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My Hamsters Eye Is Swollen And Infected

How do I treat a hamster with a swollen eye?

It is something that needs to be seen by a vet. A swollen eye could be a number of different things. It could be an infection or abscess and need antibiotics, or it could be a tumour that needs removing. But you definitely need to take your hamster to a vet. In a good sized pet carrier with plenting of bedding inside, a little house to hide in, some food and a piece of cucumber as they’ll be going without water for a while.If the eye was just sticky or sore you could try bathing it, but you’d still need to see a vet really as eye infections can get out of hand. If bathing it then salt water is good, but you only need about a teaspoon of salt dissolved in about 2 pints of water. Very dilute. The easiest way is to add a teaspoon of salt to a pint of boiling water so it dissolves quickly, then add another pint of cold water to cool it down. If it’s still too hot add more cold water until it is just tepid or lukewarm - verging on the cold side. You can use a cotton bud dipped in the water but be careful not to get strands of cotton left in the eye, so change cotton buds after one use. Also you’ll need to pick a time to do it when the hamster is less active as they will wriggle and be difficult to do it without stressing them out or them hurting themselves trying to break free. Sometimes mid evening is a good time. They tend to be quite active early and late evening but can be a bit dozy and having a nap mid evening. But you know your hamster so you’ll know when their nap times are. Give them 5 or 10 minutes to wake up a bit - they can be pretty grumpy if woken!But as the eye is swollen - do see a vet. It isn’t always expensive for a visit and you’ll get good advice and know how to proceed. Sadly older hamsters do have a tendency to get tumours, but sometimes it’s a cyst that can be drained.

My sons hamsters eye is swollen and looks like it has infection what can I do? I dont have the money for a vet

Posted from link below. If you serch the link they have a lot of good information on natural remadies, You still should take her to the vet when you have some money but this should help otherwise.

"Symptoms: One or both eyes remaining shut even when hamster is awake. Matted or messy fur near eye as a result of watery eye. 'Crusty eyes' - Visible foreign deposits on slit of eyelids. Related problems: Conjunctivtis (Reddish or pinkish colour on eye not present previously), Respiratory problem (Refer to [R] Respiratory/Breathing).

Causes: Infection or irritation caused by dirty environment (for example, dirty cage or bedding). Ensure pine or cedar bedding is not used. Closed or swollen eye sometimes comes together with respiratory infection.
Remedy: Obtain Bausch and Lomb soothing eye wash (obtainable from local pharmacy) and let 1 or 2 drops fall directly on the eye using the spout. Let your hamster rub it in himself (he will!). Repeat twice daily. Alternatively, wash the hamster's eye with this home-made remedy: Add one teaspoon of boric acid to half a cup of boiled and cooled down water. Using an eye dropper, bathe the eye 2 or 3 times a day with it.

Listed ingredients in the Bausch and Lomb soothing eye wash are:
boric acid, sodium borate and sodium chloride; preserved with sorbic acid (0.1%) and edetate disodium (0.025%) with the boric acid being the active ingredient.

If the eye does not show any signs of recovery in 2-3 days, consult a vet as a more serious health issue could be present. Sometimes an impacted cheekpouch can cause watering/closed eyes, as can overgrown teeth.

If your hamster's eye is swollen but not watering or sticky, there have been corneal ulcers, and ingrown eyelashes (called "entropion") reported in this site. These conditions can easily be mis-diagnosed as a simple infection by a vet."

Why is my hamster’s belly swollen?

Several reasons, one is constipation. Put the hamster in a box with clean papertoweling. you should find urine and droppings after a short time. If not try a small feeding of fresh greens or a small pice of apple. This would get the system working in no time. Not too much though, it may cause diarreha. It could also be gas or simply it is over fed and over weight. Unfortunately it has been my experience that if your hamster remains bloated for more than a day or two, a cyst or tumor is likely. Most often these occur in hamsters of more advanced age…say two years old ( that is really old for a hamster!). A vet may be able to do some sort of surgery, but i find it a very short lenghtening of quality of life. Love them, keep them active and happy, and let them also be finally at peace

What could cause my hamsters eye to be swollen shut?

Yesterday my hamster's eye looked like ithad been poked. The skin surrounding the eye was red. Just a little bit of skin. Now today she is really quiet and woke up wet ( i dont know if this is because of a disease or something else) and her eye was swollen shut. I want to know some reasons why she could be like this. My friend who always has had a hamster said it was because she was dehydrated??? What could be wrong with my hamster?

Hamster has eye infection. Drops safe for his eye?

He's about 6 months old. His eye is infected. A little swollen, wet, pussing, and just clearly infected. I've read it may be due to the cedar bedding I was using (which I immediately changed to carefresh bedding). What eye drops will work? I have 'Neosporin Opthalmic Solution Sterile' drops that my mom says may work. Each drop is 10 mL. Will this be okay? PLEASE HELP!

My son's hamster eye is swollen and turned red. I'm not sure what to do he is upset? PLEASE HELP?

The main reasons for eye problems are injury, infection and age related issues. A saline rinse can be effective in cleansing the eye. Is there any discharge? If so, what color? If the goo is green or yellow, he may have conjunctivitis (pink eye). Minor cases can be cleared up with the saline rinse. More serious cases require antibiotic eye drops from the exotic vet. One of my mice recently developed an eye problem and was prescribed Ofloxacin Opthalmic Solution. The vet might use something different, though, depending upon your hamster's problem. Details on eye problems from two hamster sites I use follow:

If the eye problem is due to injury, I suggest trying the saline rinse and if the redness and swelling persist, you will need to visit the exotic vet. Also, it can be useful to know which medicines hamsters can and cannot have as hamsters cannot take all of the same medications that some other rodents can. Following is a list:

HamsterHideout is a great hamster forum where you can also try for advice. The link is below:

Please tell your son what a lucky hamster he has to have a hamster parent who cares so much about his well being. I hope his hamster makes a full recovery very soon.

How do you treat a hamster that has a swollen stomach?

A swollen stomach (ie bloating) is usually quite serious. I would guess that the hamster is quite old (ie 18 months or over). It can be caused by a number of things. If they are starting with heart failure it can cause fluid build up in the abdomen. Also liver and kidneys can start to fail and cause fluid build up (often they drink a lot more and pee a lot more too). Tumours can also be fluid filled. If it’s a cyst it is more likely to be a lump on one side or other of the stomach rather than generalised swelling. A cyst could be treated possibly. Rarely hamsters can get Cushings disease which causes a pot belly. If the hamster is younger than two years old I would take them to the vets. But if the hammy is quite old and is not showing any signs of pain and eating, drinking and carrying on as normal, I would leave them in peace and let nature take it’s course.However, if it’s a female hamster, of any age, it could be Pyometra (infection of the womb) which can be very painful and need antibiotics and they should be taken to the vet straight away.It can be difficult to know if they are in pain as they are prey animals and are good at hiding it. If the hammy starts squeaking and/or looking hunched up and miserable then it’s probably kinder to take them to the vets to help them on their way. If they are struggling to walk then move the food and water very close to their nest. If the hammy stops eating and drinking then it can be kinder to take them to the vets also.It’s a difficult call because it can be very stressful for them being taken to the vets, but some things are a must for vet treatment. A chat with the vet on the phone might help decide.If a hamster is pregnant it shows more as wider hips and you can see baby bumps there - plus a hamster pregnancy only lasts about 16 to 20 days so if no pups then it isn’t that.