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My Knees Are Out Of Shape And I Want To Know Whats Up

I want to run track, but I'm out of shape and never seem to want to work out. Any advice?

First get some music you like on your Ipod/MP3 player. Go outside walk/warm up for 5 or 10 minutes when you feel ready, just take it nice and easy and slow, and jog as long as you can, until the burning gets to brutal then try walking for 1 minute and start jogging again.

The burning feeling: When that occurs try to take a deep breathe in through your nose and let it out as slow as you can through your mouth. It is hard to do at first (while running), so I suggest when the burn starts, slow down to a fast walk, and practice while you are walking.

Take it slow and easy, think of it more like meditation than exercising. Soon you will up to 2 miles without stopping then before you know it you will be at 5 and so on.

No pain no Gain!

I have a lot more tips, if you want some, just e-mail me on!

What can I do about knock knees?

Well, with due respect to all the answers that are already given, I would like to share my experience that how I rectified my knock knees problem without any surgery as this is one of the biggest cause of rejection in defence forces.Firstly, remember one thing this process had taken almost 2 years to get rectified.Solutions:-1) While sleeping, put a cushion( bit hard) in between your knees and tighten your ankles with a peice of cloth properly. But keep in mind that cloth should not be tightened too much in order to maintain the blood flow. Now try to straightens your legs and keep them in that position for as much time as you can, then relax and repeat.2) Weak hip bones are the major cause of knock knees( genu valgum) ,so do exercises to strengthen your hip bones and many exercises you can get to know from google.3) Never run on hard/ cemented surface as it is not good for people who have this problem, because hard surface ultimately put pressure on your hips and will eventually make them weaker. 4) As yoga is emerging as a standard solution to many problems and it contains solution to this problem as well. 'Reclined Hero Pose', a type of yoga is one of the best solution to mitigate this issue.Try them and feel the difference....Zidd kro, Duniya badlo

Weird shape on my knees!(Pics included)!?

My knees are the exact same way. I don't know why you would want them away because there natural.

When you do the middle splits don't your knees need to face up?

Sounds like you're doing really well, keep it up!

Yes, your knees do need to face up and your feet should be turned out or else it puts unnecessary, harsh pressure on your knees which can cause severe injury.

Stretches for Middle Splits:
1. Lay flat on your back.
2. Bring both legs up at a 90-degree angle, so that from the side your body makes an L shape. Make sure they are turned out.
3. Spread your legs out to the sides as if you were doing a straddle in the air. Your body should make a T shape on the floor. Hold that position.
4. Flex your feet to feel the stretch even more.

1. Lunge sideways to the right and hold it. Turn to that direction and hold for two counts of 8.
2. Repeat with the left leg.
3. Go into a very low grande plie with your legs apart, in a wide second position.
4. Slowly lower into a straddle. When you get as far as you can go, support yourself with your elbows. Hold this position.
5. Lower your body the rest of the way so that you are lying belly-down on the floor. Your body should look something like a Y shape, with your legs as far as they can get to going into a middle split. Hold this position

Site for Stretching Essentials:

Another post for splits:

The websites above will have all you need, plus more. They have many posts on stretching and strengthening, and are very detailed and helpful.

Hope I helped :)

What's up with fixie bikes?!?

Fixed wheel bikes are not for the novice. They originated as track bikes and are designed for guys with legs like tree trunks to ride at 50mph around a banked quarter mile track. They may be popular at the moment but personally speaking I can't see what's cool about riding a bike that is not designed for the road.

Why are so many mma fighters out of shape?

Out of SHAPE. Top MMA fighters are some of the best athletes on the planet. Wrestling with your friend is no wear near as intense as a REAL fight, especially a fight against another professional fighter. I don't know who you've been watching, but I dont see anybody gas in the first round from the UFC, maybe on the Ultimate Fighter where the guys are up and coming fighters, who don't train FULL TIME until they make a decent career out of fighting.

Is running worse than walking? Is running good way for knee strengthening exercises? I hear running will destroy your knees?

A lot of beginning runners use improper form, and do too much, too fast, too soon. They end up getting injured. A common beginner injury happens with the iliotibial band, which runs along the length of the thigh and connects at the knee. It can get very tight. It causes very sharp pain at the knee as a result. So a lot of beginners justify quitting by saying that running is bad for the knees.

If you run correctly, it's actually better for your knees that sitting on the couch gaining weight. The excess weight and sedentary lifestyle is what's really bad for your knees. You can help stabilize your knees with biking exercises. And many people do prefer things like walking or swimming routines as well.

If you're just starting out, yes, at least 2-3 months of walking can be good first. There's no need to rush into running. You can build up over time. And if you prefer an exercise bike or swimming, that's good, too. If you eventually can handle running, it's probably the most efficient form of exercise, in terms of what you get out of it for the time put in. But there's no rush to jump into it, and many people do just fine with walking for a long time, especially if they have some weight to lose.

Anyway, if you're as sedentary as you say, I'd be doing a lot of walking. If it ever seems frustratingly slow a few months from now, think about picking up the pace. Being sedentary and out of shape, presumably with a bad diet to match, is easily the worst thing you can do for your knees.