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My Job Has Not Payed Me In Over About Two Weeks

My employer did not pay me for all of my hours worked. What do I do?

I suggest speaking first with the manager and then with human resources. If you work for a small business, then there may be more flexibility than if you work for a big firm. My company cuts checks twice per month and that’s all I get.I would focus on:Review your pay stub to understand WHAT you were paid for and what time frame. Also examine the deductions. You may have additional deductions you weren’t expecting.Why didn’t all of the hours you worked get picked up?Find out when you will get paid, and if not, if they can give you an advance against the hours/$$$.Good Luck!

Is it normal not to get paid the first two weeks after you start a new job.?

I would talk to the person who handles your payroll for your company, I'm guessing that you direct boss doesn't understand the process.

Most companies pay in a lag, meaning that work on the paycheck dated on the 15th, would have been worked between the 22nd of the prior month & the 7th of that month; time worked between the 8th-21st is paid on the last day of the month. So depending on when you started, you could have to wait 3 weeks for your first check.

Why are supposed to give 2 weeks notice before you quit a job?

if you are doing a good job the company won't terminate you at anytime. also, once you obtain seniority at a job or make it through their triaining or probationary period they have to have a reason to term you...which, unless you're being downsized, is a reason that YOU give being late all the time or not following company policy.

you should always give your job a 2-week notice. this is respectful because you quitting means they have to find someone to replace you, which takes time. also, if you give them notice, then they may ask you why you are leaving and this gives you an opportunity to "fix" any issues you may be having at work and perhaps stay at your job.

plus, 2-week notice allows you to make sure you are really making the right choice. you may want to quit after a frustrating day, but who doesn't have those?? 2-week notice gives you a chance to say.."hey, i'm sorry, but i changed my mind...can i keep my job. i was just upset earlier".

i hope everyone gives their employer 2-week notices, b/c i've been the employer many times and it really does put you in a bind...and i always asked that question at job interviews. if someone told me they didn't give notice at their last job...i probably didn't hire them. and i asked other questions, so i knew if they were lying about giving notice...i'm not dumb;)

take care.

Quitting Without Giving Two Weeks Notice?

Unless you are not planning to use this employer as a reference again, I would give them the two weeks. As a courtesy, word gets around especially if you will be moving to a similar position in the same industry. You don't want that reputation to follow you.

As for the paycheck- you employer has to pay you for your time worked and any vacation time that you are entitled to. Nothing more/nothing less. They would be foolish to not pay you out of spite; besides there could be some legal issues to content with if they operated in that manner. How timely they get that out to you can depend on their typical procedures. For example: if you normally were paid every other week and you quit on a non-payroll week, then they would not have to pay you until their normally scheduled payroll date; the following week. This can be changed when you are dealing with a union situation depending on their guidelines.

Job havent paid me yet?

Okay so i’m pissed and stressed out. I got a new job and they haven’t even given me my first pay check yet because they said my transfer may have messed up and the company messed up my payroll. It’s been a week and half! My paycheck was supposed to come in two Friday’s ago. They said they sent it in the mail. It has not came in yet. It’s been a week! I am three bills behind because of this! And I had to put in a fake smile and say it’s alright? No it’s not alright! I worked for that money and I deserve to have it. I need my paycheck

What happens in Utah if you quit without giving two weeks notice?

I am planning on quitting my job and would prefer NOT to give a two week notice because of how terribly my boss treats me, however I don't want them to not pay me my last pay check.