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My Mom Refuses To Take Me To A Therapist

My mom wont take me to therapist?

Generally speaking, any counsellor that you see, and that includes your school one, has a duty of confidentiality. Unless it is something that you agree your counsellor can tell your parent, or you are in danger or hurting yourself or someone else at that particular time, the counsellor can't discuss your sessions, unless getting advice from another professional, and then only limited information is shared.
If you do not want to go to the school counsellor, ask them if they can refer you to or at least give you the name of another reputable counsellor in the area. There are also community health organisations, that have mental health people that can see you and assess you with no or little cost.
Depending on how old you are, you can see your GP and ask them if there is any services available for you to go see someone.
You are right in thinking that speaking to somebody about your anger issues is better than putting holes in things or people. Do you have any hobbies, or something you are interested in? It always helps to have something to channel that energy into, weather it be martial arts, or gardening, or just writing things down, and visualising that negative feeling disappear into the words, and then ripping or burning the paper as a release.

My parents wont take me to see a therapist? Mom wont take me seriously when I tell her I need one...?

I give her details telling her I honestly feel as if I'm going crazy and i give her the serious face and I stop playign around and I'm serious. I'm 15 and don't tell me I'm not crazy if you saw my other questions you'd believe me, but I'm keeping them private. And another question, do tehrapists tell your parents all the dirty lil secrets and stuff that you tell them? if i ever do get a psychiatrist i dont want her/him tellin them.

I'm 15 years old and my mom wants me to go to therapy. Can I refuse?

You don’t say what country you’re from. I’m answering from my perspective as an adolescent therapist in the US.Kids 14 and older can consent to or refuse mental health treatment.So, nobody can force you to attend therapy.You can decide not to go.You can decide to go but say nothing.You can decide to go with an open mind.Do you have friends who have been in therapy? Have any of them found it helpful?I suspect your mom has a reason she wants you to go to therapy. Have you discussed this with her?How do you think she’ll react if you refuse?Have you talked with her about not wanting to go? What do you think is the worst thing that could happen if you did decide to try therapy?I hope you know that lots of kids and families find therapy really useful. Some kids mistakenly believe that therapy is for “crazy people”. That’s just not true.I may be biased ( okay, I’m definitely biased), but I encourage you go for at least one session. You may surprise yourself and wind up liking the therapist and wanting to talk.My adolescent clients find it helpful to have a safe, objective adult to talk to. They also appreciate that I help them talk with their parents; teach them and their families how to communicate better, argue less, and have better and less stressful relationships.Just so you know: The only time someone could force someone to get psychiatric help (regardless of age) is if she is a danger to self or others, in medical danger secondary to an eating disorder, or not able to think clearly enough to keep herself safe.In this case, someone could be placed in a psychiatric hospital without her consent, for a 72-hour observation period. After that period, a psychiatrist would reassess the need for hospitalization.I’m not trying to scare you. I just want to make sure I’m providing a comprehensive answer to your question.Feel free to ask questions in a comment to this answer.Good luck.

Parents refuse to take me to a therapist because of past experience and distrust, what is another option?

Religious assistance from a pastor? Guidance counseling from school? Support groups at public care facilities for your age group.

My parents say they won't get me a therapist, I'm 16 and depressed, badly. Is there any other way to get to one?

If your school has a nurse that is one option. Some schools have counselors.Your parents reluctance to get you the help you need may come from ignorance or it may come from financial reasons. Either way, your need for help outweighs their reluctance. You have the more important problem and your need deserves attention, now.In the United States, 30% of mental health services are provided by primary care doctors. Talk to your regular doctor.If your parents’ employer has an EAP (employee assistance plan) you can call them for help.Learning to understand and regulate your emotions would also help. I wrote a long post about that here: Jeanine Joy's answer to Could you teach a child the wrong emotions?If things get really bad where you are thinking about harming ourself, you can go to the ER department of a local hospital. All you have to do is tell them you are seriously thinking about suicide and they have to help you. If you can’t get there you can call an ambulance. If you are in the United States you may also be able to call the police department and ask for a Crisis Intervention Officer (CIT Officer). They can arrange transportation for you.Showing your parents the risk factors and warning signs for suicide may spur them to action. Most parents who loose a child to suicide were in complete denial before it happened. Don’t threaten it. Just let them know the risks. All parents should be educated about risk factors and warning signs but even when training is offered for free most won’t show up. It’s a lot like buying life insurance, they just don’t want to even think about it.You do not need your parents in order to get treatment. Minors who need help are entitled to care.Let us know how things turn out.

