My Life Is Completely Ruined

I have completely ruined my life?

First of all I wold like to congratulate you. I know that sounds absolutely absurd right now but this feeling of hopes come from your strength as a human being and as a person. You know as a rational person that things will get better and there is always hope. Many people take their own lives in a forgetful moment of this fact. Never give up and always hold on to that part of you that wants to hold on. There are always people who love you and ways to get around something that happened to you. I believe that you will never be handed anything more than you can deal. If you just went through the greatest loss that you have ever heard of happen to anyone then feel thankful that the universe or higher power thinks you are strong enough to handle it. Everyone has their ups and their downs, and some of us even bottom out. Keep your head high and try not to reminisce. This is your life today, not yesterday. Today is the gift you have been given, and you are a gift to the world. You are here for a reason. Keep believing, stay strong. I know how you feel I have lost everything too before. And now, looking back, I never would have been grateful for the things that I have today if I hadn't lost everything that I held dear to me. And you are right, material objects are just that. You can't take them with and you have to leave them here. You may not own anything but you possess so much to offer the world. Keep strong and keep smiling!

Hey, I get it. I just ruined my life too. Most people answered this question as condescendingly as possible, and focused on the symantics of “completely ruined”. Then they try to balance that coldness with platitudes, screw that (unless you actually find it helpful).On that note; I call my situation (the worst thing that could happen). Now, I know it's not the worst thing that could happen to anyone, or even the worst thing that could happen to me (I.e. Disease/fatality/etc.). But after 15 years of grueling, relentless effort, to be set back to where I started, with a new 10 year deficit, is the worst possible outcome of my past efforts, and the worst possible trajectory for my future.What I’m saying is: lick your wounds (and don't let anyone tell you that you don't have the right to do so, or that you are ungrateful for what you have left, they're wrong). When you're ready, start over from scratch. Give up your aspirations, and work toward autonomy and self sufficiency. You may get more than you expect, but most people dont, and they gorge themselves on platitudes and cliches to fill the void. If you feel your life is ruined, dont pretend it's not, dont wrap yourself in guilt, just mourn the loss of yourself the way you would any loved one, and build a new self. If you can cultivate genuine humility and gratitude, people will flock to you, but it won't come easily, and affecting it is not the same as being it.

I will try my best in answering this question.!I scored an average % in 12th standard and I joined into a college which was started just a couple of years back then via Management Quota [1.5L payment seat] for B.E ECE. I was having 66% at the end of 4 years.From your question I can see that you are interested in Computers and you are joining CSE, whereas in my case I was not sure which group to take and from advise of few "learned" people I took ECE [Now no regrets]. So you are in a better position than me.What they teach in college class rooms will be infinitely small comparing to what you can learn from the experience of attending college.If you are passionate about computers then you can learn almost everything on the internet, develop your knowledge beyond the syllabus of your course, keep learning from every other source possible.At the end of 4 years you would have definitely become more mature, knowledgeable, and you will definitely get a JOB [if that's what you are worried about] . I=f I could land a job, then anyone can. Dont lose confidence.The major lesson I learnt after joining job is that“Marks and college degree are just basic necessities and they don’t decide your life”All the Best!

Is it okay to love a guy who completely ruined you life. And made all of your friends turn against you? Explai

i comprehend human beings like that, and in all honesty your personalities do no longer tournament. She could be having a complicated time together with her family contributors or possibly herself and would envy you for looking your self to be a chuffed guy or woman.She could be irritated which you will no longer be a deep logician, or which you're shallow. the two way she has problems, and he or she does no longer sound like a chuffed guy or woman. the ultimate situation to do is flow away the friendship, yet do no longer supply her the silent scientific care permit her comprehend the way you sense. tell her which you appreciate her opinion and he or she ought to do an identical to you, and that if she does no longer then you certainly are no longer likely to stay around.

