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My Ipod Touch Won

My ipod touch won't turn on?

Try putting it into DFU mode and then restore it to factory settings.

DFU: Hold the power/home button for 10 secs then keep holding the home button and let go of the power for a further 8 secs.

Factory settings: Press the restore button in the summary tab of your ipod in itunes.

(if you are still having problems, contact me through YouTube by messaging me)

(if you have jailbroken that could also be a prob but there are ways to fix it)

I could make a video on YouTube to help you if you wanted

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My iPod Touch won't turn on?

Yesterday my ipod was being a little glitchy so I decided to turn it off and turn it back on to solve the problem. Well when I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't do anything. After about 3-5 tries, the Apple logo appeared on the screen but now the logo is "stuck" and will not go to the home screen.

I plugged it into the wall charger although the battery wasn't dead, but that didn't help
I've tried holding the power button/ home button- but that isn't helping either
And iTunes won't recognize it when I plug it into the computer

Please help

My iPod Touch won't turn on. What should I do?

Plug it into a known working power source. Allow it to charge. Leave it there for about an hour. If it still hasn't turned on, take it to your nearest Apple Store and ask them to make an appointment at the Genius Bar, and request that they plug it in, and put a business card with your name and a timestamp of when it started being charged on it, so you don't wind up having to wait around for them to try charging it after starting your appointment. If it hasn’t charged for you and you've followed my instructions, it won't charge for them. They'll give you the options available to you for replacement cost, or you can get a discount on a new one by recycling the one that doesn't work.

My Ipod Touch Won't Connect To Itunes?

I got it last week and the first time i plugged it in, it worked fine. the second time i tried to plug it in to sync music, but nothing popped up on itunes. I've read everything there is, restarted it,
unistalled itunes and re-installed it.
when i plug it into a usb port i hear a beep so my labtop recognizes it, it shows up in my computer under my computer, device manager as soon as i plug it in.but not in my itunes. it charges it but it doesn't let me sycn music,
i've unistalled every apple inc thing on my computer and re-installeed it, updated the version, i tried different usb ports,different usb cord, tried restoring itouch. now im stuck at a screen that says plug usb cord into itunes but i do and nothing happens so i can't even have fun with my itouch now :(
as you can read i've done everything so please no obvious answers.

i've done all the steps .

My iPod Touch won't take screenshots...?

I was on Facebook the other day and was going to take a screenshot of a pic I had put on there instead of putting it on the charger and syncing it to my iPod. When I went to take the picture, though, I hit the sleep and home buttons, but the screen didn't flash.

After a second, it made the sound, then a few seconds later, it flashed. After that, my iPod got laggy. When I went to my saved pics, though, it wasn't there.

Now whenever I try to take a picture, it doesn't do anything. Am I going to have to send it back to Apple?

IPod touch won't work properly?

Okay, so my iPod touch won't work properly. Btw, I'm asking this on my itouch right now .
I haven't played on it for maybe a month .
First, the capitalization won't work (as in for the capitalization option, if I want to double tap it to make it permanent capitalization, it won't work at all!) .
Second, YouTube won't work . It is my own wifi connection, and there is nothing wrong with our wifi . It says "cannot connect to YouTube".
This is getting really (pretend really is capitalized lol) annoying. Can someone please help? Thanks!

Ipod touch won't let me play games?!!?

The exact same thing happened to me , and I didn't understand why.
Then I realised it was because I signed out of the i tunes store. Signing back in allows you to play with out having to be sent back to the main menu straight away. (You can sign in by logging onto i tunes store via the computer, and then syncing the ipod - and vice versa for signing out )
Hope This helps

My iPod Touch Won't accept password?

Plug in youjr iPod to PC/Mac.

Power down the iPod Touch sleep/wake button and slide to power off. Then turn it back on, and as soon as apple logo appears, hold down sleep and home button for 15 seconds, and hold home until the PC or Mac says its in DFU.

Enjoy ~ desu!