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My Husband Sleeps At 11 Pm I Mean Isn

My husband sleeps to much?

You said your child is only 3 months old. Do you realize that men also get post partum depression? Maybe the change in his responsibilities are bothering him mentally and he avoids dealing with it by sleeping.
I don't care what argument anyone else presents being a mother is a job. A full- time, not lunch, no coffee-break, no thanks, j-o-b.(and that doesn't mean you don't love your child) it is also a responsibility but anyone who says taking care of an infant and trying to manage a household at the same time isn't a job, isn't a mother. Just because you work in the home doesn't mean you don't work. I don't think your husband is aware of what he is doing. Talk to him without using an accusing tone. You want him to be receptive to what you are saying, not defensive. You and your husband really need to communicate openly and honestly about your expectations. Otherwise you will harbor resentment and make matters worse. Don't let that happen to your marriage.

Why does my husband sleep all the time?

Sorry I posted this question a minute ago and I guess I left out some details and didn't make my situation clear. I'll try not to forget anything this time.

Okay my husband works the midnight shift which most nights for him is 12 am to 6 am. He get in at about 6:45 am because his relief is always late (don't worry his pay check reflects that) and he has to drive 30 mins home. Anyway he sleeps from about 7 am to about 2 or 3 pm. Then at about 7 pm he will fall back asleep until he leaves for work at 11:30 pm. I am glad he has a job and all but I get tired of never getting to spend time with him. The time he is awake he gets on his xbox 360 and plays games. I have a part time job and am working on getting a better one at the moment but there is no one hiring here like most of the country.

Why does he sleep so much? I understand he needs to get at least 8 hours of sleep but 12 hours is ridiculous.

My husband does not want to sleep with me or next to me anymore. We have been married for two years and we have two sons. What should I do?

This is a red-flag warning. When a man doesn't want to sleep with his wife, something is seriously wrong.It could be that your "tone of voice" upsets him more than you realise. Perhaps it reminds him of another woman who treated him badly in the past, e.g., a tyrannical teacher or wicked aunt.But it could be that this is just an excuse. You could modify your voice, yet he would find some other reason why he was not happy. He might barely understand the reason himself. Or it might be something that he understands and doesn't want to admit to you.Be prepared for some very unpleasant truths. Ask him if he has another sexual partner. If he convinces you that he hasn't, ask him if he wants one. Ask if he is serious about saving your marriage and whether he would accompany you to marriage counselling.If he refuses to cooperate in any way with your enquiries, then he has made a choice to stop participating in your marriage. There is nothing you can do to force him to be interested in you. But you can give up your dream of a happy marriage and make a plan to live with your unhappy reality.

What if husband sleeps on the couch all the time?

Yeah, my husband was doing this for a while and I finally said to him, "Come to bed, please" and he asked, "Is it going to be a friendly bed?" I didn't know what to say to that so I just answered, "Yes" He came to bed. What I think happened was that we weren't having sex as much as he'd like (we have a newborn). Now that we're having sex more often, he comes to bed more often. As a side note: With my previous husband, when I was having an illicit affair, I never went to bed with him. He just didn't turn me on anymore and I didn't want to have sex with him anymore! And I definitely didn't want him to try to have sex with me and for me to deny him! Because he's sleeping on the couch 95% of the time, I think that he's probably sleeping with someone else (well, I don't mean 'sleeping') That's the way men are, I think. Women always say that they're 99.9% sure that their hubbys are faithful but the guys on this page can tell you that that's not so, right guys?!? Women aren't that wise at "reading" the situation as they'd like to think they are!

Why do husband and wife sleep together every night in the same bed?

Before I read through other answers. I wish to put forward mine. I'm not sure how it works across the countries. I live in India and got married to my girlfriend.When she is in her deep sleep. I look at her. Very deeply. And make sure she is in deep sleep. Then go kiss her, hug her and cuddle her. Cause the same night we might have fought hard. And we both are little egoistic too. So during the fights I just analyse whose mistake is it. If it's mine then I beg her and apologise too. If it's her’s I expect the same. But she being egoistic she never apologises nor realises her mistake instead she put the blame on me and act as if she is perfect . So we end up sleeping at two extreme corners of the bed. Until she realises her mistake even I don't want to talk to her. But in the middle of the night I cannot resist myself from kissing and hugging her.At times it's a realisation point too for me. When she is in deep sleep I look at her and realise how much sacrifice she is making every day for my wellness by preparing the food I like, taking care of me when I'm ill, washing my clothes etc. All these happens to me cause as a husband and wife we sleep together in the same bed. Sex cannot be the only reason, there are many from my point of view.

My Husband...?

First let me start by saying I've been with my husband 11 years!!! I know, I know, I can hardly believe myself. I think it depends on the man's age. My husband is going to hit 40 this year and he too sleeps a lot. However, he commutes to work 38 miles in LA traffic and is a Union Plumber, so he does work his tail of daily.

