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My Guinea Pig Will Not Stop Squirming When I Hold Her

My hamsters never stop squirming when i hold her, how can I fix that?

You can't 'fix it' per se, as it's normal hamster behaviour. How long have you had the hamster for? It's not unusual for them to be difficult to handle when you first get them - perservere and she should settle down.

How are you holding her? It should be in cupped hands to pick her up and hold her - don't try clamping a hand round her as it'll only scare her more. Just let her sit in your cupped hands and try to keep up with her running around! She may in time just sit in your hand to eat a treat or something, but mostly hamsters don't really stop running around, unless they're ill or really old!


Why does my guinea pig squirm?

Imagine someone that was about sixteen feet tall picked you up. Would you be scared? Guinea pigs and rabbits really don't like to be picked up. Just make sure that you hold him underneath and that he is held close to your body. Don't hold onto him for too long. Pick him up and then sit down with him in your lap.

Is it normal for guinea pigs to squirm a lot when being picked up in their cage?

Yup, they always do. It's not that they don't trust you, I'm sure you've noticed them not be as squirmish as when you first got them but they will always be squirmy. It's because they are prey animals and it's an instinct to try and get away when something grabs at them. I usually pet my piggies before I pick them up although it does help they still sometimes try to run away.

My guinea pig runs and squeaks when i pick it up!!!why???

Here's a good thing to keep in mind - by nature, guinea pigs are "prey" animals, meaning in the wild bigger, scarier animals hunt and kill them. So, it's in your pig's nature to be scared of, well, just about anything...until he gets used to it.

Give him time. It can take anywhere from a week to a few months for him to *really* come out of his shell. In the meantime, when you go to take him out of the cage, approach him in a way where he can see you coming - like one hand from the side, another hand by his rump. I've had my two pigs for not quite two years, and they still try to run from me when I go to take them out of the cage.

Give him lots of lettuce, oranges, carrots...any association that puts you with food. Our pigs practically beg for food - they stand up on their hind legs when they see us coming!

Also, consider adding another male piggy! Pigs do best in pairs, as also in nature they are herd animals - they enjoy the company of other piggies.

I'd highly recommend checking out Guinea, Cavy, and cavy for GREAT guides and information about guinea pigs.

Good luck!

Is it ok if my guinea pig squirms around all the time?

There is a easy way to calm your guinea pig down so it will trust you more and stop squirming so much. When you hold her place her on a towel you have folded into a square. Wrap the towel around the guinea pig as though it were a baby and hold it this way. They love to be carried about the house with you as you do your day, to set in your lap while you are on the computer, or sleep on your chest while you read. It will not take long before she will be trusting you and be so happy to be with you that the towel will not be necessary, this is a tried and true trick and it works every time this i can promise you.

Blessings and enjoy your guinea pig

Why does my Guinea Pig always squirm when I pick it up?

I agree with the first..also, since each is different, it's probable the nervous one needs to get to know you so pet her and very gently, before picking her up, don't just do take her unexpectedly.:p wondering why she has to "stay still?" and if she seems unhappy after a couple more months of you doing the above advice, you shld take her to the vet to see if something is physically bothering her.

Guinea pig wriggles when i pick it up? why?

how can i stop her wriggling, she sticks her legs out and wriggles till i put her down how can i stop her doing this????
please help i have had her for 2 months and i pick her up for like a second and she wriggles sp i put her down at the moments shes in her pen in the garden and also today she sat on my knee but how can i pick her up without her squeaking and wriggling???
please please please please help??