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My Iphone Keeps Shocking Me

Why do I not get shocked when I touch the end of an iPhone lightning cable while it is plugged into the wall?

The amperage is so low that it barely even registers on your pain receptors in your hand. There’s an old saying that goes it’s not the it’s not the Watts that I’ll kill you it’s the amps. The amperage is on a On a wall charger for an iPhone is around 2.1 A which is very very low. Not that I would want to be in the bathtub and having you throw that in while I’m having a bath but is just such a low rating as to not cause any type of damage at the skilled level.

Can headphones shock you when wet?

I have in-ear headphones, maybe Sony, and they fell into a water dish. They were in there for a while, and i dried it the best i can and i kinda wacked the headphones really hard around to get the water out. Probaly stupid of me.

But i play music pretty loud, and im afriad the water and the wacking around of the headphones can shock me. Im also not sure if i plugged the headphones in too soon before they were even dry. Maybe even been plugged in when they were in the water at the same time. But i doubt it. Please answer.

Could a shock from a phone charger's plug or exposed wire kill you?

Yes, if there is a defect in the internal circuitry of the charger. And such a fault is especially likely with the cheap, knockoff chargers made in China without UL or similar safety certification.Phone chargers need to maintain a high level of electrical insulation between the line connected side of the circuitry and the output side that plugs into the phone. This demands a certain level of quality in the internal components, particularly the switching transformer, the optocoupler, and the PCB design and layout. These components represent a substantial portion of the cost of a charger, and are the first place where crappy manufacturers start cutting costs.Dave Jones from the EEVBlog did a teardown of a knockoff Apple iPhone charger that will show the differences in build quality that can and has killed a few people in recent years:As a comparison, here is a detailed teardown of the genuine Apple charger:Apple iPhone charger teardown: quality in a tiny expensive package

My teeth are giving me electric shocks?

Causes (in order of worsening degree): Gum recession, enamel erosion, root decay, pulpitis.

Treatment: changing brushing techniques, using products designed to remineralise teeth (ex. product called toothmousse or Sensodyne toothpaste). Or it may be more serious, possibly involving root canal treatment or extraction, which can be diagnosed by an x-ray at the dentist. (unlikely, so don't stress!)

Although apples are healthy and tasty (i'm also a granny fan!) they do contain some acid. This gradually erodes the enamel of your teeth which initially just causes sensitivity, but as soon as the outside world (even just sucking air through your teeth) comes in contact with that nerve, sudden bursts of electricity will shoot from your tooth often up towards your ear. Your dentist might care to know about your diet to help diagnose the problem.

Sensitivity to cold and NOT HOT is usually a relief to the dentist, it just means that your enamel is wearing thin and can be easily (and cheaply) fixed by changing your toothbrush and technique, using some medicated dental products, or having eroded tooth surfaces filled. Sensitivity to pressure, ie. when you bite into something hard can also indicate a thin enamel with exposed nerve.
If you are experiencing these electric shocks when eating hot things, or the pain is constant even when not eating, it can mean the pulp or nerve in your tooth is infected and dying, requiring extensive and expensive treatment.

I recommend to see a dentist ASAP if this pain persists even when not eating or drinking.

Sharpie and phone flash shocks me??

So this morning, my friend colored on my veins on my wrist with a jumbo sharpie. She blew on it and pressed my out facing phone camera onto my wrist where she colored and took a picture with the flash on. When it took the picture, I got shocked. And having the same amount of courage as a chicken nugget, I freaked the hell out. Why did it shock me????

I bought new iPhone 5s and it gives me an electric shock whenever I charge it?

There are a couple of reasons this might happen.First, make sure you are using an authorized Apple adapter and cable. Non-licensed chargers have been known to explode and cause an injury, so if you are using a non-licensed charger or cable, that might be why you are getting a shock.If you are using an original Apple adapter and cable, or one licensed by Apple, then it might be a grounding problem in your home. Try plugging the adapter in at someone else's house, or better yet, a commercial place like a Starbuck's or McDonalds. If you still get a shock, stop using the charger and take it to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Repair Center immediately.

Why does my iPhone home-button give me an electric shock when the iPhone is connected (and charging) from the computer case?

I suspect your computer’s/laptop’s power supply, or faulty wiring in your wall-socket, is putting you in significant danger of electrocution.You should hire a qualified electrician to check on this ASAP.Your iPhone’s Home button has the capacitive finger-print sensor and a metal ring around it. In and of itself there is no way for it to cause even the slightest tingle under any circumstances, when your iPhone isn’t connected to anything else.When your iPhone is connected to a genuine iPhone charger, this also should not happen, unless there’s faulty wiring in the wall-socket in your house.That you’re using a computer to plug in the USB cable to recharge your phone introduces the second possibility that it’s a faulty computer/laptop power supply causing this effect.