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My Mom Uses My Car More Than Her Own.


I'm 21 and still living with my mother i bought my car with my own money and it is registered under my name. I am leaving the house soon, she said she's going to keep my car and i can't have it. She won't give my ps4 or my ps3 although i bought it with my own money. I'm from California what can i do?

My mom uses my car every day and acts like it's hers. What should I do?

I'm 22. I got a car as a gift from my grandparents last year. Since my mom was temporarily without a car at the time - and to be honest, we don't need a third car in our household - we agreed upon sharing my car. My mom would pay for gas, insurance, tires and general maintenance (being in medical school, I don't have time for a job) and I would drive the car whenever I needed it - which, by the way, is twice a week on average.

Everything was well but my mom gradually started acting like it's a car of her own. Now she makes a scene whenever I want to take the car and tells me to go by bus. Maybe she needs it more than I do but it still doesn't change the fact that what she does is extremely unfair. She knows what this car means to me (hey, I'm a guy!). She's abusing our agreement and acts like I'm the bad guy.

Today I snapped and we had a fight. She told me that "if this really is that big of a deal to me, she'll buy the car off of me because she has money." Now I feel bad because I hate fighting but on the other hand, it feels like I tried to be fair and my mom just went and bit my hand off. What do you think I should do? Take her money? I really wish this wasn't happening.

How can I convince my mom to let me use her car for school?

okay so I start school in September and I don't have my own car but all of my friends do and my mom said I have to ride the bus which means I'll be the oldest kid on my bus and it's embarrassing! my mom works from home so I don't see why I can't use her car. she doesn't use it during the day. I don't want to be the only one riding the bus while everyone drives. btw I've rode the bus every year since kindergarten and I'm now a junior. how can I convince my mom to let me use her car?

My mom keeps driving my car?

How old are you?

It's not good to let a car sit undriven for long periods of time. Your mother may be doing you a favor by driving your car. Long drives are good for it. That gives it a chance to heat up and dry out any condensation that occurs in the engine. That condensation can turn to acid and erode the engine from the inside.

But as for her using your gas, maybe she's putting gas in it and figures since it's her investment she's not really taking anything away from you. She doesn't give it back and say go fill it up so I can drive some more; does she? But as for the smoking thing; I think you should ask her not to let her friends smoke in your car because the smell makes you ill.

But your parents don't OWE you anything. They've given you everything up to this point, INCLUDING A CAR. What if you had to buy it on your own? And you're complaining about gas money? Still, parents should respect your car. Even if THEY gave it to you.

Soon the cast will be off and you'll have your car back. Till then don't sweat the small stuff. Love your mom and allow her to use the car. Just ask her to respect your wish about smoking. Oh, and I hope YOU don't smoke. That'd be like the pot calling the kettle back.

Hope this helps.

'av'a g'day mate.


Can my mom legally take my car from me when the title is under my name, and while I am currently paying it off to the bank? I am 20 and in college. My mom is taking my car without my consent. My insurance is under my dad's plan. What can I do?

Legally, if the car is titled in your name only, you don’t have a contract with your parents concerning the car, and you are over 18 (age of majority - Mississippi is 21, Delaware and Nebraska are 19, some states are 18 or high school graduation) and in the US, your mother has no claim on the car. The title is the ownership document, not the registration, not the insurance.If your parents are co-signers on the loan, then it is very likely that one of their names is on the title, which makes them co-owner of the vehicle. If your mother’s name is on the title, she has as much a legal right to your car as you do.It gets more difficult (not legally, just within your family) if your car is at your mother’s home, they pay the insurance and they are paying for your college and/or living expenses. While your mother cannot sell your car legally without your signature on the title - if her name is not on the title - your financial ties to your parents may make this a domestic affair that any judge would not touch.You can tell your mother that you will report the car stolen if she takes the car, then you will have to report your mother for a stolen car - she will be arrested if found with the car. You will have to be truthful with the police. You can’t hold back details of the relationship here.Have you actually told your mother that she does not have permission to drive your car? Maybe it’s time to simply remove the car from her access.

My mom requires me to pay back for taking care of me for my entire life. Should I pay everything back to her?

Not only no, but hell no. She should be ashamed of even asking you.It was her choice to have a child. If she didn’t want a child, she had a choice to protect herself from getting pregnant.She has no right to ask for any type of reimbursement, for her having a child, especially from the child she raised.Shame on her, for her audacity, to even ask this of a child.How about asking her for your inheritance. That should slap her in the face. This is outrageous behavior, for a grown woman. Takes a lot of balls to ask you for money, to raid you. Tell her to get it from your dad. I bet he isn’t even in this equation. I’m I right? I know. Forget it. And that’s what you need to do. Move on. You don’t need this woman in your life. She’s cruel and evil.Good luck. I hope things will work out for you. I’m very supportive of you, for having the courage to ask for our opinions, in this regard.I love my kids. I would never ask them, such a thing. It seems so outrageous, to me, in light of the fact I lost a child in a drowning accident, 36 years ago, the 27th of November. My mother-in-law blamed me, because I was on a trip. I was a flight attendant. I could not be working and home, at the same time. But it was my fault. This sounds like your mother.Id tell her to go to hell, before I’d give her a dime.The best of everything.Chris

My Mom wont let me get a major car(mustang, bmw)when I turn 16. She says not until college, when I earned it..

She's not budging, and she's even talking about a Volkswagon......... please show or tell me about any cool looking cars that are up to my speed(ford, chevy, anything lowerr than a ferrari, mustang, beamer, cadillac, or lambo)

im thinking of a ford fusion..