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My Life Story I Need Help Answer

Life story essay for my Psychology Class: I need help with my essay please?

I've put together a list of links for you to look at and hope that they help you with ideas; I would suggest airing on the side of caution and would suggest that you do not use these essays as your own, teachers are not stupid and any seismic changes in your ability will stand out like a sore thumb.

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What is your life story?

My life story
Okay my and my twin sister are 14 and we go to one of the best highschool in California.I was born almost dying since in the womb me and my sister shared the same blood supply and I didin't have enough. But when we were younger we moved alot and lived in texas since my mother and her husband were in the military.In the fourth grade we barely found out who are dad was and went to live with him after i was ran over when going to school so we transfered to go to this really good elementary school at Los Angeles.And at the same time my sister had gotten bite by a stray dog that did terrible damage to her face so that was another major reason why we moved.Since i'm mixed (black and mexican) it was a culture shock since we used to live in a ALL mexican town where we were the only black people in the entire school. Then at middle school we were in enrolled in all honors and some advanced classes (also in hs) and we became an A Honor Roll students.And I usually also spend more time with whites and asians and I actually have like 5 (blacks and/or mexicans)friends in total =[ since there is not that many in my classes. Since California is very expensive we lived in motels and such until we upgraded to a trailer in a not so good area which we currently live at now.Also we are very unique because my father is jewish and like every sat. we have to do Sabbat and go to the synagoue and there aren't many black and mexicans that are Jewish. Everyday to go to school which is an hour away we have to wake up at 5 am and take the metro train and 2 buses then walking, and then taking it after school. Though i hope not to vent since I know alot of people and kids have it worst off. Also I have a job ( writing for a magazine) and hopefully in the summer we are going to take some pilot lessons. But i'm only 14, there is many more chapter in my life to tell in the future.

How do I write my life story?

Start with it flow. The hardest thing is to sit in front of a blank page. Start by writing something. Anything. You can go back and forth and edit your life story as much as you like. You can chose not to publish your story until you are ready. You can use the "Show to friends only" option and receive feedback on your story without showing it to the whole world.Give specific details. Most of your readers will be your family members, but also visitors of the site of all ages and all countries. Remember they don't know anything about you or where you grew up. Many things you consider trivial are not so. Many things you take for granted, are not available everywhere. A person lives in a place and time and his biography is a mirror of that era. This is what is so interesting.Don't write as an accountant. There are the dry details that define you, you should put them on the paper, but beyond that there are the stories which make up your life and are the ones that interest us. You don't have to write everything that happened to you. You can write shortly about the big picture, and then tell us one story that has meaning to you.Divide to chapters - decide on order. There are two major ways to write your biography - by chronological order, or by subjects- without a timeline.If you want to write chronologically, name your chapters: Childhood, adolescence, 30-40, golden age, etc. If you chose to write without a chronological order, you can write by subjects: love & marriage, friends, good times and bad times, etc.

Is this a sad story? (my life story)?

YOu jumped of a CLIFF and landed on a car full of people!
And killed them all!?

I am sorry, but I don't think your telling the truth.
At first I thought that having your face scared up by a bottle was the truth, and my heart goes out to you. My sister had horible nodular acne. I would get into fights after school all the time. I had to protect her.

If your lying shame on you.

If your not then.....
Yea your life has been very sad.

This is my life story...its sucks but i just wanna see who else is with me?

when i was born my mom hadent even finished collage yet she desided that she didnt like my dad anymore about a year after she had me and moved to texas all alone she aventuely marryed a guy for his money i was about ummm 4 at this time...this husbend i will call husbend #2 nad so husbend 2 desided to become an alcholic he would abuse me physicaly and mentaly he would push my mom off the bed and pull her arm out of socket and look at me and say "you didnt see that you understand me"he would throught things at me like glassess and gifts he had gotten one week my mom had left me thier he tryed to burn down the house while i was sleeping but i herd the smoke alarm and woke up....aventuely the state people told my mom that they would take me away frm her if she didnt devorede him so she did this wa baout in 2nd grade i was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd then in 4th my mom got me a baby sitter and i was always with her because my mom always traveled(still does always travel)and my babbysitter

I have lost "The Sims - life stories" serial code.. HELP?

The Sims Life Stories:

hope it helps

Cutting help please basically my life story.?

Basically im going to tell you everything here.
I went to the ER 2 days ago because I tried to commit suicide I had been cutting for 3 months and the pills tha I tried to overdose on didnt work. I was in the ER for 10 hours waiting for all these doctors. I am now having insane urges to cut again. The rubber band thing doesn't work already tried it left scars now bcz of how much/hard i did it. Just I need help they said if i get caught even itching myself they r throwing me into a mental institute. I had to beg and beg not to be put there. Help please.