They say that being in rock bottom is good since you can only go up from there.I say that being in rock bottom is great since it's not called ‘rock bottom' for nothing. You get a time out during which you can indulge in a do over.You get a new chance to build yourself a fresh and more strong foundation.If you feel that there is no way out, seek help. There's no shame in being spoken about your problems if it is interfering with your outer & inner peace.Analyse your situation.Never not seek help (Anyone can be of help, or at least lend an ear. Trust me, you will feel relieved)It is okay if you have some blots on your ledger. Your admittance is proof of you rising above it.Do not ever take your life's worth for granted.If you feel that the problem will end with you, you are mistaken.We are not born as villians and he heroes.The world is not black & white.There are infinte unique shades in existence in peaceful harmony.Situations are either a complex mathematical equation or a deep rooted poetry with hidden meaning.Both require different approach. So does your situation. But rest assure that there is always an approach :)Cheers!!!

Since I have completely ruined my life this year...?

I feel sad. There are tears in my eyes.

It is not funny when a Human Being is suffering so much.

What you describe is a Torment. It is a kind of Agony.

Agony goes along with the idea of DEATH.

There are many kinds of DEATH. It is something that does not exclusively belong to the Physical.

We are more than our Physical Body.

We are Souls.

You said : "I've looked again into a dark hole". This reminds me of the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

It is a Mystical phenomenon. It is a PASSAGE. Like going through a special GATEWAY.

Similar to a BLACK HOLE.

We are led into a dark place where one feels totally lost, silenced, abandoned, heartbroken, deeply afflicted, and even cursed.

All things familiar and sound are taken away from us.

The reason for this is that : what has been so far has to go.

It is the NIGHT before DAWN.

It is the let go of the obsolete, toward a brighter LIGHT.

Deep down, your SOUL knows this. This explains how you still remain somewhat hopeful, positive and optimistic. Just enough to keep you going.

You are NOT being "punished". And you won't DIE.

This is something that happens commonly, to all of us who are seriously Spiritual.

It is a GOOD thing.

It is a growing process. A transformative instance. In one's life, it corresponds to the Season of WINTER.
What follows WINTER ?
There you go.
SPRING will come.
You will marvel at your inner changes by then.

The Universe sees that you are strong enough to go through this.

WAIT. There is nothing more that you can do. Believe. No matter what.

Next, do come back to us, on the day where you will see the new DAWN. The new SPRING.

Because it WILL happen.

Take care.

Please help!!! my life is completely ruined?Please help Urgent!!?

This is very tough.

I totally feel for you and my heart goes out to you. Especially those reading this, please be thankful of whatever situation you're in now.

Feelings aside, I can tell you're a mature individual who is able to discern what is wrong and what is right. Black magics, astrology, are bullcrap and you know it. You're also an obedient girl who never retalliate against your parents and yet, giving your mum sound advice on what to do next. But then again, you're now stuck. You want to get out of this hellish life that you had and enjoy what you were born to do.

I believe there's a purpose for everyone on this earth. We were brought to this world to accomplish something. No one should be brought into this world, to suffer, and then perish.

If you can, find a counsellor, or a teacher, or someone whom you can trust to listen to you and take you seriously. Perhaps another family member, maybe your aunt. Someone who can protect you from all the abuse and insults.

Find a meaning to carry on living. Be it for your mum or sister, or even God, if you believe in one.

Life ruined event- 2008–09 Recession ( this event has brought tough times in lot of people life)Looking back you could recollect that after of those tough days , you have overcome challenges in your life.The life lesson learned are as follows,I am survivor….I have proven that…..I will be alright , whatever happens……It's time to clean up the toxic energy dump……I need to renew my faith in myself ,tackling problem will help me to do just that.Saw seeds and begin fresh….You have more strength that has ever been tested and more to give than you have ever given.Be prepared , it is strange as it seems…..Written firm on 1st page of my annual diary and start the day reading this commandments .This has helped a lot to overcome bad times and cope up in low self confidence phase of life.

My mum was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 21. It was a terrible blow for a beautiful young woman in the middle of the hippie culture of the 70s. She was very sad, and in a lot of physical pain.You know what she did next? She emigrated to Canada, travelled the Middle East busking (she has an awesome singing voice), met my dad in Spain, came back to the UK to get married and have me, left the country again with my dad and I when I was 8 months old, and spent the next 15 years travelling the world as a humanitarian aid worker with an ever-increasing number of children.By the time the arthritis made it absolutely necessary for her to stop travelling, she had five kids and had lived and worked in four continents. She is now retired, but is an active member of her local community, a consistently excellent mother and the kind of grandma kids dream about having.So. Tell me again how arthritis is a death sentence?