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My Nipples Shrink On Sunbeds

Do your nipples get bigger when you tan in a tanning bed?

No, they get darker and leather-y.

Purple spots after tanning?

ok i know tanning beds are bad but i do them and honestly i probally wont stop, anyways i go about everyother day for 20 min in laydown and 11 in stand up and when im in there with the lights i see purple lines like thick lines and spots on my stomach and under my breast, and its not as visible once im out but under my bra line it looks like a long thick line/spots of almost hickies and of course its not but what could this be they keep re-occuring??

Is it possible for a man to make nipples smaller naturally?

Pinch clothes pins on them for 5 mins every day until you are satisfied with the end results.While the clothes pins are applied, you must have both hands in a bowl of ice water and soak your feet in hot water. Not burning hot, only tolerable hot.After removing the clothes pins and thoroughly drying your hands. Take the water you had your hands in and mix it with the water you had your feet in and then dump it on your head and maybe that will help you realize that unless it's a medical need, leave your body alone. You are right the way God made you. He loves you no matter what. Learn to love and appreciate yourself also.

What is best way to cure vitilgo?

Vitiligo is a disease of skin pigments called melanin. It is a disease where there is a loss of skin pigment or color, which could be due to various reasons. Vitiligo affects about 2% of world population and closes to 8% of an Indian and Mexican population. Vitiligo is not a serious disease, medically speaking. It has more social significance than medical importance, as it does not cause any major harm to the body. Cosmetically and personally, it can affect lives of the suffers especially in that society, where a colour of skin is given importance; especially among brown and dark skin people.In simple words, vitiligo is caused by one or two of the following processes:1) Melanin cell destruction, leading to loss of color on skin, leading to white patches of vitiligo.2) Defective process of melanin formation, hence, no skin color formationThe exact cause for above processes remains unknown.**HOMEOPATHY FOR VITILIGO**Homeopathy offers proven treatment for the cases of vitiligo which do not have extensive spread. Early and milder cases may be treated with excellent success, moderate and spreading cases can expect partial color formation with good control, while rapidly spreading cases may be controlled significantly. It may be noted that good control over the spread is also considered a success in extensive cases.Homeopathic treatment works in the following manner:* Controlling the spread of Vitiligo by attempting to correct the immune system* Enhancing the natural melanocyte formation (melanogenesis).I was also suffering from the same disease for past 5 months. After taking vitiligo treatment for 2 months I started to notice the decrease in my vitiligo. It took time but eventually, i was vitiligo free.Hope this helps out.

Large areolas, anyway to reduce?

I know you're probably going to get answers saying stuff like "Just accept them and learn to love your body" or "There are lots of guys out there who think big areolas are just great." So I'm not going to say those things, even though both of them are pretty valid responses!

I was really unhappy with the size of mine as well, but I wasn't ready to resort to plastic surgery. Plus, I'm still pretty young and I figured I would wait until after I have kids to get any work done. I started working out a lot just to tone up overall, and I found (coincidentally) that lifting weights doing chest/arm exercises actually improved my boobs, a lot. And I'd always heard that lifting weights would do nothing since breast tissue is mostly fat, not muscle. But it made my boobs a lot perkier/more rounded without changing my cup size, and the areolas got smaller, so they are more proportionate now too. A guy I was seeing commented on the difference, and I showed my best friend who noticed too so I knew I wasn't imagining things. I would try working out with free weights/ weight machines at the gym, it couldn't hurt. But you are still young with lots of time to develop, and you never know what will change.

Are bumps on areola a sure sign of pregnancy?

I had these tiny little bumps start showing up on my areola.. and now, a week later, they haven't gone away. Instead.. there are more.

I'm trying to look up information online on these bumps and found that they are called Montgomery tubercles and that the main reason these little guys start appearing are because of pregnancy.

Could there be other reasons why they are there? (I read tanning can cause it too.. but i haven't been tanning. and i've never gotten them before while tanning).

I honestly don't believe I am pregnant and I'm trying to find out what other reasons can be the cause of these bumps.

Thanks for you input! : )