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My Little Brother Won

My little brother won't stop crying?

Help, my mom went to work and my little brother (he's 3) won't stop crying! He keeps reaching for the door for my mom and I opened the door to show him that she isn't there, but he keeps crying then runs outside. I try to calmly tell him to be quiet but he won't listen. I try to tell him firmly that our mom isn't here he still cries. I try to comfort him but when I get close to him he pounds on the floor creating a loud echo through the apartment building. And screams and yells. I'm afraid the neighbors going to report us for child abuse or report us for being way too loud. And my mom told me not to tell them that she was somewhere else. So I feel like either way, I'm screwed. Anyway what can I do to calm him down?

What should I do to my little brother so he won't get bored?

First of all, my sympathy for your situation.  You are a hero for caring for your brother and trying to help him.  Even if you can't solve the problem, every effort you make matters more than you know.  He needs human interaction as much as possible.  I know that studying is your priority and that is quite right.  But see if you can find at least some "special time" that you promise him on a regular basis, where you'll play with him and do what he wants.  This will encourage his play, give him some sense of empowerment, and develop connection.  Playing games of "let's pretend" develop imagination.  If you have toys, one can be an animal trapped in a tree while the other is the rescue team racing to save it.  Or maybe he likes puzzles, and you can both work on a puzzle together.  Even simple physical tussles, like thumb wrestling (done gently of course) can work.  If he has a favorite show, or song, or game he wants to talk about with you or show you, let him.  Once again:  the fact that you have noticed this and that you care makes you a wonderful brother and an admirable human being.  Do what you can.  And you know what?  The more that you can interact with him and bring him some joy, the better your own studying and life will be.  I don't know exactly why this works, but it does.  Good luck, and keep us informed.  We care.

My little brother won't let me work, what should I do?

Well, first of all, a lot of studies I really believe in them, are explaining how bad computers are for kids. To sum them up, let me say that a lot of hours in front of a PC/tablets/cellphones makes them unable to solve their problems through wit, perseverance and imagination.Kids needs to get bored in order to develop their imagination and many other skills that are really useful in real life.On the other hand, there is the why? Why can’t you just tell him no? Does your parent think that keeping him entertained is more important than your work/studies/enterteinment?Put your foot down.

My little brother won't leave me alone?

I love my brother, he's the greatest little kid, but he doesn't give me five minutes of privacy or silence.
I have tried explaining to him that I need time to study for my classes. That kept him away for about ten minutes but then he would just come in and ask "Are you done yet?" every few minutes after that. Now that it's summer time, there is no school excuse and he just barges in my room. He ate all my gum and half a tin of Altoids in two days, and then he got into my stash of chocolate. I told him to stay out of my room, then told my mother. She just tells him to leave me alone and stay out my room, but after that she doesn't pay attention or care. She is babysitting a neighbor's kid too. I have wanted to say something like "If you can't even take care of your own kid why are you babysitting?" but I don't want to be rude.
Now my brother's annoyed because I told on him so whenever he comes in he farts (gross) and makes a mess of things. Also, whenever I go out of my room, he follows me EVERYWHERE. I go into the kitchen and he begs for whatever I'm having even if he's full. If he doesn't like it he'll still ask and throw it away. My boyfriend wants to take me to the movies but I'm scared my mom is going to make me take my brother with me. I seriously need breathing space. He just came in, right now, and took crayons. He didn't knock, he didn't ask, he just came in and took them. I don't know if he read this or not, and at this point I don't really care because I need him to leave me alone!
I don't want pity, and I don't want people who don't have siblings to tell me "Oh just be nice to him" because I can't even go to the bathroom by myself anymore! He either waits right outside the door or if I'm just washing up he will come in with me. It's not cute, it's not fun, it's disturbing!
I need a solution to this, preferably a quick one. I have had to put up with this for a week and I'm sick of it

My little brother won't leave me alone?

So a few weeks ago, i babysat my 6 year old brother. he had a really good time i guess, because now i cant get in a minute to myself when i'm at home! my dad says when im gone, he just waits by the door and asks when im coming back.
If i tell him im busy, my stepmom comes in and yells at me for lying to him. they make me babysit him just about everyday and dont pay me anything.Its awkward for me to ask them about it because my stepmom is one of those people that always takes things offensively.
even if i go to someones house, they pick me up just in time for me to babysit. im only 15, so i cant really drive off anywhere and say im going to something important.
please please help me because i love my brother to death but i need some me time between friends houses and stuff??

My little brother won't stop coughing?

My little brother was sick, and he's been over it for a while now. But he keeps coughing! He says his throat tickles and he can't stop himself from doing it. I told him to cough really hard to get the mucous out and he says there's nothing in there. My mom thinks it's just a habit he's made by coughing too much. I'm not so sure.. He's only 6. It's not like a hacking cough, it's just a cough that he makes once every 30 seconds to 3 minutes. I'm really worried. Help please?

My little brother won't leave me or my stuff alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I know what you are going through because my little brother does the exact same thing to me and I hate it.I can't really do anything about it since I am older than him. Some times when I lose my temper and yell at him he starts to cry and he goes off and tells my mom and of course I get into trouble. He destroys allot of my things, but I can't do anything about it and the bad thing is that he gets away with everything. I hate it when he begins to cry for no reason. He cries so loud that one time someone actually called the cops on us. The reason he was crying was because he broke my clock and I told my mom so she told him to go to his room,and you would think someone was killing him when he cries and we lived in apartments so everyone could hear. Well any way what I do is ignore him, try not to lose my temper, and hide my personal and most valuable things some where high and where he can't find them.

well good luck with your little brother.

My little brother doesn't like

starve him for a couple of days im sure he will want to eat then