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My Mom Keeps Saying Screw You To My Brother And I

My little brother keeps calling me mom?


Second...I am sure that no adults are staring at you in disbelief, or wondering why he's calling you mom. Adults realize that toddlers are just learning to talk and associate names with faces, and even grasp the concept. If anyone is staring at you, it's probably because they think you are cute couple of kids, or that big brother is being really grown up and loving his little brother. Don't analyze why people look at you. Most of the time what you think is not what they are thinking. It's all in your head.

Keep loving that little man, and he will eventually learn your name. He's not confused...just doesn't know too many words yet. Work with him and teach him. He'll get it soon.

10 year old brother keeps saying his gay/?

I'm right there with Michael A., even when I was a little kid, I was drawn to images of males, not females. I also had a crush on Davy of the Monkees, and used to love to look at my female teenage cousins' fan magazines because of all the pics of the guys - young teenagers yes, but older and attractive to me then. I also was fans of teams because of guys that were on them that I was attracted to for more than their sports prowess. Like said, I didn't know what to call it then. But I remember a cousin saying I was a queer but I didn't know what that meant at the time. Your brother may indeed know that he is gay. I didn't have the kind of information then that is available now to allow me to identify my feelings. If he is, he is. Love him and be supportive. At least it won't come as a surprise later on. And don't let your mother try to get him 'help' to 'change.' It will just be damaging regardless of how he turns out.

And when he hits puberty, his hormones my tell him he's attracted to girls. Maybe. But he sounds like he may be one who actually knows himself, not just a ten-year-old saying 'I'm gay! I'm gay!' because he saw it on TV.

My mom keeps calling me gay ?

I'm not even a guy and she keeps calling me a fag. This started since my brother kept calling me a fag about a week ago for no reason and now my mom is calling me fag. When I call my brother a ugly fata$$, she gets mad at me and tells me I'm ignorant and I'm going to hell. At first I didn't care because my mom is ignorant and judgmental, but it's gotten to the point where I just want to hit her. She's been treating him better then me and she even gave him $25 to go buy whatever he wanted. I try my best in school and I have good grades, and my brother is overweight, he doesn't have a job, he got a dui, and he's 20. I don't have anything against gay people but it's just getting really annoying -_- What can I do to my mom so she can stop calling me gay?

My brother keeps saying i'm a man (insult me) when i'm actually a girl ?

He recently got married to a very skinny, soft type of girl who can't do anything and has got the house under construction to make it bigger etc. Obviously there is a lot of extra work he does around the house ( like mioving bricks, fitting doors, knocking walls down etc) to get things moving and he asks me to help him out.

But the problem is i get insulted every time i help him. He has a very short fuse and if i make one mistake there he goes firing at me like a firework. Heck im only 17, im not a man so i can't lift or do have the things he can or with his strength, yet he still makes me do it out of all of my 5 sisters and his wife !

And now everyones making me feel like im supposed to be born as a man.
Its really getting to me
Im a woman and i look like a girl, im pretty too
but im just a little stronger than most girls i guess..
What do i do?
It really upsets me

How do I deal with my mom who keeps thinking there s something wrong with me, my brother and father?

My mom keeps thinking something is wrong with me and my brother and dad and its driving us all crazy.

Any little thing makes her think the most extreme option. Its intolerable at best and insulting at worse.

I wanted to stay home and relax after finals week. She asked me all day if I was depressed and was ready to drag me to a doctor.

She wants to talk for hours and hours. We do talk to her and have conversations. But when she starts conversations its always when we re busy with school work or just walked in the door.

On Tuesdays my brother has work and school and starts his day at four in the morning. My mother had him talking for three hours when he got home. When she found him sleeping afterwards she asked why and his reason of having to go to work and school wasn t a valid answer for her and accused him of doing pot.

She accuses dad of stealing money even though they both work on the fiances and she over sees all of it and everything is accounted for.

She ll BEG us to tell her what s wrong with us. When we say nothing is wrong she gets angry and says she knows something is wrong and she s going to find out what it is.

Me and my brother are both in our early twenties, work and attend college and help around the house and chip in with the bills. Neither of us used drugs or did other harmful behaviors and were never troublemakers.

I don t understand why she is acting like this. Is she dealing with empty nest syndrome and making problems for herself to solve?

LGBT: I'm a lesbian but my mom keeps trying to hook me up with guys.?

I'm 18 and my brother is 17. My mom always talks about boys to me and says how she wishes I would get a boyfriend and talks about male celebrities to me but if my dad even says a female celebrity is hot, she goes crazy and freaks out yet she obsesses over Justin Timberlake and doesn't shut up about him, she's one of the biggest hypocrites in the world... she is constantly trying to hook me up with guys in her gym. But the thing is, when my dad talks about girls to my brother she gets really mad... She thinks she can talk to me about boys to me but my dad can't talk about girls to my brother.

