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My Ipod Touch Keeps Crashing

What triggers an iPod touch to crash?

One reason for the crashing may be you have no space on the unit. Go into your general setting and look at what the Touch came with, for instance 16gb and see what you currently have on there. It you are getting close to capacity it would crash frequently.This happened with my iPad. I did two things. I took off things I didn't need on it like apps I never used and most photos. This freed lots of space. Then I did a hard reset. Like it was a new iPad. It cleanedit off and freed lots of space and have not had the problem again. Good luck.

Virtual Families for iPhone/iPod touch keeps crashing!?

Before when it crashed during the home screen when it was loading I just turned off my iPod and it was fine but now it crashes 15 seconds into game play and restarting my ipod does nothing. I don't want to start over! Help!

Why does contract killer iPod touch keep crashing?

This could be the app problem... Clean up the device/app...

Good luck!

My iPod Classic 5th Gen. keeps crashing and freezing, should I buy another iPod or what should I do?

I bought it 3-4 Years ago. I've restored it numeral times and reset it thousands of times. If i have to buy another one, I'm looking at the iPod touch 32 GB. Please none of that stuff about how iPods suck and I should buy a normal MP4 players.

My Facebook app keeps crashing?!?

Hi, so ever since yesterday around 6, my Facebook app has been crashing. I've deleted the app, many times. I've turned my phone off and on, multiple times! And it keeps crashing! I installed IOS 6.1 yesterday morning, and after I installed it, it worked. But ever since around this time yesterday it keeps crashing! Help!

And I have the iPhone 3GS (I know it's old)

My text plus app on my iPod keep on crashing on me. ?

It was fine last week. But when I used it again yesterday and today it stopped working. Like it goes back to my main screen after two seconds I click text plus. Has this ever happened to you? Did it work again or did you have to delete the whole app?

My Text Now! app keeps crashing! How can I fix this?

Recently my Text Now texting app on my iPod Touch has been crashing. And all these cute boys have been texting me so I would really like it to work! I can only load up the app, and then when it gets to the main screen it crashes. I have an older iPod touch, it is 6 gigabyetes and is the one without a camera. I have had if for about three years now. The app is fully updated aswell. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Why does my Draw Something App keep crashing on my Ipod Touch 4th Genoration? What can I do about it?

I have the draw something app on my Ipod Touch and I have noticed that every now an again it crashes and it won't even let me play the game. I've tried deleting it and syncing it back onto my Ipod Touch or even tried downloading it again but it still crashes and just shuts down when I try and play it?? Why does it keep doing that on my Ipod Touch, it doesn't seem to do it to my cousin but she does have a apple Iphone 4 so I don't know??? Anyway is there anything I can do about it instead of having to delete, downloading it or having to sync it again. What can I do about it please help????