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My Morkie Is Shaking Has Diarrhea Won

What does it mean if a dog is panting and shaking? How do you care for it?

If a dog is panting and trembling, it means that they're anxious and/or terrified. You should back off, remove the source of stress, and help doggie feel better.Stress Signs in DogsSigns of AnxietyWhen anxiety strikes your poochSigns of Stress ChecklistThere could also be a medical reason, if you have reason to presume that doggie is not very stressed emotionally: Dog Shivering or Trembling: Causes and Treatments

My morkie is shaking has diarrhea won't walk and cries when Someone touches her help please!!!?

So I noticed last night that my 4 year old morkie (Maltese Yorkie mix) was shaking really bad. I took her out to go potty and she had terrible diarrhea. I cleaned her up and put her to bed and over night the shaking went away but when I took her out this morning she started shaking again and would walk out in the grass. I have tried to make her drink water and eat but she still won't the closest I got to her drinking was letting her eat an ice cube. YES if things do not get better by tonight she is going to the vet in just trying to prepare myself for when and if she does not get better. Please help!!!

My dog's head is bobbing around and she's very lethargic.?

When we came home from work today, I noticed my dog was laying on the bed and her head was bobbing around almost like you'd see with a parkinsons patient. She does the same thing when she trys to walk. She kept laying on the floor, in between sleep and awake (she kept nodding off and then warking back up). We took her to the Emergency Vet and they say it might be the after effects of a seizure. They ran bllod tests and every thing came back normal. They are keeping her overnight and monitoring her. So as of now, we have no definitive answer as to what is ailing her. If anyone could please give me information on experiences they've had that are what we are dealing with I would greatly appreciate it. I'm very scared and just want to know what is wrong with my baby:(

How long does it take for Clavamox to work in dogs ?

My morkie was attacked by a pitbull 3 weeks ago, and on Friday we discovered he has an infection from a suture that rejected to early. How long should it take to work ?? He is very lethargic still and has the shakes. He's eating and drinking, peeing and pooing, not vomiting and his nose is wet.

How to discipline a dog for peeing in the house?

Don’t punish your dog. This is counter productive and will make things worse. Firstly, is your dog a puppy? Has it ever been housetrained? Is it getting enough excercise and attention? If it’s an adult it may have an underlying medical problem. Take it to a vet for a check up. Ruling out any medical reason, stick to the following plan no matter the age of your dog.take the dog outside first thing in the morning, after every meal, periodically throughout the day and last thing at night. Stay outside with your dog until it toilets, this may take up to 5–10 minutes-do not shut the door and leave it outside alone.each time your dog toilets outside, give it LOADS of praise, over excited happy praise, then bring it inside for a food treat. If your dog does not toilet outside, just bring it back inside, just say nothing. No treats no praise. But also NO telling off.when your dog toilets inside. SAY NOTHING, no shouting, no scolding and DEFINITELY NO SMACKING. These acts will either make your dog anxious which result in a scared (or aggressive) dog which is likely to House soil more often. Just quietly-saying nothing- clear it up.BE CONSISTENT. This is key. If you are, the dog will quickly understand that something nice happens when it toilets outside. This may take weeks, sometimes even months, but it does work if you stay consistent. Please don’t think that it will understand that something bad happens if it toilets inside therefore it will stop, that’s not how it works, fear and confusion make for an unhappy dog.Good luck!

My Shih Tzu has black tar stuff in his ear.?

First, does your shih tzu get his ears plucked? I know that sounds terrible, but dogs with long hair and a lot of fur tend to have an excessive gorwth of hair in the ears. This reduces air flow into the ear canal causing ear infections.

The black tar is probably build up from an ear infection or at the least, really dirty ears.

You should take him to the vet to make sure that it isn't an infection. They will give you a special wash and medicated ointment if it is an infection. If it is not an infection the vet can give you the special wash (Epi-Otic is what i use) to use on your dog's ear(s) to help keep them clean and free from infection.

ADD: It isn't likely that it is ear mites. Ear mites aren't very common in dogs, mostly just cats.

Maltese keeps shaking after shaved at the groomer?

~get a sweater.

My dog ate...? will she be ok?

I honestly think your dog will be fine. It's true grapes are poisonous to dogs, but my morkie ate a hole bowl of grapes and all she had was a lot of diarrhea. Just be aware that your dog may puke, or have a lot of diarrhea. But I do not think she will die. If she does not get better in about 15-24 hours you might want to think about taking her to the vet. Have a lot of water as she will probably become very thirsty. :) Good luck