My Laptop Worked Perfectly Until I Replaced The Lcd

Can you replace an LCD screen of a laptop with another that is the same size,but not same model?


the problem is making sure the connector is the same. Most likely the voltage should be ok (but worth checking) before plugging things in

But, if you intend to buy another laptop, why would you need to swap screens? you could also use the broken screen laptop with an external monitor

After how many years should you replace a desktop or laptop computer running Windows?

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How do you replace laptop screen?

I am trying to replace a laptop screen. But I cant open the laptop bazzel completely. I have opened most it but a little bit of the bazzle is attached to the laptop hinge. So, I cant open the bazzel. My laptop model is Toshiba A305-S6825. I am really in trouble and need help ASAP!! I have already separeated the old screen form the laptop. So, HELP!!!

LCD laptop screen swap, can it be done?

I own an Acer Aspire that took a flight and had an emergency landing. Now the LCD is cracked and I am looking at getting a replacement, but I also have another netbook (Dell Insperon 910) that no longer functions due to a bad hard drive, but the screen runs perfect. I've disassembled both displays (the warranty of my Acer didn't cover this damage and doesn't cover it now anyway) and have run into a roadblock, the data cable of the Acer is 2mm too wide to fit into the Dell's LCD data input port. (I'm writing this on an external screen). So, given that I already have a functioning screen that would physically fit into my now empty screen housing, is it possible to wire this LCD into my Acer? While I'm not so familiar with the electronics I know that gadget producers must design electronics to meet digital constraints so their applicanes may work with a variety of platforms, and as such it is more likely than not that if wired properly, this LCD will work just fine with my netbook.

I've googled this and can't find anyone who's done it. Everyone buys a new screen made for this laptop. Has anyone gerry-rigged theirs unconventionally before?

Why is my laptop screen half black? How can I fix it?

ALL of these people are correct.  I work for Dell as a field technician.  It’s already been said, but I’ll repeat it for emphasis:First, hook up an external monitor.  If the display is good, then the graphics chip is fine… and that’s probably good news, because on most (not all) laptops, you’d have to replace the motherboard, which will not be cheap.  If a motherboard needs replacing, expect to spend $100 plus labor, unless the laptop is an extremely common model (such as the Dell Latitude D500 series, which was purchased by a lot of schools).However, something which has not been said, is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the motherboard is good.  There is a ribbon cable that connects the LCD to a connector on the motherboard.  It is possible for the connector itself to fail.  In 15 years of working for Dell, I’ve seen it happen once.  Though if it fails, usually nothing displays at all.In any case, if everything shows up on the external monitor, the most likely culprit is that either the LCD has cracked, or the ribbon cable has failed.  A specialist might have a replacement LCD on hand, or at least one that he can use temporarily to determine if the cable is bad.

Why does my Laptop screen flicker?

It could be that you have a loose connection somewhere in the assembly between the LCD screen and your laptop. Does this happen when your laptop is on a firm surface such as a table (when you move the screen)? You can also try connecting your laptop to an external monitor to see if it happens then. This will help troubleshoot whether the problem is with the LCD assembly or the graphics card.