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My Marriage Seriously Should Be Done In My Eyes

I Seriously Think I Married The Most Boring Man In The World or is this just life?

Hi Niki, I think it's hard sometimes to get the whole story across here on Y/A. I can relate to some of the things you're complaining about. I think after being with someone for awhile they can grate on our nerves in general & rub us the wrong way. My fiance has his moments were he is embarrassing and well I don't personally think he is funny. He is brilliant in math, science but is so left brained. He doesn't have a romantic bone in his body either.

Try focusing on his good traits he has, when he tells a bad joke you don't have to fake it just smile at the fact that he tried to be funny. Some people just don't have a riveting sense of humor. Accept him for how he is but in the typical female way try to bring out his traits that you do appreciate. Go on an adventure together, don't be resentful that you had to plan it all, hey at least you get full control. Inject some joy and laughter into your lives, do things you would normally never do. And tell him that you love it when he is clean shave, what scents you like him to wear, what clothes you like him to wear and that you love when he thinks of romantic things to do on his own, and reward the effort eventually he will get the hang of it with your support and guidance.

Also you need to work on becoming attracted to him first because if he tried to do *anything* romantic with you right now, I bet you would just get turned off. Don't rule out couples counseling and whatever you do try not to let your feelings show to your son. That is the only part I found harsh. Go see comedians together, take up a new hobby together, work out together, but most importantly tell him in a respectful way that you feel restless and need some excitement and fun in your life together. I'm sure he will understand and do what it takes to make you happy. He sounds like a great guy but just clueless, clue him in, tell him it is *very important* he be involved and show interests in things you care about and in making your lives together more interesting. Wish you luck!

What is marriage in God's eyes?

Why is it that when I question the definition of things...I am considered "over-analytical"? Am I supposed to just accept what someone says as the truth? Who is this "someone" that I am supposed to just blindly believe?

Why did he stare into my eyes so seriously like he was trying to intimidate me?

If a guy plays hot and cold with you. Acts shy when you try to make small talk. But flirts, winking a couple of times after a conversation. Doing sneak attacks on you to get your attention. Looking into your eyes and down at your lips almost like on purpose. But then not making any eye contact and all and acting like your not in the room when he enters. But then bump into him and he just stares at you with a really serious look almost like he's trying to intimidate you. For about 5 seconds, then looking down and laughing. Then when you ignore him he trys to get your attention again by playing a joke on you. But then he acts really serious about the joke and only looks at you once and smiles. Then just after all this starts acting regular but not in a flirty way. looking at you when he goes by. But again when try to make small talk just asking him a question when he's talking to another. He acts like he doesn't want to and looks the othe way. But then smiles at you again.

Are men really attracted to their wives after marriage?

It's strange this question popped up.Just YESTERDAY I was in the computer accessory store with my wife (together 13+ years now) just browsing. She walked off on her own looking for something. I was just loitering around when I saw this really nice looking girl rifling through some items. I was checking her out big time but I was mindful that I had no idea where exactly my wife was - didn't want to get caught, if you must know.So I looked down one aisle, no wife.I looked down another aisle, still no wife.Took a quick peek at the girl again, lovely; panicked, I looked down a third aisle. Still no wife.Then the girl turned around and said to me, "Baby, should I get this?"Yeah, that girl I was scoping out like a hornball teenager was my wife. I left the shop scratching my head. Couldn't make heads or tails of what just happened.I chalk one up for my mind going soft.

Do you believe that a marriage bond should be stronger than the parent-child bond?

I think probably the majority of women would say "blood is thicker than water" and choose their parents or children over their spouse, however a marriage bond is not water. A marriage is about becoming one entity lasting until the death of one of the spouses. Granted, if a husband was to divorce his wife, then that is one thing but, if a woman was to leave her husband and take away his children that she bore to him or if she decided to play the harlot or go live back with her parents because she did not like her husband, this would be a great breach of a sacred contract. Once a woman is given away by her father to her husband, it should be a bond stronger than steel and blood. What do you all think?

Getting married and don't want to wear glasses/contacts...?

In the next year or so me and my fiance are getting married. I wear glasses all the time and don't really want to wear them during the wedding or in pictures. I can't hardly see without them and I'm already clumsy so I don't want to trip and fall either. Contacts aren't an option for me because I can't stand having my eyes messed with. They are very sensitive and it drives me nuts so no sticking my finger in my eye for me. Would Lasik surgery be a good way to go or should I just though it out without my glasses? Please seriously answers only! Thanks...

Is it okay if I kiss my girlfriend before marriage?

Wel!! I believe that kissing is something which is not an intimate physical activity. If you can be in a commitment called as girlfriend-boyfriend relationship which is perfectly a westernized culture. If your girlfriend thinks that kissing is something which is to be done post marriage then just let her know that you aren't crossing your boundaries and kissing doesn't harm any physical sentiments which she is protecting for post marriage moments.In-fact you're committed to each other(as you said gf-bf)so there is nothing wrong in kissing your girl. Kissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection or love between two people. It is just showing affection of love towards each other and wont harm the emotional and physical sentiments she is protecting for post marriage moments rather it will increase your attraction, affection and love towards each other.Someone has described kiss in a fantastic way:Finally I will drink life from your lipsand wake up from this ever lasting sleep.The wisdom of the earth in a kissand everything else in your eyes.I kiss her before everyonethat they all may see my love.And when her lips are pressed to mineI am made drunk and need not wine.When we kiss, and her warm lips half open,I fly cloud-high without beer!So keep calm and keep kissing prior make your girl understand and comfortable.

Did i really marry my sister?

You two arnt really married. did your friend mention God knows your heart. God knows you were doing it for her best interest? but think about this.. what are you going to do when she gets older?. how will you explain it to her?