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My Parents Think They Are Smarter Than Me

Are you smarter than your parents?

In terms of education, qualifications and opportunities, yes. My parents have worked hard to give me chances they never had.

However, my dad is a wise wise man and I always go to him for advice and help. He has a lot of life experience and has seen a lot in his time....I'm still his little girl - no matter what.

Are kids smarter then their parents? ?

Yes some are smarter than their parents and some are dumber than parents.

Our parents did not have computers and lots of help in today's
education system that children have today. This makes them
smarter than parents.

My father didn't have any education at all. He was born and raised in a small rural area village, worked on farm all his life. When I grew up he moved us to a city where there were schools, so I got education upto high and then moved to another bigger school to go to university and to work also. I get opportunity to have education and learned lots of things that my father didn't have chance to learn

He was vey wise man in dealing with people and often people came to ask his advise in the matters of problems between families. Since I didn't grew up in village, I pobably don't have experience of solving the problems of village people like my father had. In those matter he was
wiser than me.

Why do teenagers think they are smarter than their parents?

Teenage problems are different these days. Also, its not that teenagers think they're smarter, they probably just want to do things their own way. Its better to learn the hard way, the easy way is just cheating.

Also, as a counter argument to your statement, "do they think we were always adults"...think back to when you were a teenager, didnt you want to be independant? Or were you like some sort of freak?

Why do all parents seem to think their kids are smarter or cuter than the average kid?

I have three children and I spend a lot of time with parents. All parents don't think that. Most parents don't think their children are failures either. Most people don't see their kids as all or nothing, the best or the worst. Most parents can tell you their children's strengths and weaknesses. If a parents tells you their child is the most academically advanced, most beautiful, most athletic, most skilled socially, that parents is insecure about their own abilities and qualities and needs to put down other other kids to feed their own ego. You'll see that type of behavior more here on YA than in "real life" because this site is a magnet for know-it-alls. A parent who is a great source of knowledge in all areas will spend their day answering Y!A questions, yet never have one, because they have all the answers for raising the perfect child.

I'd rather a parent see their children as people with all the same differences as everyone else. Both seeing our kids as failures and putting them down, and seeing them as perfect and better than other kids, is harmful for development. The child who is put down never builds confidence. The perfect child is only perfect in her parents eyes and will have a difficult time when faced with the inevitable disappointments we all experience in life. A parent can only shield their child from that for so long: until adulthood.

All people have flaws. That's what makes us human.

Why do kids think they know more than their parents know ?

It's psychology.

Adolescents' brains have just developed the ability to think critically and analyze. Just like when they learned to walk and talk, they are programmed to practice this new skill. And like walking and talking, it's a very useful skill to have. So they argue and debate everything, and may even enjoy doing so. Sometimes the logic isn't quite there, but it's developing.

They also still lack enough experience to be able to take on an older person's perspective or see life through their parents' eyes. So why should they think their parents can do the reverse, and understand what it's like to be a teenager? Therefore, their parents cannot possibly be right, or so the reasoning goes.

I used to think my parents didn't know anything, either, but the older I got, the smarter they got.

Why do people think they are smart, but they aren't?

It’s the dunning-krüger effect. Imagine a venn diagram if you will, one side there’s actually intellectual people who downplay their intelligence and are very humble. The other side are the people who are average or below in terms of IQ who do a couple of tests(online) ex:buzzfeed, and then brag or humble-brag these scores in quora or other social forums.Image source: Google picturesBut, as in all venn diagrams there’s an overlap where Intellectuals do tend to somewhat brag of their intelligence( I know I used to, but then I got schooled by a physics professor who definitely was in a super genius category, which made humble to this day). Also, there are average people with average IQs who know their limits. But, coming from personal experience I think that with passion in the right direction, work ethic and discipline these average people can trump intellectuals( if they are wasting their talents)“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”I know this from personal experience. Even though i am a 145+ range individual in IQ,(I’m not humble-bragging, just stating it so you can get the idea, of what i’m about to tell you), I never applied myslf with the work ethic or passion which could’ve propelled me in a career i’d like. I’m always a master procrastinator and is a lazy guy, I like to read a lot, that too in religion and philosophy. I literally studied 10 days(more like 20 hours, as i never exceeded 2 hours a day) before my A/L exams and still got 2C’s and a D. Therefore i couldn’t get into a good university.Now onto the other side, a girl in our class (let’s call her angie) never had more than 70%, even though i knew she was going to tuition and studying harder than any of us in the class. She also studied daily and had an incredible work ethic, a never give up attitude. So, where did she end up?She is now in her 3rd year as a medical student in russian university with 3B’s in her A/Ls.Even average people can overcome those ‘intellectuals’, so we can’t just underestimate them cause they are not that smart.

