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My Insurance Company Is Charging Me Extra They Say My Home Is A 2.0 Story Not A 1.5 Story Home

My dog lost an eye due to neglect/lack of care at a home boarding place,can anyone advise help on suing?

WHile I was on holiday for 1 week, my two shih tzus were in home boarding. I did let them know that one gets gunky eyes every now and then, and they need wiping. I supplied her with eye wipes (aswell as having to take our own food!), i received a text while i was away to say that one didnt look quite right. I asked her to wipe it that evening and if in the morning it still didnt "look right" to take her to the vet, and that we were insured and i would pay any costs as soon as we picked them up. She said she would do this and not to worry.
When we picked the dogs up at 11.30am, she hadnt been checked on that day, and the lady said to me i think shes ok you know, seems alot better today.... Well my heart stopped when i saw her face and all i could think about was getting out of there and taking her straight to the emergency vets.

The vet was shocked that she hadnt been seen to before this visit, she had an eye infection and an ulcer so deep in went all the way to the back of her eyeball. Her eye was pure white. She stayed in for 2 nights and when she came home, 4 different kinds of drops every three hours. We took her back the next day for a check up and they advised she needed her eyelids stitched as the ulcer hadnt got any better. 3 days after her op, we went back to the vets. they kept her in and called an hour later to say they had opened up the stitches and her cornea had burst.

She had her eye removed the next morning.

I have been in contact with the local council and rspca
Can anyone give me any advise as to how i could sue her.
My poor dog wasnt given any chance of getting better, and wehn we took her to the vets i really think it was too little too late. She is only 2 years old.

Many Thanks


Whats one example of a tort system?

Torts are basically something that someone else does to hurt or damage another or his property in breach of a duty which the law imposes. Compare this to a breach of contract where people agree among themselves what they will do or not do.

For example, one has a duty to drive with due care. If one drives carelessly causing damage to another person or his property, then one is liable for damages caused by that careless driving, unless the person who suffered the damage contributed to the damage. Some states follow strict contributory negligence as a bar to damages, but many states follow the idea of comparative negligence, so that a person who is 30% negligent would recover 70% of the damages suffered because of the accident.

Tort "systems" basically say that the person who causes the harm should pay for it. In Europe, for example, most people have "first party" insurance, where you basically cover yourself for automobile accidents.

We also have the idea of "strict liability" for dangerous or defective products put into the market place. Drug manufacturers and tobacco companies don't like this idea very much and try to get laws passed in Congress to protect them.

This is a pretty difficult assignment. Law students study torts for a year and it can be pretty tricky even for them.

What is the biggest scam that every Indian must be aware of?

The distance buyer scam of OLX.You post an item for sale. A buyer with a non-Indian name contacts you, says he is from abroad, will pay you 10K extra for shipping the product abroad. That he will send money first and then you ship.You get email that money has entered your bank account. The email id looks so similar to your bank email and you fail to notice. Email reads, ‘money will be withheld by bank and you can redeem it by providing proof that you have shipped the material’. You will also receive text message of the same. Except that, no money has been sent. You have been scammed to ship a product, free of cost.I have been contacted by such scammer twice while I tried to sell a laptop. This time, I gave one such my whatsapp number because in olx chat, he did not mention anything fishy. Just negotiated the deal. So, here follows the snapshot of our conversation.i knew it was a scam and wanted to waste some time of this guy.if any fellow quoran wants to send this poor lady(me) some money, please note that all details of account is fake.address was fake. I wanted somebody to come to that address and waste some more time. However, redirected the chat to have some more fun.please note, i have never engaged in sex chat with my partner. Please forgive my foolish attempt at it.I tried to see if he is foolish enough to try to paytm me. I had a paytm account long back but now, i dnt even have the app installed.So, if you have also wasted your time reading the whatsapp chats, pardon me for this many screenshots. I just wanted to make this answer memorable enough to you so that you don’t forget the fact that‘if a deal looks terribly profitable, it is fake.’STAY SAFE.EDIT: When somebody says “fuck you”/”fuck your mother”, I don’t imagine the exact scene of him fucking me or my mother. Instead I just take it as a slang. Most of the times, when somebody says “motherucker” he/she does not really mean that you do that really. So, I would rather not react to such statements. My mother’s sanity or respect does not go away if I don’t defend her in such nonsense scenario.