My Iphone Needs My Old Email Information And I Don

IOS 9 Yahoo Mail Sign In/Verification Problem?

After upgrading my iPhone to iOS 9 i am prompted to re-enter my PW. When I do so I am ask to verify my identity. When I submit the idenitity code I get the following goofy error message: "Uh oh...You must meet certain age requirements to perform this action. Please visit our Help Center for more info". I'm 63 years old so I hope I'm old enough to re-verify an account I've been using for years. When I go to Help Center there is nothing that helps. I decided to delete my Yahoo account from my iPhone and re-enter it. When I added the account again I got the same goofy message.

Please help.

Emails won't delete in yahoo mail, they keep reappearing in my inbox?

I click on an email and then click on delete. Presto, gone. And then it's back in my inbox. sometimes up to five times. I click on trash and click to empty it, sometimes the trash empties and sometimes it doesn't. If the trash empties, it seems to take the email permanently, but it shouldn't come back in the first place when I initially delete it. I'm using Firefox, if that makes a difference.

I just got a new iphone and I need some help?

It's easy.. go to settings>>mail,contacts, calendars>>add account>>Other

Here you can tap on add mail account then enter your name address etc.. then in the next page you will be asked for more details... in that way you can add your new york email address

If you are not able to get it, pls logon to www. mygizmogadget .com and post your questions. We will answer is with screenshots as quick as we can. This is a new forum and would like to develop it.

Am I safe selling my iPhone on eBay?

I found a buyer who was willing to meet my asking price for my iPhone 6s. It s my first time selling on eBay so what can I do to ensure everything goes right for me? We reached an agreement over the phone price and he asked for my PayPal email. Does it seem right that they sent me a transaction through PayPal rather than through eBay? Does receiving an email from "" discussing how I won t receive funds until I ship the phone sound right? I just don t want to be scammed so what can I do to protect myself?

How do I reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information?

There must be something you remember about it, you just need to think of it while trying to reset, just go for login, enter email and tap next, click forgot password,option 1: enter any password that you remember from history of that account, you can get access after little time and security questions.option 2: try to use email or phone, the email that you added as a recovery to this email when you made this email, if you forgot what’s that email, just aswer any question like when did you create this email, it will ask you about sending pasword reset by recovery email and it will mention recovery email in ****, like this.Option3: Enter any email you think may have associated with it, if it’s not you will be notified by email to that email, then try other email.Still Can’t Login? try to hack it, try to enter easy passwords, Read this post on how you create easy passwords, you may memorize what your password was by reading this;50 Passwords that will get you hacked

New 2013 Yahoo Mail sucks?

Just this morning I sent one of those feedbacks (let us know) from within Yahoo settings....of course this will not be replied to because of the "volume" they get.

Just like you, I hate this "new" email that they pushed down our throats. Everything seems slow/time delayed. When I want to "mark as read" right clicking the actions icon only produces a "loading" and finally the menu appears. Just deleting an email is time delayed....what the eck!

The other annoying thing is that when I attempt to empty the "thrash can" in the Spam and Trash....again time delay.

I also want the previous Yahoo mail. I pay for this every year but I may have to reconsider switching to GMail.

My email account keeps sending out emails by itself how do I stop it?

My email keeps sending out emails to all my contacts, and I keep getting a mail daemon alert in my inbox. I don't know what this is and how do I stop it from happening?

How can I unlock an iPhone without knowing the Apple ID or password?

Yes, you can. You don’t need the password