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My Parcel Is In Italian Customs

Is poste italiane safe for sending sea parcels out of italy to Australia? will it get lost?

I've lived in Italy for the past 12 years and have never had a package a package that I've sent from here lost. I send things to my family in the US or the US office of my company, but that really isn't any different than sending to Australia from the perspective of the Italian postal service. Customs generally goes pretty smoothly as long as the paperwork is filled out correctly and completely in my experience.

Help! My package is stuck in Italian customs!?

Ciao a tutti! I need help. I am currently living in Rome and my sister sent me a package on Sept 29th. She used USPS to send the package and I have a tracking number. The tracking number says that it arrived in "Foreign customs Italy" on Oct 8th. Since then, there have been no updates. I called USPS today and they told me that they don't have (a)a number I can reach or (b) additional information on my package! So now, I'm trying to find out (a)where is my package w/in Italy & (b)How can I get my package!?! I don't understand this b/c I already paid duties on the package! You have to pay duties before it even leaves the country! I need help! Can anyone tell me:

Where is Italian customs (w/ regards to mail) in Italy? Is it in Milan? Rome?
Does anyone have their phone number? It's been weeks! Please & thank you!

Ciao a tutti! Io ancora impararo italiano percio io faccio gli errori. Mi dispiace. Comunque, io bisogno di autiare!

Mi sorella in Stati Uniti manda un paccheto a mi in settembre (29). Ho il numero di indentia (tracking number) per un pacchetto. Online, in la sito per USA postale (the USPS website), la informazione dice que un paccheto se arrivato in ottobre 8! Comunque, ancora io no riceveto un paccheto! La sito dice que un paccheto nella "foreign customs ITALY" (dogana straniere). Io provo a domandare gli USA postale ma sono dicono que un paccheto nella italia e no hanno niente numero di telefono o mas informazione!

Sai il numero telefono per "foreign customs ITALY"? No so! Dove "foreign customs ITALY"? A Roma? Milano? Dove paccheto dove staniera arriva in italia?

Por favore, auitame! Grazie mille!

What does "held in customs" mean?

It means property, i.e., merchandise, equipment, clothing, accessories, or other things that one has tried to bring into a country is not available, but is being held (detained, kept from the owner, placed where it cannot be accessed) by the nation’s customs office, the government function that operates to regulate the flow of these things into the country. The customs office assures that only legal things are imported, that ‘title’, meaning legal ownership and control of the things are handed to the proper parties, and that taxes (duty and excise payments) are made before the property is handed over.Governments clearly do not want people in the country to obtain illegal items that they are not allowed to have or buy domestically by going around the laws and importing the items. They may also want to prohibit entry of items that may be infected with some disease or foreign creatures that could cause harm if brought into the country. There may be reasons to not allow imports, or tax them heavily, based on origin country or domestic interest in protecting industries. And governments may not want specific individuals or groups to conduct business as a punitive response or as a corrective incentive.With commercial shipping across borders, customs facilitates orderly and proper business transactions where a manufacturer in another country has used an intermediary, an international shipping firm, to bring the goods to a different country with separate laws and legal system. Involving the government’s customs office assures that there is no improper transfer of the goods. Errors or omissions in that paperwork, or simply handling time and payment of duty could result in things being held in customs.People and their personal property traveling to a country also “go through customs”, but also the “immigration control” function. If delayed briefly, one might refer to that delay as “held in customs”, but any longer period than a wait for an entry interview would probably be “detained by immigration control”.

Email address for Postal Customs in Milan Italy?

I sent a package to Milan Italy and Customs has delayed it stating there isn't an invoice on the outside of the package. They are holding the package until they get an invoice, I need the email address for the Customs in Milan Italy so I can send the invoice and postal tracking number.

Does anyone know the email address for Postal Customs in Milan Italy?

How long does it take a package to get through customs?

Most packages spend only minutes being evaluated. Its the ones of high value, possible bootleg products, illegal products and those that appear to have deceptive Customs Declarations that will be delayed for scrutiny or to properly evaluate their worth. Very few are opened. I've gotten hundreds of packages from overseas and have seen only one that was opened.

Is there a reliable package forwarding service to shop online in Italy and have products sent on to Spain?

You should try US Mail Address - Global Shopaholics  , Due to two reasons.One there shipping rate is cheaper then any other company out there and it includes insurance upto 300$, and they deliver with DHL so your order will be safe and sound .Secondly many famous online stores do not ship to  package forwarding companies, With this company you can even hire a Shopper to go out shopping for you, if you want you can have an experiance of shopping in italy too with Live Video shopping. He will show you stores and malls of italy  and you can choose any item in your budget and he will ship on the same day to Spain. Most of the times Best sales are in stores  so you can choose from the store too.I think they are best out there .

Who delivers USPS in France?

Although USPS suggest your consignment has been “Delivered to France”, it usually means that it has arrived on French soil NOT to the recipient. As the consignment has been sent from the USA it is possibly held up at an International Processing Centre (usually Roissy) awaiting inspection by Customs decide if duty and taxes are payable on it. If that is the case then the delay between said process and delivery to recipient can be up to 10 days depending on whether the sender has completed the necessary paperwork correctly. If duty and taxes are payable then the recipient will be sent a “PRIORITY” letter asking them to collect the same from the local mail centre and paying said charges before the consignment is handed over.

Also one has to understand that we are now approaching a very busy period and delays can occur unless the consignment is on a “PRIORITY” service. Even deliveries of mail from one part of France to another are protracted; we allow an extra 2 days before we start asking questions. Another thing to bear in mind is the final delivery address, if that is a very rural location the consignment has to pass through numerous mail centres before it arrives at the local delivery office.

Please note: USPS and UPS are NOT the same organization, the later is a worldwide courier service, nothing to do with International Postal Services.

Shipping a package from Italy to US?

Is there a website for the Italian postal service that allows me to track packages when I enter the delivery confirmation number?

Also, is there an inexpensive way to ship packages from Italy to USA other than the postal service? I checked out FedEx, UPS and DHL and they all want about $175.00 to send a shoebox-sized package to the US.