My Life Is Starting To Stink. What Can I Do

Im starting to smell like someone else.?

ok so there is this kid who sits next to me in history. He stinks REALLY badly. i mean it is the worst smell i ever smelled in my life. I pretend that i cant see to move up to the front for a couple minutes because i start to gag. It is that bad. He doesnt wear deoderant. He takes a shower once every 2 weeks. Plus i get him right after gym. I have noticed i am starting to smell like him. I mean like when i dont put on my perfume i smell him on me. It is really gross. His scent is like on me even when i take a shower. Why is that? I mean its like i caught his odor.

Body odor problem ruining my life?

I have this body odor problem that is ruining my life so much that going on the internet in my room is the best thing I have because I don't have to meet up with people. This this is ruining my social life...

I keep great hygiene. I shower, brush/floss my teeth, use mouthwash, use strong antiperspirant, use antibacterial soap, have taken chlorophyll liquid, wear clean clothes, and watch what I eat but nothing works.

I remember having body door for years.. ever since 5th grade, I a 17 year old guy now.

I tried going to the doctors yesterday, then again today, but the whole appointment thing and switching my doctor on my insurance and all that is messing it up. Now I have to wait again till tomorrow to see my doctor. I am also not old enough to see a doctor without a parent... and I have been trying to fake sick just so my parents take me to the doctor.

The doctor probably won't even help me find a cure for my body odor.

I have no idea what to do, I asked dozens of times on this site and taken up all suggestions but nothing seems to work...

I hate myself, my life's miserable. All I ant to do is be alone. I hate going to school because of other people's reactions. Last Friday I even skipped school just so I don't have to go through all that ****.

I am actually thinking about starting a fight tomorrow with a random person just so that I could get suspended and not have to go to school for a few days so I can just relax at home... or over dose on medication just so I become ill and forced to stay home from school.

Please help me... just don't suggest things like "take a shower", "use stronger deodorant", etc because I done it all. I also tried "dealing with it" but I always break down...

Female rats suddenly starting to smell more than normal?

Oatmeal55, I had enquired about spaying for my ratties when they were younger, but living in a small town, the vets arent that willing to perform operations that arent "completely neccesary" (their words not mine!!)...I wish I could have had them done, but there was no where else I could go........oh and also Dwarflet, the vet told me the rats could live full happy lives even with the tumours because they were more than likely benign, not malignant, and guess what, its 6 months later, theyre 2 years old and still as frisky as 3 month olds :D

I smell? Please help, I'm getting bullied pretty bad?

OMG you guys! You guys made me feel so much better. I felt all alone and I didn't really feel like anybody understood. but all of you guys seem to understand, want to make me feel better, and have really good ideas! My mother and I never were close (abuse distributed by her) so I never had a real mother figure to look up too. And I didn't know deodorants and perfumes could react with our body to create odor! That's so cool and weird at the same time! lol. And ya know, I forgot about B12 but I saw it on Dr. Oz once! I really appreciate you guys for reading my novel of a question and answering. It really made me feel 10x's better. I wish I could choose all of you as best answer!

Why do dogs smell after going outside?

I know the exact answer to this questionMost people answering this post has no clue about the topic in question. It does not have anything to do with sweat, heat, glands, or whichever. There were times when my AC broke, and our dogs would run and play indoors and they would not smell. However, once they are outside even just for a bit, they will have a strong odor. I’ve tested carrying around my dog in my arms and they’ve never touched the ground once. Still smelled.The most likely reason is like what the one other person said, which is that their hair absorbs the outdoor smell. In fact, when I'm home for a bit, I notice even people sharing a unique but similar outdoor scent on their clothes. A dog’s fur gives a much higher surface area for odor absorption.Here's probably the real reason some people notice this and some don't. I don't go out often, so I am not adjusted to the scent. Just like when you don't think your home smells like anything, but guests can smell everything when they visit. The wood, the food odor residue, your scent. Ive had people saying my room smelled nice and strongly of me, when I had absolutely no idea my room had any sort of smell. Basically, people who are out more often with their dogs won't notice the smell as easily. I know this to be true because initially, I walked my dogs alone everyday. Family members inside complained they smelled after and I couldn't smell it no matter how much I've tried sniffing. For whatever reason, we started taking turns per week walking them, and now, I can actually detect their strong smell when they come back from their walks.