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My Mom Got Rid Of My Dog To Punish Me How Am I Supposed To Handle The Situation

My mom punished me for something I didn't do?

My mom asked me to go downstairs with her and I was going to but I said hold on for a second and that I would be down there. My sister then attacked me and started play fighting with me, I was telling her to stop and that I needed to turn my xbox off in my room, its been running for a while and I just wanted to do that. So I did then when I came down stairs my mom was mad at me and said that play fighting with my sister and having fun is more important than something she asked me to do. I kept explaining to her that I wasnt playfighting and I just wanted to turn off my xbox. But she wouldnt listen nor believe me. Now she wont take me to the movies tomorrow anymore. Just because of that, what should I do, I was crying and throwing things around in my room. Do you think my mother was wrong to punish me? I tried to explain everything once she came back but she still wouldnt listen. I tried to get my sister to explain to her what happened, but she came in acting stupid saying "I wont to testify" and some crap. What should I do?

Don you think my mom is right in punishing me?

I'm 12, a month ago my mom got me some bras. I didn't enjoy that thing but mom said I needed one and I had no choice. She helped me choose my bras, was very patient, treated me with love but forced me to wear one. After I tried on a bunch I said I didnt want to wear one but mom just said Hun, this option you dont have. Not fair, but I got stuck to a bra. Yesterday I took it off and put it in my purse, didnt want to wear. But I had a so terrible lucky that I forgot to put it on before getting back home and mom found out
what I did. She didn't get so mad, but said what I did was wrong. So, I have to write 20 times a text she dictated to me about why I shouldn't do what I did. It's not that long, I've written 10 times and took a break. I told mom I had written enough, she didn't agree but at least said OK kun, 15 times is enough and you're free, but promise me you won't do that again. I promised, must
agree it wasn't a harsh punishment, but wasnt it unfair anyway? I dont like bras.

My mom got rid of my dog. :( Please help I want her back?

Ok i'm not gonna lie and say i didn't do anything wrong because I did. Basically I wanted a dog so my mom said as long as I promised to take care of it (feed it every day, exercise it, give it attention etc) I could have one. My mom said she'd pay for everything as long as I took care of the dog. So we got a dog from her friend who was moving into an apartment and couldn't take the dog with him. Things went good for the first few months, my mom got the dog spayed, bought her a crate, new collars and leashes, toys etc.

But then I got a boyfriend and I will admit I slacked off because I was busy with him. I messed up and my mom warned me several times that if I didn't fix my sh*t she would rehome the dog. I didn't listen to her because I didn't think she'd actually do it. Well the other day I came home from school and yep...the dog was gone. My mom was yelling at me saying she warned me and the last straw was when I forgot to feed her that morning AND the night mom had to do it. :( I know the person my mom gave her to. She is in a good home but I don't care, I want her back here.

I literally begged my mom to get her back and all she said was "I gave you several chances but you were apparently just too busy to take care of your dog."

My dad won't help me. He agrees with everything my mom says but he's just kissing her @ss, as usual.

I want my dog back. ): What should I say to my mom?

My parents are making me sell my dog as punishment. How do I convince them not to?

Is there some other reason your parents want to get rid of the dog? Is she destructive, a nuisance, noisy, bad-tempered, etc.? Are you supposed to be taking care of her (walking, training, cleaning up after her) and you've not upheld your side of the bargain?

Because it doesn't make sense to me that your parents are getting rid of a family member in order to punish YOU. The dog will be punished most of all--at the very least, she'll be horribly upset losing the only home she's ever known, and there is a good possibility she'll end up euthanized.

No one is going to pay money for a 9 years old dog. You'll have to give her away. And unfortunately, with a lot of people, free means "throw away at the first inconvenience". That could be a vet bill, or they're going on vacation and don't want to pay for a kennel, or she knocks over a treasured ornament.

Your parents are sentencing this dog to misery and probable death. Do they really hate her that much?

Ask your mom if she would please read what you've written here, plus the responses you've received. Then beg her to reconsider and give you a different punishment--one that affects only you and not your innocent dog.

@Emily "you might be able to go to court for the best interest of the dog"

No. Minors cannot own property, which dogs are considered to be under the law, so the dog belongs to mom and/or dad. And they can get rid of the dog if they want to. Plus the worst tactic Maybel could use is defiance--her parents would be furious, and rightfully so. She needs to be humble, respectful, and apologetic.

How do I punish my neighbor's dog who runs into my yard to attack me when I come out of the house?

My neighbor wont put leash on the dog so every time I am in my front yard, it comes bolting from her house or car and attempts to attack me - nipping at my ankles. My neighbor never apologizes and even speaks to me - she just calls the dog who returns to her yard when he feels like it. THe next tie I am watering my lawn, I am going to shoot it in the face with the high pressure hose. If I had a stun gun or mace, I would get it with that. A BBgun would be even better. I have some liquid deer repellent which is the most evil smelling stuff and I think I will squirt it with that so she will have to wash it.

Our Mom keeps hitting our dog for discipline.?

Call the animal shelter where you got the dog and tell them this is what is going on. If this is a city animal control where you got him, I am so very sorry that this treatment is what he's getting because he probably doesn't have long to live if he goes back.

I can see you care some for the dog and want to help him, but the danger is this dog may start trying to defend himself against the constant hitting and bite your mom, maybe even very badly. This can't go on. Gather some articles from online about what hitting a dog will eventually cause and show them to her.

This dog is stressed to the max; the peeing in the floor is only going to get worse, and house breaking him is impossible for even you to do if she's still hitting him, even if you go about it in the right way. There are other ways to correct the barking, but it takes time and effort, and possibly even money to get a no bark collar if nothing else works.


"There is much in the scientific literature of animal behavior that sheds light on the causes of dog attacks. As you review the literature, it is interesting to note that a *dog owner* is directly responsible for the presence or absence of most factors that determine whether a dog will bite.

Motives to bite

* Punishment-elicited aggression: directed to family or strangers who hit, kick or verbally assault the dog.