My mom won't get me a therapist even though I need one?

I've been depressed, hating life since I was 12. I am 14 now. I've cut myself, and once I swallowed a whole bottle of pills, but unfortunately it didn't kill me. When I was 12 I started dating a 15 year old for two years. He abused me physically, emotionally, and verbally. He used me for sex. He finally left me and I felt a little bit better, with sheer hope that life would get better. But I started dating this guy, fell in love with him, and he broke my heart. He also used me for sex. So I'm right back at the start. Now I'm a sex addict. Yes, a 14 year old sex addict. I've had sex with over 25 guys, 3 girls. I'm the school sl*t and everyday kids make fun of me and make me cry. I barely have any friends. I can't take it anymore! I asked my mom to get me a therapist. She said "No, it's not going to help. If you wanna kill yourself, why don't you just do it?" Then she handed me a knive. I just ran in my room and cried. What should I do?

I'm depressed and my mom won't get me help..?

Your family doctor should be able to prescribe an antidepressent until you can see a psychiatrist. Usually meds work best when you are going to active counseling. The thing you need to do is to get another adult, a preacher, your guidance counselor, your family doctor, ANYONE to listen to how bad you feel and how long it has gone on (be careful about talking about suicide, they can throw you in a nut bin if think you are serious) and tell them how your mom is acting and ask them to talk to your mom for you. She probably wont understand from you cause your just "being a teenager", but trust me, what you are going through is much worse. And its not something you should HAVE to go through.

Your mom's worries about medication in teenagers are grounded though, but its something you can watch for. Generally the antidepressants take 4-6 weeks to improve mood, but can take 2-3 weeks to improve energy levels. So, while you were on no antidepressents you were depressed and lethargic, you are now depressed and energized, which can lead to teen suicide. However, if you are seeing a counselor through this time, that will help because you will know you are on the way to recovery and can talk about any side effects you would have.

So, bottom line: Get an ADULT to talk to your mom and beat it into her head that some of us need a helping hand, and that she is being borderline abusive by refusing you this. That may get her movin.

EDIT: Sweetie, dont get yourself even MORE down by thinking you aren't "worthy" of feeling this way, or that since other people have it worse you should have a smile on your face 24/7. Thats not the way the human brain works, and you could very possibly have a small chemical imbalance, probably due to puberty, and it may very well be something you grow out of, or you may need help in different points your in life. What's important is to get the help you need and not worry that you dont have enough reasons to be sad...sometimes you just dont need a reason, I know.

My mom wont let me go to physical therapy?

hey guys!
a few months ago i got a nerve impingement in my elbow. basically the nerve signal was confused so it constricted the blood flow to my hand so my circulation was cut off causing my hand to be all purple and swolen. any way i went to a specialist and he sent me to physical therapy. im doing good in therapy and improving. my mom hates taking me to physical therapy cause she says its expensive even though i have health insurance. i saw my therapist twice a week then my mom made me go only once a week which made my therapist not too happy. last week i had a therapy appointment set up and i ended up getting sick so i couldnt go. now my mom doesnt want to schedule any more physical therapy appointments cause she thinks im better. im better but still havent gained full range of motion back in my arm and thats what ive been working toward. i really need/want to go back to physical therapy but not sure how to convince my mom to let me. yes my mom is under a lot of stress due to family problems but still.
any advice appreaciated and thanks (sorry for the length)