Also depending on his office job that you speak of, mental work can be just as hard as physical work. Have some coffee ready when he gets home or bring a cup home from the famous Starbucks. If he's into sports, have a game on and try to enjoy it with him. Invite friends over for a BBQ and throw an intimate party (not a huge basher, just a friends over night). Take a shower at night and get clean for some horizontal tango. Or, ask for some assistance in the shower if you catch my drift.

Stop waking him up from the couch. Leave him there and let him move himself. I actually stopped doing that because I was sick and tired of telling my husband it's time to go to bed. Just leave him there and after a while he'll move himself or sleep on the couch all night. So what. You'll like having the bed to yourself once and while. I did.

If he's got this "your controlling me" attitude. Tell him he needs to be controlled because he's on auto pilot right now!

However, men get depressed to and sometimes sleeping their life away is the only way they know how to cope. You could ask to talk and be honest with him and ask if he's happy in his marriage or is he sleeping to cope with depression. Marriage is not easy, it's work and I strongly believe that you're not always IN LOVE with the person. It's only after some hard times and trials that the marriage grows and evolves into something more and it gets better. It has for me these past 11 years and, actually, right now we're just coming out of a rut we've been in for about two years. We have two kids 7 and 1 1/2. It's tough but worth it in the end. Good luck!

My husband never goes to bed with me. What should I do?

Look, not everyone's bodies are wired the same.

It is VERY difficult for me to go to sleep before 1 a.m. And I get up around 6:45. My husband falls asleep between 10:30 and 11:00. He likes to fall asleep in front of movies or the TV. I really am not a fan of watching TV or movies. I'd rather read or browse online. A lot of times I'll draft and do documents in the middle of the night, b/c my mind feels clear from all the hustle of the day.

Just just it be. Like others said, if it's solely an intimacy thing, try to compromise with each other a few nights a week. But, if you have sex other random times of the day, and it's really not a nighttime thing anyway, then just let him do his thing and wind down the best way for him.... I mean, does he force you to stay up until 3 a.m. watching TV with him, just because that's his thing? I doubt it.

My husband pleasures himself a lot. Is the problem with me or him. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

Everyone's libido is different. Many times in a marriage the libido starts high for both because it's new, but then tapers off to whatever your normal is. So that once or three or six times per day of full blown sex gives way for things like eating, sleeping, work and other responsibilities.As you get older a good night sleep is more important than a long romp. Or maybe you are a once every 4 days person like my husband.Pleasuring one's self is not a problem…unless they are doing it in inappropriate places.Orgasms feel so incredibly good and hit your pleasure center and, well. ….here….a copy and paste:..The nucleus accumbens — the reward center of the brain — gets a flood of dopamine, which activates it and rewards you for all the sex. This area is also activated by addictive things — like chocolate, cocaine, caffeine, or nicotine, says Komisaruk. When it’s activated during sexy times, it’s possible that it could make you want to have even more sex, since it’s associated with this rewarding response. So, yeah, sex is basically like a drug. (End copy and paste) This Is What An Orgasm Does To Your BrainSo it has nothing negative to do with you. It is the way we are built.Me personally, I want an orgasm every day. Sometimes 3 or more. But I, we, don't have time for a full sexual session and many times hubby is not up (no pun intended) for a quickie. Time is of the essence. Many mornings he will 'help' me to achieve an orgasm. It literally can take less than 5 minutes. And my brain is flooded with awesome feel good dopamine for a long time. Not a bad way to start your day. At night, it helps me fall asleep.Sometimes I am just horny as fuck, and would prefer a full body loving session with my husband, but he is not available.I love my husband. Have no desire to sleep with anyone else (except in my fantasies!). Sometimes he is horny and I am not available and takes care of himself.So to answer your question,My husband pleasures himself a lot. Is the problem with me or him. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?SoWhat problem?Yes.Sex is a very normal, natural thing. A gift actually. And if we don't use it, that energy manafests itself in other ways. As long as he is taking care of Your needs…no it is not a problem.

11:12 pm bed time when are you going to sleep?

Well it's 4:19am where I'm at. I need to be up 8am. Bedtime is around 5. If I'm lucky. Insomnia is a B!t(h

My husband neglects the bed, what shall I do?

You do understand you are neglecting him too, don't you? If he wants to stay watching tv reading a book, or whatever, in the living room, you should stay there and keep him company. If you decide you can not be bothered to keep him company, and go to bed, why should he go running after you. It was your decision.To tell you the truth it actually sounds like he is expecting you to fall asleep before he joins you. That being true, only you both can know the reason for something like that to happen.The world does not revolve around you or him. My best bet would be for you to sit down with him and have a talk, try to understand each other.If you expect him to follow you blindly as he probably did when you were in love and had a crush on each other, that will probably not happen as often as it used to.I am sure that if you talk to each other, you will understand each other better.He probably likes to have his alone time after a days work and does not like to read or see tv in bed. He is probably one of those persons who uses the bed to sleep. When he feels tired, he goes to bed to sleep. Do you see anything wrong with that? Maybe it just takes a while before he gets tired enough to be able to sleep, and he prefers to stay in the living room, doing something else.