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My Hamster Is Pregnant

Is my Hamster pregnant?

Well, I have 2 campbells dwarfs and they were originally in separate cages. About 2 weeks ago i put both of them in a neutral pen but the female attacked the male(the female is bigger in size) so i separated them.

And few days ago i put them together again in the male's cage and this time the female didn't attack the male, the male was chasing the female around the cage and trying to mount her.

I'm not sure if she's pregnant but every time i put them together the female squeaks at the male when he tries to mount her and she always tries to fend him off.

Is she doing this only because she's already pregnant or shes just sick of him?

Btw, does the female have to be on her belly or on her back when they mate?

Thanks. :)

Is my hamster pregnant?

it's probably so, see the hamsters have probably already mated about a million times so if she is she would know it and if the male wanted to mate again then she would fight. watch her in the next couple of day if she gains wait and starts gathering bedding and gets really aggressive with you then you are probably a grandma.but remove the male and fast because he will probably try to mate with her again, my hamster had babies 8 days ago to bad the dad died. well if it turns out that she is then contact me and we will talk about your next steps of being a grandma

My hamster is pregnant!?

Place strips of toilet paper or facial tissue in the cage so mom can build a soft nest. Ideally, you would do this once you realize your hamster is pregnant (it is usually pretty noticeable a couple of days before birth, just by the sheer size of her belly).
Don't try to handle the babies at all for at least two weeks.
Once the babies have arrived, don't worry about cleaning the cage for a while. Leave it alone for the first 10-14 days. You can spot clean really wet spots if absolutely necessary, but avoid disturbing the nest. If you have noticed your hamster is pregnant, do a thorough cleaning to prepare for the new arrivals.
Make sure to provide plenty of food and fresh water, but make feeding and watering as efficient and calm as possible.
While it is okay to have a quick peek in the cage on occasion, avoid siting and watching for long periods.
Keep in mind that the mom will be very protective as well so may act more aggressive than usual; this is natural and no cause for concern.
Though interference should be avoided if at all possible, if for some rare reason you must move a baby, use a spoon so you do not get your scent on the baby. It is rarely necessary to move a baby though even if they are out of the nest; the mom will usually retrieve any stray pups and return them to the nest.

good luck

My hamster is pregnant!!!?

The wheel won't hurt her a bit. She will use it if she wants it while pregnant, and will even be good for her. She still needs exercise while pregnant, and she will use it when she needs that. It need not be removed at all even after she gives birth. And the young ones will play in it in groups when they are big enough to come out of the nest. Remember do not disturb her or her young, or touch them at all after birth. That is what is critical, or she could kill her young. Good luck and congradulations!! P.S When the young do come out on their own, place a" small very shall ashtray of room temp whole milk in the cage."-- the young will readily lap at it, giving the Mother a break!

Is my hamster pregnant?

Yes, that is the mating process, it only occurs when the female is receptive to a male (on heat,on cycle) and she is now pregnant, or at least has a 90% chance of being pregnant. You wont know, not until about 2 days before the birth, she will then be mildly noticeably bigger and will begin to make a nest. I wont flame to much, but it was indeed very daft of you to put them together, I can only assume that they were from a pet store and you have no idea bout there genotype, they could be carrying anything, I just hope they don't have diebeties. What species is she? You need to count the since before the mating and prepare a birthing cage for the female - the following is a list of when she should be put in the birthing cage in days since the conception(Chinese - 19, WW/Campbell - 18/Roborovski - 21/Syrian - 14)

The birthing cage should be medium sized, preferably around 35-40cm. It should have no toys, defiantly no additional levels, no wheels, nothing. Just a bottle,bedding,and shavings (or whatever substrate you use). Only the pregnant female should be in the birthing cage, and should be left here for a month without any other hamster. The birthing cage should also have a sh.t load of muesli placed in the cage. Not enough food and she will kill her young to make sure there's enough for her the rest. This cage should be in a heated room that is very calm,quiet - any stress and she might kill the young.

You need to start feeding the mother a high protein diet for the next month, you could use cold hard-boiled egg or bread soaked in warm milk. This keeps her active and aids in milk production. DONT go overboard, less is better then to much.

Don't disturb the cage or hamsters in any way for the first 2 weeks - and even then be very careful.

- Around day 8 finely chop carrots & apples and place around.
- Day 10- 12 : Eyes open
- Contact – First touch young at 17 days. Mother at 14.
- Separation – Separate from mother and separate into same sex groups at 25 days, separate all hamsters into their own cages at day 35 (or leave in same sex groups if dwarfs).

I’m saying this now, I am not an expert when it comes to this, but I do have some expirience.Okay. So when my hamster was pregnant, I didn’t even know until I saw the little pink baby hamsters. Based on the timing, my hamster was pregnant when we got her, there was a male in the cage at the pet store and no one was aware of it. Essentially, what I did is I just let the hamsters grow up. I made sure there was always plenty of food, though the baby hamsters won’t start eating solid food until they are a few weeks old. Also, don’t use the big bulkier food for the younger hamsters, use the more seed like food. Do not touch the baby hamsters, do not clean out the cage for the first few weeks. The mama hamster will be very, very protective, and moving the baby hamsters while they are still drinking milk is not good for them. No matter how bad it smells, do not clean the cage/move the hamsters until they are walking around and eating mostly on there own. Make sure there is always fresh water, and above all, make sure the mother is not stressed. If the mom gets to stressed, she will hurt the babies. Which is no good. Also, throw in some tissue paper for the mother to use. Make sure that they have everything they need, a good environment, good amount of food, fresh water every day, everything. Other than that, just let them grow up. I will say this again. DO. NOT. TOUCH. THE. BABY. HAMSTERS! This is very, very, very bad. This is all I know, from my expeirience, there is probably more you can do, but if the original mother is still around, just let nature take its course, with a little bit of help from you. You have to do other things if the mother dies, but I am most definetely not qualified to tell you that.

She doesn't look pregnant in the pictures -but that doesn't mean much, she may simply not be along far enough for it to show clearly in a picture.She's certainly old enough to BE pregnant (they can start as early as 5 weeks), and since they were not kept separated by gender, it would not be surprising at all. As their pregnancy is 16-17 days, you'll know soon enough.Why exactly does it worry you? There's rarely any problems, and with any luck you can sell the young back to the shop if you (understandably) don't want to keep them.

emales hamsters starts attacking the male when its pregnant. this is the first signs of female being carried. Female never lets the male come near to it. and females start gathering all the wooden husk and food and prepare a small nest in the cage. these are the initial signs. in later stages it wont allow us to touch cage itself. it will be more ferocious. Basic animal instincts.

How is my dwarf hamster pregnant?

Hmm, depends on how long you've had her for, maybe you could have bought her when she was pregnant? Keep a close eye on her or maybe call the vets and tell them what's going on..or maybe she's just giving you the signs but not actually pregnant. Don't worry about it:)
Good luck!!x