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My Friends Get Annoyed At Me When I Go To The Movies By Myself

Why do my parents not let me go to the movies with my friends?

Come on!May be you are young so they may afraid to send you to the movies.May be they feel that your friends are not good.It happened to me also. My mom never allowed me to go to movies with friends. But most of my friends were used to watch movies in theatres. I was worried a lot. Even my family also never go to theatres and it's a very rare one.When I was at class 9, she allowed me to theatre that too with as many instructions. I still remember the conversation with her.She: Don't whistle.Me: Mom! I don't know how to whistle. Believe meShe: okay! Then don't shoutMe: Mom! I won'tShe: How much is the ticket cost?Me: 100Rs. (In the year 2007)She: oh my god! You have to waste this much to see this movie. Very badMe: This is my first movie mom hereafter I won't go.She: Called my friends and told take care of him. Keep tickets safely.I am 25 now.You won't believe till now she don't like if I go to movies.So it depends parents nature. They feel something bad so they are not willing to send. So don't think much.Tell them I just want to enjoy the show with my friends. I like this hero something like that. But never go to the movies without informing them since they don't like which is bad.Thanks for reading.

What should I do when my bf is out with his friends and doesn't text back?

Well, you could start respecting his time with others, and NOT texting him when you know he is out with friends.  If you do that on  a regular basis, all it does is show that you are unwilling to let him have a life independent of you.  You HAVE to be part of his time with his friends.You are insecure, and are afraid that if you are not “on his mind” he will forget you or find someone else.  That is what makes you feel weak and afraid.The fact that he doesn’t text back is simply him being respectful of his friends.  He is out with them - his attention should be on them, not on his phone.  You know that when he is out with his friends he won’t respond to your texts, so all you are doing is making stress for yourself.When he is going to be hanging out with his friends - go do something yourself.  Go to a movie with some friends, take yourself out to dinner, heck just go walk around a mall or visit a library.  Just DO something so you aren’t focused on whether or not he has responded to your texts.

My girlfriend gets very angry when I hang out with my friends, what should I do?

Include her a few times, let her see how she would be bored and she is not missing anything. If she fits in with the guys then hey you got a winner and keep her around, if she goes on back home and let’s you go and do what you want without complaining then you got great trust in your relationship if she wants to go at any cost just to watch, spy be apart of your every move.You got a problem and you need to address that fast or it will only get worse. Good luck

Do you go to the movies alone?

I do and i love going alone. I do like the company of friends but most of the people i hang around with are those really annoying ones who talk and throw popcorn into the crowd. When i watch a movie, i like to get into it and watch it in a peaceful environment. I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked me what i was doing and i said at the movies by myself and she said that she would be too scared to go see a movie by herself. Plus, most of the movies i want to see no one else wants to see it so i just go alone in the end. Does anyone else feel the same way about this?

Do you enjoy movies more when you watch them alone or with other people?

Well watching a movie with friends is always awesome, specially those comedy and horror stuffs. Aren't they?But hey don’t you think watching a movie alone won't be a bad idea either. I mean movie theater aren't the place for get together of friends or a place to talk with them, it's a place where you just go to watch a movie and delight yourself.Some benefits of watching movie alone are :-You won't get disturbed watching movies alone.You can connect with the plot in a very nice way.If you don't happen to connect well with the movie, you can just leave the theater without disappointing anyone.Chances are u might get a seat for yourself easily even in case of houseful cinema.You wanna pee?? Well u don't really need to follow those norms to whisper to your friend and explain that you waana go to washroom n all.Both the arms of the chair is yours.You don't need to share your pop-corns.There will be lots of people like you who came alone for the movie, who knows you might make a new friend.And yeah a sense of freedom always makes us feel good.By the way the choice depends upon people to people.Stay Happy folks! Enjoy your day!

What is it like to go to the movies alone?

After watching several movies all alone —The good things:You will get ticket almost any time you want:This is one of the major reason why I go movie alone. On a weekend, feeling bored? Open a ticket booking app. Select any movie, any multiplex, any showtime. Chances are high that you will get a seat for one at a decent position.Reason ?1) People are getting “clever” these days and booking tickets leaving one seat towards aisle area expecting that seat will go unsold because chances are rare that someone will come to watch a movie alone and they will get some “space” around them.2) Many theaters have rows containing odd number (most of the time 5) of seats. So normally, two couples and one seat goes unoccupied.You are your own boss:You want to watch a movie - just go for it. ZERO drama regarding choice of place, time and movie among friends. You prefer nachos to popcorn, or you feel like not having anything — you are the one to decide, again, no drama.No disturbance:If it’s a movie where lot of concentration is required, go solo. You will enjoy the movie most.The bad things:If it’s a movie to be watched with friends, better go with friends. I went to watch Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani all alone and regretted the decision sitting in the movie theater itself. I missed college friends there and wished badly that i should have come in a large group.If the movie is a comedy movie, it’s a bit awkward to laugh loud all alone. I mean there is no “crime” in it but once it happened with me. The uncle beside me was giving a look like he is sitting beside someone mad. :PP.S:Going to a movie alone for the first time was tough. Just like stage fright, I felt like everybody is looking at me and judging me as a “loser” who can’t even find a friend to come with him for a movie. [Fact: None gives a damn about who is coming with whom]. Gradually, things became easier. And now, just for the first reason mentioned above, I go almost all movies alone — reach a bit early — buy nachos and coke — sit comfortably and ENJOY !!!Just like the ad “pepsi thi, pee gya” — it’s like “ek seat mili, dekh liya” :D

What age should you go to the movies alone?

Should an 11, but almost 12 year old be able to go to the movies alone with a group of friends in daylight hours with a cell phone handy in a safe town to see a PG movie and get picked up immediatly after? How do you convince parents you are responsible enough?