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My Friends Cant Connect To Our Internet

Xbox one can't connect to internet?

My Xbox one used to work fine with wireless internet, but now it has to be connected directly to the modem router via Ethernet cable, cause whenever I try to connect wirelessly it says it can't get an IP, it does this on both my wife and my friends wifi, so it isn't just my internet being weird, any ideas how to fix/ what to do, I'm tired of haveling to plug it directly in.

Why won't my friends compaq presario cq60 connect to the internet?

It is NOT a driver issue if you can connect to the wireless. You probably have Win 7 or Vista. By default, neither will trust the network until you classify it as home or work. To do this go to control panel, network and click on the link under View Active Networks, then click on Home network. give it a few minutes to sort itself out, and you should have internet access.

Can't connect to internet on a majority of things?

This is very frustrating because i'm trying to play some games with my friends but I can't connect to the internet. I can get online on my browser but I can't get online with some of my games. I can't connect to gameranger client or this other game client called voobly. I can't connect to online for some games on steam like call of duty world at war but I can connect to other games like counter strike. I also can't connect to minecraft online unless it's port forwarded. I can connect to anything though when I use a different internet connection, I usually am connected directly to my modem and when I use this connection all of this occurs, but when I use my wireless router none of this occurs but it has a much poorer signal. Ideally I wouldn't want to have to use the wireless router so please help me sort this out because it's very confusing and is making me angry.

How can I play Counter Strike with my friends over the internet?

Use Hamachi software for Windows, it allows you to play cs over Internet without LAN.You can play with as many users possible using hamachi :1.You have to make multiple networks/ hubs with different names and share it with users you want to play.2. Provided you are the host, create a server and share your server's IP address with all the users.3. Ask them to connect to your server and DONE!I can say that it took me about 8 months to figure this out. :-PCheers!

Why can't any of my friends connect to my LAN worlds on Minecraft?!?!?!?

ok, so i made this pretty cool world on minecraft and i wanted to show it off to my friends by making it a LAN world. but the thing is that he can't connect to my world. it says that it is connecting to server but after like 30 seconds it says that it times out. i should also add, that we are not on the same internet connection. however, i dont think that this is the problem becuase i can get onto his worlds no problem. so i was thinking that it might be something in his firewall or he just has a bad connection. if somebody could please help me with this i would be soo grateful.
P.S. we both have minecraft 1.5.2

On Snapchat, if I don’t have internet and I log in to SC, will my friends be able to see my location at that current moment?

Snapchat is an app, which needs the connectivity of internet, either Wi-Fi or cell phone data (internet) for its functionality. If you would try to log in to your Snapchat app through your smart phone, it won’t allow you to log in and would display and error message saying ‘ Could Not Connect-please check your connection and try again’.In other case, lets assume that you might be logged in to the app, but not connected to the internet, in this case there would be no way that you would be able to use the app without the internet, hence there is no way that your friends would be able to see your location.

Uninstalled I.E7 can't connect to the internet - how to reinstall?

My friend just uninstalled IE7 from his computer, and well I tried helping him but I can't lol. The help that I need is how do you reinstall IE7 (where you can't connect to the internet any more, that you don't have any other browsers installed before hand) I went through system recovery and my friend has not done a system backup at all, and the XP CD, he doesn't have it any more.

Any solutions?

Why Can't I Connect to Wonderland Online?

Hmm, I'm not sure cause I never played the game. But try uninstalling the whole thing and reinstalling it. If that doesn't work, go to your tools in your internet options and check on the settings. Mainly flash and such. You be surprised at how simple things can be fixed through something very little. ^_^. If that doesn't work, whatever program the game uses for it to work, you might have to check for an update or whatnot. This happen with me on a certain website until I updated my adobe and java plugins.