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My Mom Makes Me Share Everything

My mom makes me do everything?

It isn't fair because she is the adult and she should be handling it and letting you study, I cannot say she is preparing you for being an adult as you said she refuses to write emails and you do everything, so its not like she is preparing you, she just has you doing everything. Unfortunately though it is her house and her rules and you have to respect her and do as she asks. Hope you manage it well!

My mom makes me do everything?

Your older brother should be helping if he is living there. Your mom is not being fair to you.
Do what you can and try to get through. This happened to a relative of mine and her mother complained that her daughter did nothing around the house. She did not realize just how much her daughter was doing. Her daughter had enough when she was 18 and went to live with her grandparents and go to college. About three weeks after her daugher left, the mother called me and complained that she had no idea how much her daughter had been doing! Now she was doing it all herself.
This happened with a young male relative as well. Same thing! He left home eventually and his father who had complained all the time said he did not realize how much work his son was doing.
When the kid leaves, these parents get rid of the aquarium which they got "for the kids" and they don't want to take care of. They remove the woodstove from the home. They don't have free labor to cut and split wood any more. Funny how that works.
All people in a household should have some responsibility. Even an 8 year old can set the table for dinner and fold laundry. Everyone should help.
All I can say is remind yourself that you are doing all you can and don't buy into the idea that you are not doing enough. You know the truth and someday, so will your Mother.
Take care of yourself!

Mom makes me do everything...?

Your mom is abusing you big time and she is treating you like the slave of the house. Tell her off and let her know that you are her son and not her maid. Plus are thinking of charging her if she continues to abuse you like that. You also have school homework to do and study for tests. What does she think? Think of moving out if she continues Get a lawyer so the law can remove you from that abuser mother of yours. She is manipulating you and treating you like an employee. If your mom does you like that, then she is not a mother. She doesn't love you if she treats you like that. Talk to a counselor or a close friend about your situation.

My mom makes me do everything her way?

Since everyone is talking about her being crazy, let's try and think about it from her side or what could be her side.

Just because other people do something, does not mean it is the best way to do it. Most people tie their shoes in terrible ways, maybe your mother actually knows how to do it in a good way.

You might not be cutting plastic wrap in just a "different" way, you might be too uptight about getting yelled at to realize that your mom has a better way of doing it.

As for the blanket thing, I think that because it is such a ridiculous thing, your mother trying to help you must also come off as ridiculous. Part of raising a kid is to not let them continue on with silly things they will negatively impact them later, even if seemingly small. Imagine later in life, when you someday meet someone you might share a bed with. How would they feel when you two went to sleep that you put your head under the covers? That is how you make someone feel totally unwelcome and close yourself off from them, it isn't what people expect and body language communicates a lot and you should give it proper credit (I am not talking about having sex, I am talking about just being in a bed with someone who hides from you for no reason other than the ridiculous reason that this is how they have always slept. Sure, you can explain that to someone but people will always feel bad about it, they will not be able to help it because that is how people are). These kinds of seeded habits or patterns we develop from a young age are not switches, you cannot just turn that off whenever you want if you harden the habit by doing it for years on end, so you should not be so unwise to think you can just turn it off whenever you want and that it might not be a problem. Your mother is telling you to cut it out now so it does not cause, what is ultimately a "stupid" problem, later in your life. Right?

After going through all that, I start to wonder if she has reasons. Just ask her sometime and find out. If you want to know why something is important enough to correct, you do not have to guess, the person telling you otherwise is standing right next to when you are doing it. So, just calmly ask and be receptive to what they are saying, not judgmental so quickly. Hear them out, and then you can say your part too.

My mom makes everything about her...?

Wow, ok sleeping with a man wasn't the smartest thing to do but I'm sure you've apologized already. That's all you can do. Now about your mom--shame on her for how she's acting. She's understandably upset, I get that but geez the hysterics have got to go. I don't see how people are telling you to grow up when you're just a kid. Your MOTHER is supposed to be there for you! Tell her how you feel in a calm, respectful manner. Do you have an aunt, or another trusted adult you can confide in? Talk to them, maybe they can even speak on your behalf. Maybe a counselor? Pastor? Anyone? Make sure you try your best to be a good kid and stay out of trouble, at least then no one can blame you for mom's wild outbursts! Oh, and keep it in your pants! You're too young to have sex. Eat cereal and watch Gossip Girl. Trust me, my mother was and still is a LOT like yours. Pray, and things will work out. I hope things go right in court and you can put all that ugliness behind you. My heart and prayers go out to you, honey-bunny.

My Mom makes me feel bad about everything that I feel good about...what should I do?

My mom puts down everything I feel good about in life...I tell her things in my life I am excited about and she just puts it all down. For example, there was this girl at college I didn't get along with well who used to live next door but next semester she is not and instead of being happy for me, my mom said that there is a possibility she could end up being transferred next door to me. Also, there is this boy I have been seeing for the past week and I was really excited about meeting and going out with him and my mom was saying that I was hanging out with him too much. She just makes me feel bad about everythign that I feel good about...what can I do?

Why does my mom have to ruin everything?

