enjoy the silence.Note: Even true friends can be assholes sometimes, that’s life for ya lol but friends forgive/appologize and give plenty of opportunities to each other.

Am I hanging out with my boyfriend too much this week?

Usually we hang out about three times a week. We're 18 and have been dating for two months. We aren't really smothering each other.. we don't text all day or anything... I don't feel like I need to be in contact with him 24/7.

However, this week has been a little packed. We hung out on monday and saw a movie... today we went to the store to get food, ate at his place, then sort of lazed around, and on thursday we're planning on going into town for the day. I had plans for tomorrow but they fell through. I have a lot of cleaning to do anyway. He offered to help me and I said that I'd love help if he actually wants to.

So there's a good chance that he'll come over and help me out tomorrow. So that would mean that we hung out four days in a row.

Is that bad? It doesn't happen every week.. not very often at all. Again, usually it's three times a week.. or if it's four, it's spread out. We had barely seen each other in three weeks (a little over a week ago) due to traveling.. and I'm going away to the beach next week. During that time I may see him once or twice because he may come and stay for one night at the house but that's it really.

Is four days in a row bad? Even if it's only this week?

My explanation for why I’d rather hang out with me, myself, and I is living on the Autism Spectrum. I didn’t know that until shortly after I turned 58 when I was formally introduced to my life-long companion. I have also been a life-long loner. I just now have an explanation as to why that is.It is well-documented those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are not likely to be the social butterflies in their community. There are exceptions because I have met on my school job as a teacher’s aide of children on the Spectrum who are chatterboxes and have never met a stranger. But most of the students with ASD have social interaction deficits like I do.Unlike my dear friends who think “hanging out” is a fun activity, I could manage to go days in solitary confinement without going mad. But if I was forced to be among people around the clock, with no break of lone time, I would probably have a meltdown by the stroke of midnight."Group" is a word I'm allergic to. It can be followed by the words "meeting" or "social" and I will have the same reaction. A party invitation isn’t a treat; it’s a threat. If I can come up with a viable excuse that will keep me out of hot water with the inviter, I’ll find it. If I can’t, I will grin and bear it. A party cancellation is like a Christmas present to me.I can’t explain why that is anymore than I can explain all my ASD traits. It’s just the way I am. In my younger years, it did bother me that I was a loner. I’m doing better now though. It’s okay to be me.