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My Parents Do Not Reprimand My Younger Half Brother. Should I Step In

What are the legal rights of son in the property of his father?

In India, as per Hindu succession Act,a. If the property is ancestral, son/children have the right over the property. For the property to be ancestral, it has either to be inherited by the father from his father i.e. the grand father after his death or the grandfather, in his life time, have partitioned the property. But, if the father has got the property from grandfather as a gift, it will not be considered as ancestral property.[1]b. If the property is self acquired by the father, son/children can claim no right over it. [2]Footnotes[1] Supreme Court puts Final Death Nail on Concepts of Ancestral Property & Joint Family Property, Read Judgment - Latest laws[2] Son has no legal right in parents' house, can stay at their mercy: Delhi high court - Times of India

What is the meanest thing your sister has ever done to you?

She tried to kill me.I was 3–4 and she was two years older than me; we were left alone to bathe together, but I didn’t know how much she resented my taking attention away from her. We were playing in the water, dumping suds over each other from plastic buckets; when ‘Sis’ announces she wants to play a game - I’m to wait in the tub while she goes to the sink, and fills each of our buckets. One will contain hot water, the other cold, and whichever one I pick, I will have to have it dumped on me. Frankly I cheat, and part the shower curtain to watch her fill the buckets.One bucket is filled with scalding hot water, from 70’s taps that don’t regulate the temperature! - I can see the steam rising from it.Well, Sis cheats too. She asks me which bucket? and I point and say that (cold) one!“No!” she cries, “You get THIS one!”…and I get a scalding hot bucket of water thrown over my whole body.…from which I almost died from the shock!!!The harshest thing? Mom tried to blame me for screaming, when I was almost killed, and ‘scaring her’.Yeah, pity poor you for having to almost hear me die. Bitch.

Help! I can't house break my American Bulldog pup!?

I got Rondo, my American Bulldog puppy when he was 8 weeks old and now he is 5 months old. I have never had this hard of a time house training a dog and I have been around them my whole life. My fiance and I live in a mobile and also have a Pitbull/Boxer that is about four years old. Anyway, it seems like we have tried everything. When we first got him we obviously expected for him to have accidents for awhile. If he did have an accident we would quickly grab him rub, rub his nose in it and put him outside. Ocassionally he will pee outside when we let him out but most of the time he just sits there and jumps on the door to come back in. We have left him out for over a half an hour at a time but he is very persistent. He also just started to go venture off the porch when we let him out (he is on a run) and granted the snow just melted here in Maine so I think he is getting used to the grass. I also read that you are not supposed to stick his nose in it when they go inside, you just say "ehhh" and stop them and then put them outside. Neither of these methods have seemed to work and here he is at 5 months and still doesn't comprehend that he needs to go to the back door. Also keep in mind that we do crate him when we leave. The cage is not that big in comparison to his size and he sometimes has accidents in there but they are usually loose stools or pee and I wonder if he is just excited or nervous in the kennel. Unfortunately when we got him we didn't make him sleep in his kennel and he was sleeping in the room with us (my girlfriend and I apparently love dogs to much). He also chews up any blanket, pillow or dog bed that we put in there to help make him comfortable. Should I put nothing in his cage with him? The 64,000 dollar question is, how do I get him trained? What do I need to do to get him to go to the door to go out and how do I handle it when he pee's and I catch him do it? Any advice would be appreciated!!

A restricted rehire from disney? does that goes away after a certain amount of time and would they rehire?

I was participating in the disney college program 2009. I had to self terminate due to family obligations and I had a couple reprimands which was because of the issues that were going on back on home.

I got one for being late. When I had left I had told my manager that I wanted a second opportunity to be able to come back to complete the program and she assured and told me that I was coming back. My other manager a few months after I left said she would give me a second chance. But when I left they told me since I'm self terminating that I would rehave a restricted rehire and its been a year and a half. My program was from january to may I left in march and was back @ my old job in june till sept till the job got laid off and then I got another job march of 2010 till august. I left in august because I transferred to a school out of state.

I just had my interview the other day. Would they rehire me in my case?

Is this affair between my niece and my stepson going to wreck our marriage? Or is my wife going wreck it?

First off, congratulations on your baby's and the same to Marie. Your step son is how old? I understand that this is probably a very difficult situation for everyone. Your wife Marie is hormonal and yes probably freaking out about being a G'MA at such a young age.

Where is your stepson's father? When Nick tells you to shut the "F" up you should be saying would you say that to your Mom? Then why are you saying that to me? I am an extension of her. She is carrying you soon to be little brothers so I would really appreciate it if you treat both of us with the respect that we deserve.

Secondly, who's house is it? Is it your house or did you move into her house? If it is her house then you need to all move out to a house of your own together and make it your Families house! If you wife doesn't understand that your only blood relative that is left is living with you because she has no-one else, then that self-woman doesn't deserve the time of day as far as I am concerned. She is what. 30 something? Your niece is only 17. Yes, she did sleep with your step son so Nick himself needs to grow up pretty darned fast and figure out what he is going to do. He needs to be reminded that he at least didn't have to wait until he was 50 to be a father. So he should appreciate this opportunity. Britt needs to ask Marie for help as much as possible. Marie has been pregnant and knows what to expect. Your niece hasn't been and is probably scared to death.

I am not sure if any of this will help but I do think that you may need to consult a professional. Don't sweat the fact that Nick runs around in his underwear, since apparently they have already had sex. If he is just trying to push buttons, Ignore him. If you were the one that moved into their house, there are male territorial issues going on that you probably aren't even consciously aware of.

Just remember that you can kill more bees with honey then you can with vinegar. Good luck to you and I hope all goes well. Just step back and take a deep breath. Don't yell or scream, or come off as being defensive. Just make your wife understand that your niece is going to be a part of this family with or without that child she is carrying and that you love all of them and that is that. The Man of the House has to speak.

My toddler hates men?

She is pushing the limits and boundaries with the men in her life right now. Her grandfather spoils her and lets her get away with anything you say- there is your problem right there. Tell your dad- it is okay to lavish attention on her but when she is disrespectful- she needs to be told we do not do that in this house. We love our family and treat them nicely. You should not do anything to her- your husband and father have to step up to the plate here. Be calm(not angry) but firm here- let her know that this is not acceptable- make her look you in the eyes. Use "I" language such as the following: " When you scream at me( or hit etc) I feel very sad or angry Please use your words when you are speaking to me in a nice inside voice and I will talk to you. If you can not speak to me(Daddy, Grandpa) in a nice voice(or what ever the situation may be) you will have to go to your room or sit on the couch until you can speak nicely to me". Let her know adults are the ones in charge - she will understand where the lines are. Children need and want boundaries and it is up to adults to set and keep them. They will continually test them at times but just remember who the adult is and who is the child and remind her.