Just an hour ago, my mom went upstairs to ask me if our family are going out to eat for dinner and I told her yeah we were, my brother and I were finishing up the anime that we were watching, then when I came downstairs, I saw my dad came home and my mom was making dinner. I was confused so I asked her,"Mom, why are you making dinner, I thought we were going out to eat". Then she started making fun of me by telling me to go by myself. I was like so mad already and she wouldn't stop! She kept saying things like: "Oh, then go, because the rest of us are going to eat dinner right now." or "Why do you want to go, you're just going to waste my money". Then my dad just made it worse by agreeing with her and laughing at me. I tried my best to make fun of her back but she kept saying things that would hurt my feelings a lot. I tried telling her that we would be going at about 7:15 and then she said that it's too late and that I didn't answer her earlier. I was like," Omg, mom are you deaf or something because I already told you that we WERE going." Then she said," No, you didn't even answer me, you ignored me." I was so angry, I started crying. And then she said," All you do is play their claw machines and you don't even eat anything there." My brother came down and she asked him about me playing the claw machines in the buffet and he told her that I just play it because I told him that it's fun but it's just a waste of money and that I should buy it. I overheard their conversation and I told them that I would like to see them try because playing claw machines is not that easy and no one can find the prizes anywhere but they just continued making fun of me.

Should we?  I have a difficult time saying "yes" but that's because I don't.  In reality, I don't think you should because the information that you tell your friends and other family members is separated as well.  I don't think there are things that other people should ever know about you because of the personal nature.  On the other hand, you know the audience that you're divulging information to and you know what their reaction will be if you divulge something.There's at least one example that I can think of that should never be discussed with anyone and that's sex.  When I say sex, I'm talking about what you do during your performances, the props you use, how you like it, your fetishes, your fantasies.  Are these things that you'd be comfortable telling your parents about?Now for negative type information, I have a personal situation that I still haven't informed either of my parents about and that's the long distance relationship that I'm in.  I haven't told either parent for two very different reasons.I haven't told my dad because it would surely mean that we wouldn't be able to see each other as often as we do because I'd be moving out of state.  Knowing that I'd be moving out of state would break his heart but it's something that he'd be more supportive about than my mom.  When I do make the choice to pursue the long distance relationship to the next level, I will tell my dad.As for my mom, I haven't told her about the long distance relationship for one reason and one reason only.  The reason is the age difference between her and I.  My mom severely frowns on large age differences in intimate relationships.  I have asked my mom why she feels this way and she's never been able to give me a clear cut reason.  I know in the end, if I do decide to leave the state, my mom will know the reason and it's something that she'll have to overcome.When it comes to sharing information, you will only divulge what you want to individuals (this encompasses any friend or family member) based on the information you have about that person and whether or not you'll be judged for what you say.  No one likes to be judged, especially by their parents because they are supposed to love you unconditionally.So in the end, should you tell your parents everything, my answer is no.

It’s hard to answer this question as is. There is no way to judge “complicated” without examples of what you mean. In general, I would say that within reasonable boundaries, it is to some extent a mother’s duty to make life a little complicated. Parents are charged with caring for our children. Yes, that means nurturing and loving and protecting. However, it can also mean pushing you to take on responsibility and build independence—steps that can be complicated. That said—I also know that there are parents out there with personality disorders and mental illness and similar issues who cannot have healthy relationships and who do not interact in healthy ways with others, including their children. I don't know your mother. I don’t know your relationship with her. I don’t even know your definition of complicated. So I really can’t give you a definitive answer. I would suggest that a trusted adult in your life who is more familiar with you and your individual situation might be better able to answer this question than strangers on Quora.

LOL. I honestly think it’s a combination of confirmation bias, familiarity, hormones, evolution and nature.You see it a lot with kids going through their teens and parents. It’s like, nature is preparing you (and them) for the separation that’s about to happen, so you can embrace the freedom develop your own life, and have a family of your own, and they can give you that freedom without their hearts completely breaking.So, what happens on your side, is that you get super-annoyed by everything your mom says and does, so you start looking forward to being independent.What happens on your parents’ side, is this incredibly adorable, loving child, who they love more than life itself, is now acting like a porcupine, ready to spew porcupine quills at them, whenever they say or do anything.So, your parents start looking forward enough to a cease-fire, that they don’t try to stop you when you decide it’s time to fly from the nest. Although they’ll always be there to catch you if you fall instead of fly.Basically, if you thought they were super-cool always and they were utterly besotted with you always, there’s no way you would ever let go of each other. And that might hinder your natural evolutionary process as you grow from a teen to an adult.Also, as you grow from a child to a teen and from a teen into an adult, you expect greater freedom and responsibility, and you want to be treated like an adult. For a parent who’s been responsible for you, from the moment of conception on through babyhood, toddler years, childhood, teenage years, etc., they can have a hard time letting go of that feeling of responsibility and that feeling that you’re their child (emphasis on child), so often that period of separation is necessary to change the relationship from parent-dependent child to something more equal.After the teen years are over, once the child is in their 20s, or sometimes later, (sometimes much later, depending on how rocky the parent-child relationship was), you’ll find that the relationship between you and your parents gets strong again, and they no longer annoy you the way they did when you were in your teens. That’s when you’ll start valuing them again. Or, at least, they’ll annoy you in a different way. LOL.