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My Hairy Nipples What Do You Guys Do

R guys ok with hairy nipples?

I have fair skin,but with nipple hairs. What do guys actually think of this issue? I also have some bumps on my aerola region, I heard that's normal. I took an X Ray ,nothing is wrong with my chest region. I need some guys' opinions on this matter. May be I need to send u a picture and u let me know how u think of it? I've got such low self esteem because of this issue.

Do Guys Like Hairy Nipples?

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but my consort, Jean, Won't give my breasts any attention because they don't have any hair around them.
Whenever I go to change he's like "please, leave that on, I'm in the room"

He is being overly dramatic just to tease me but at the same time he really does B!itch about it
Do other women even have hair around their nipples?

My hairy nipples ? what do you guys do?

If you don't want to shave then get a pair of tweezers and pluck them individually or have your boyfriend do it for you... Hope this helps.. If it doesn't help, then post this in the Gay and Lesbian section for better responses.... Good luck....

I have hair on my nipples what do i do?

Hell yeah..hairy nipples are the best.I've one of those.
Once u meet a guy and......he'll never forget you.
Trust me on that.....I still have that lady in my mind.

Don't worry about it..I have hair all over my body like a werewolf.

Don't shave will come come back stronger and meaner than ever.

Hairy nipples, is it normal?

Yeah guys, ive been having some hairs growing around my nipples.Is this normal? Ive been plucking them ever since 11th grade. We went swimming at the school and I felt embarrassed that someone would say something about my nipples. So i turned around and just started plucking them out. Ever since that day ive kinda been pulling the hairs around my nipples out. I have a good amount of hairs in my belly area but no chest hair. Is this normal to have hairs around ur nipples?

Do girls like hairy nipples?

I am currently 17 and as you can guess I am a guy. I have a fair bit of hair around my nipples and I don't know what to do with it if anything, should I pluck them or something because I'm guessing girls wont find that attractive.

I'm not metrosexual by the way (I have a hairy chest and all) I just think hairy nipples may be weird.


Are Hairy Nipples Gross?

So, I'm 18 and self conscious about a lot because I have a mild form Avoidant Personality Disorder.
I was wondering if it was rational or not to think that it's gross for guys to have hairy nipples. Most guys I see at the beach or in movies have not only a shaved chest but no hairy nipples.
I once asked my friends if it was normal and they assured me it was...until I took my shirt off and they changed their minds. Hahah.

I want to ignore that I'm self conscious about it and just get the facts.
1: Should guys shave their nipple hair?
2: Is it weird for guys to have it? Does it turn girls off?
3: Is it weird not to have nipple hair? Or body hair?

In my head, I feel like its super weird for me even to have chest hair (I don't have much :/ ).
But then again, before I realized I have AvPD, I could convince myself that others would hate me for complimenting them. I'm going to be hanging out with a girl I really, really like, tomorrow, at the beach, thus the act to question.

Thank you for your input. :D

Why do some men have hairy nipples and how do you get rid of the hair?

KEEP THE HAIR! Only women shave their bodies. Guys only shave their face.

If I were you, I wouldn't even think about it.

Do some women have hairy nipples like some men do?

I had a gf once who every so often had a long, downy soft fine hair growing on one of her nipples. I cut it and put it in this little ear-ring box I kept for this purpose. Told her when I had enough of them I was gonna make a pillow. It was my intention to keep them but one day she found the box and tossed them out. Only about 6 titty-nipple hairs in 6 months, but she had'em.

Is hairy nipples a turn off for girls?

Yes, it is a turn off. I don't like hairy nipples or any body part that is too hairy. Like hair around the penis is a turn off too. Armpits and the legs can be too much.