I'm smarter than both my parents. Why can they still boss me around? Can I take legal action?

Are you over or under 18 (or whatever the age of majority is in your country.) If you are under 18, they can boss you around because they are your parents. If you are over 18, but still live with them and/or are financially reliant on them, they can boss you around because you live with them and/or are financially reliant on them. If none of those things are true, they can only boss you around if you allow them to do so. Being smart has nothing to do with whether your parents get to tell you what to do.Being smart, however, does not mean you know everything there is to know. Having wisdom is not the same thing as being smart. Knowing how to make good choices has nothing to do with being smart. Your parents are responsible for bringing you into the world and they are responsible for getting you safely into adulthood. That is their job. It is their job also to help you develop a moral sensibility.Perhaps rather than telling your parents that you are smarter so they should not boss you around, you can use your smarts to engage them in a conversation about how you feel. Not in an accusatory fashion, but in a respectful one. One in which you have a mutual conversation and show respect for each others feelings.Of course, sometimes parents will not listen to their children. Such is the reality of being a child, if you are one. And I think you probably are, given the phrasing of your question.Can you take legal action because your parents boss you around? No. Again, if you are under the age of majority, they are legally allowed to, and one might even say required to, boss you around. If you are over the age of majority, you can move out, and then they won’t be able to boss you around any longer.You will encounter many people who will boss you around in life. Some people will have the right to do so, such as, for example, your boss when you get a job, or a police officer if you get pulled over for speeding. Other people will not have that right, and you can choose to allow them to tell you what to do or not.

Why do my parents think they know more than me just because they have more life experience?

Now that I'm up in years, all I can say is that when you're older you have a lot more experience and there are so many things that are very difficult to understand until you've truly experienced them yourself. I thought i was pretty smart back then.Right now we live in what I call the “Sound Bite Age”.Too many people think they can understand what are complex issues with just a short three minute explanation.When we are young we tend to think the same way, in other words, many things are very simple to us. As we go through life, we experience many things ourselves and we understand just how complicated they can be and that there are many other things that are important in any given situation. In addition, a lot of these things are specific to each individual person. Each of us learns some things that other people don't and vice-versa.All I can say is your parents do understand a lot more because they have had a lot more experience and it may be hard for you to understand but in 20 30 years from now you'll “get it”, for sure. Just like so many of us, you'll be saying, Gee!, if I only knew this when I was 20.There are a couple of things that I didn't “get” untill I was in my seventies, that I should have “gotten” in my twenties.Oh well, Life's not perfect, as much as we wish it was.Just keep trying to do your very best, keep plugging away. Don't be afraid to talk to others about the same thing, others around you, family and friends.Just recently I made a new friend who was able to listen and if nothing else, tell me that I'm not so unique with my problems. Many of us are struggling the same way.

One of my friends thinks they are smarter than me...?

You must be really young, or have just found out your IQ, if this is the first time you're running into this situation. I remember a kid I knew in my elementary school gifted program who always told everyone his IQ, and I never did tell him my own IQ. I just avoided him, which is what's going to happen to your friend. People don't like bragging.

Recently, I met someone new, and she found an opportunity to drop her IQ into the conversation. Mine is higher than hers. I didn't say anything. She also talks a lot about a topic that I know quite a bit about, and although I may not know as much about it as she does, I do know more than most people. She and I could have some interesting conversations. But she talks down to me about it (and everything). She's never even asked if I know anything about that topic. She's like a runaway train of blather.

People brag this way because they're insecure. They need to make people feel small in order to feel better about themselves, and they'll toss around their IQ in order to do that. If that's not true of you, why would you use your own IQ to belittle your friend?

If you want your friend to be less annoying, you could come right out and say that you don't like their behavior. Or, instead of telling them your IQ, you could tell them you know something about whatever it is they're talking down to you about, and then you could talk about that topic. But if I were you, I would just avoid this person.

My parents aren't as smart as me and sometimes they get on my nerves and we argue. What am I supposed to do about this?

I read this question to my parents, and they both laughed. My mom then corrected your grammar. "My parents aren't as smart as I."Trust me, you're not smarter than your parents. You're a teenager who thinks you are. My mom says you should sit on this idea that you're smarter than them for 8-10 years and then see if you feel the same way.