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My Minecraft Keeps Crashing Ever Since I Tried To Install Mods. What Should I Do

Why does my Minecraft PE keeps on crashing?

There can be varying reasons, BUT(Reason 1) Your device may be too old to support the game, or if you have a cheaper device (Nothing wrong with that, we all need to budget somewhere) You may not have the specifications to run the game. To run the game on a mobile device or tablet you most likely want to have at least 2GB of ram for a smooth experience, but you can probably get away with something like 1.5GB of ram. Your processor on the device should also be newer than 2013, to run the game smoothly, Most newer devices CAN run pocket edition. You also need to have at least 350mb or so for the game, and maybe more. ( That can depend on how many worlds you have and how much you explore on them and what you do)The game used to be easier to run, but as there has been updates to the game it has gotten larger and harder to run.(Reason 2) Maybe your graphics settings are to high for your device, and your device is getting worked up, perhaps try to lower them and see if that makes a change to your playing experience.(Reason 3) - [Question first] where you able to play the game previously? and/or did it recently update?If you where able to play the game recently maybe your device had an update, in which sometimes can mess up things like this. You can also try to reinstall the game if you have no luck with the previous reasons. Also if it was recently updated maybe try going back to a previous version.(Reason 4) Sometimes Pirated versions of the game crash and do not work, If this is the reason why, I would suggest actually buying the game..And if your really passionate, eventually save up for a new device ;)Good Luck!

Why does my minecraft keep crashing with dalek mod?

I run minecraft 1.7.10 and run no other mods other than the dalek mod and I have just downloaded the recent version. For some reason every time I try to enter a TARDIS my game crashes. Attached is the crash report

Why does my minecraft keep crashing?

I have 4 mods installed, Tropicraft, Traincraft, Twilight Forest, and Build Craft, and it crashes every 5-20 minutes and I cant figure out why. I did some research and I couldn't find compatibility charts for all of them but I found one for tropicraft and all of these mods work with that one, so I figured they are similar and should work together. I don't have a texture pack on, and I have the graphics on fast. The render distance is set to normal, and most of the higher end graphics options are off. I thought maybe it was the memory so I boosted my minecrafts memory to 3 GB and it uses around 25 percent of that on average, I get between 100 and 120 FPS, so nothing appears to be wrong. But every once in a while unpredictably it will crash, I wont get an error message it will just say java has stopped working and then it will exit me out, what is wrong? its really annoying me.

Minecraft keeps crashing when i try to play lan?

One of your mods is not compatible with the other mods.
The LAN Server does not have the mods installed

My minecraft keeps crashing when I try to break a block?

My minecraft was fine yesterday, but today I opened it and now whenever I try to break any of the blocks, it goes to a screen that says "saving chuncks" and I don't have control of my mouse and then it goes to a black screen. I don't know whats going on, but it's really annoying to have to go into mcedit to just destroy one block or something. I do have some mods installed listed here: Plastic Craft, More Trees mod, Chocolate Mod, Elemental Arrows, Modloader and Audiomod, Spawner GUI, Dynamic Lights, Scuba Diving mod, Corral Reef mod, Plains, mo' creatures, too many items, and Rways, and of course all the mods I need to work them like tools utilis and some other things, and I've been using the Wayukian_pack_v3.0 texture pack for the last week so I don't think that's what's causing it.

My minecraft crashes when i use vehicles in the flans mod. Please help.?

Unless I'm mistaken, this should be a problem on the mod's end, not yours. All you can do is report the bug to the mod creator. They'll ask you for logs or something and the details, then they'll base off of it to try and work out the problem and fix it. Unless you installed it incorrectly or deleted something important, it shouldn't be your problem.

EDIT: Yes you are supposed to delete META-INF. If you didn't do anything wrong in your installation of the mod, you need to contact the mod creator and perhaps submit a bug report. If you've got the latest version of MC, some mods have not yet upgraded, or only support older versions of the game and therefore they'll also not work. Alternatively, some mods also require you to have other mods installed first before they work- these are utility mods and some mods are completely based on the commands that utility mods such as ModLoader or Minecraft Forge give. Then again, some mods conflict with other mods. Make sure that you have read through all instructions, preferably the whole post of the original post of the mod. Popular mods will often have a FAQ attached. Check it. Check other posts/replies to the mod/topic and see if anyone else is having your problem. If it's a past problem check to see if the mod creator/OP has answered/resolved the problem. Your best line of fixing this is to first check you have the right versions of everything, have everything that you need installed, check for conflicting mods. Once you've done all this, and convinced that everything is as it should, contact the OP. Some mod creators get annoyed if you haven't tried to resolve the problem yourself and just ask for help, especially the popular ones!