But when I just sit down and talk to her or watch TV with her, she asks me the whole time about guys "Isn't he hot?!" I just ignore her, agree with her or change the subject... the thing is, I knew I was a lesbian since I was at least 13... basically ever since I hit puberty so I get so frustrated when she talks about boys to me. It's actually really depressing me now but I don't want to come out to her yet. I think she knows I am and is too scared to ask me. But she acts so disgusted by lesbians. She even tried to get me a male stripper for my 17th birthday because she thought it would be funny but I said if she did I wouldn't turn up to the party. Naked men and penis scare me! Whenever we go to the beach I check out the girls and I talk about girls a lot so maybe she knows?

My mom is VERY old fashioned compared to my dad, she's one of them people that think that a woman without a man is nothing. She actually hates women more than most men I know. She's a female misogynist. You can't tell I'm a lesbian because I'm femme. Should I just come out to her? Or shall I wait until I move out? (SORRY IF THIS IS LONG)

Mothers Helper???? My brother keeps hurting the baby!?


YOU are the one being given the responsibility of taking care of this fragile, helpless, baby. It is YOUR responsibility to protect her from all kinds of harm--and unfortunately your little brother is one of those kinds of harm.

You need to do more than just tell him it's your job--you need to do your job and STOP him from taking over from you--taking her to his room or roughhousing with her.

If you aren't able to protect this little baby from your brother--if you can't stand up to him and MAKE him leave her alone--then you aren't up for the responsibility of caring for this baby and you need to tell your mom what's going on and that you can't handle the baby AND your brother.

Finally--if something happens to the baby while she's in your care--even if it's your brother that did it--YOU will be the one held LEGALLY responsible! Not to mention how awful you would feel.

This is REALLY REALLY serious! Protect that baby!

Let me tell you my story.Once, I was in home during the college vacation sitting in our drawing hall alone when everyone left to sleep. Since I was sure that everyone has slept, I lighted a cigarette and started enjoying the slow song on the TV, when suddenly I heard the voice of my youngest sister approaching me. Instantly, I threw the cigarette out of the room through window. Now, when she entered the room, she smelled the smoke and asked me. Brother, was You smoking? Even after my negative response she cried “Mom, Come here, Brother is smoking cigarettes.”I learned a lesson then, Smoke, but never in your own home.Another incident, during my cousin’s marriage. When we was moving to marriage location, I with few my friends who were slightly behind from the crowd, started smoking, when my maternal uncle (he is not very elder to me, and is like an elder brother, married few years back) came and asked me to drop the cigarette as my father was coming towards our side. Later in alone he gave me advise that, do whatever you want to, but always remember there are few things which others should not come to know and there are few things which you should ensure that everyone know.Two incidents, two different people, two different outcomes. Why?My younger sister was not in position of advising me and hence she though parents would be better to do so.My uncle knew, that it would be sad if my parents come to know that I smoke and hence he himself talked to me.Advise for you.See, who is in better position to talk to him, you or your parents?Why your brother smokes? Is it due to bad friends company, addiction, just for fun.Is there any point to talk to you brother, (will he stop or not?)P.S. I am still a smoker. not a chain smoker though.

Why does my ex keeps talking crap about my mom?!?!?!?

mayby she fairly grew to become right into a b*tch ok im a virgo lol i could no longer stand my exboyfriends mom and to at present i cant stand her, virgos are very territorial and we dont understand the whole mamas boy or daddys female venture, it s extra like "ah! get a grip of your thoughts" or "get your self at the same time" he probaly feels your mom is the source of the smash up and now hes pissed because of fact us virgos are very picky and he probly felt like it could have worked out if it werent for her.properly in my venture thats the way it grew to become into..... my ex now needs me lower back and that i'm like hell no your mom grew to become right into a entire b*tch to me there is not any way so blame her for why i dont choose you lower back!, i couldnt stand her and nonetheless cant stand her..... even nonetheless i'm over him and dont think of or communicate approximately him in any respect. in different words, we wont stand around crying over spilt milk while we ought to easily get yet another one, yet nonetheless we wont forget approximately approximately how reliable that milk probably would have tasted, however the reliable ingredient is.... quicker or later you and the situation would be purely a faint memory lol

I don’t know the answer to this, because it depends on the situation, but as the one who does all the cooking in my household (and who loves to cook and loves to show affection through doing so) my answer is the opposite of the almost unanimous consensus here.If this happened in my world, the GF would have eaten some of the stuff I’d premade and frozen or whatever and/or my kid would have been saying, “If you think those enchiladas are good, you have to try his pot stickers,” or something like that. I’d be flattered and happy to see that request. It could have been intended as a compliment, not something that came from a sense of entitlement.Context means everything here. His girlfriend could be learning to cook or be a very good cook and be trying to learn to cook the foods he loves out of caring devotion to him. If she’s a good cook, she doesn’t need a recipe or to see how it’s done—I’ve mirrored recipes based off two bites from someone’s plate after being asked, “Can you make this?”It’s entirely possible she’s an entitled, selfish bitch. It’s also entirely possible she’s a caring, nurturing person who cares deeply for your brother and knows this is a way she can express it.