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My Parked Car Was Hit; Hit And Run

What should I do if my car was hit while parked?

Not too long ago this happened to my wife twice within a short period of time.The first time was in Toronto, in a cramped parking lot. My wife came out of a store to find someone had driven into our car and then left. This store had cameras on the lot, and she convinced the store manager to review the video, and you could see someone drove into the lot, basically drove right into our car, backed up and left. But it was blurry and you couldn’t make out the car’s license plate, so even though we provided the video to police they couldn’t do anything with it. Because we didn’t have details on the other vehicle we had to pay our collision deductible, but it’s treated as a not-at-fault collision.The second time was in Charlottetown, someone probably making an illegal U-turn smashed into our parked car quite badly, and also left. This happened about a month after we just repaired the previous collision, and again we couldn’t identify the driver. We had to pay the deductible again for insurance to pay for the collision, and although it was still treated as a not-at-fault collision I got a letter from the insurance company not long after saying that although our rates were staying the same they were increasing our deductible. I don’t think they’re actually allowed to do that, but we were already in the process of changing insurance companies for unrelated reasons.In both cases (this applies to insurance in Ontario, Canada) as long as you report the collision to police within 24 hours, your insurance company will treat it as a not-at-fault collision although this is the odd case where you have to pay the deductible for a not-at-fault collision. My adjuster told me at the time that if they had enough information to follow up with the other driver’s insurance that they would waive the deductible, but we didn’t have that in either case. I don’t know what happens if you don’t report within 24 hours, but I expect it costs you a lot more.EDIT: spelling

I just got a misdemeanor hit and run on a parked car, what should I expect?

To sum up all of your questions it would be best that you speak with a lawyer so that it can be taken care of completely and maybe to the point that it will be expunged from your record because the fine and penalty for this is as follows.........

It carries a possible sentence of 6 months in jail and a fine of $1,000.00 plus the cost of the repairs to the other vehicle...

Plus it will stay on your driving record for 7 to 10 years..

Plus it will affect your insurance rates as well.

What happens to someone if they hit and run a parked car in California and it’s their first offense?

Assuming they’re caught?If nobody was injured, it is a misdemeanor level crime. The drivers license of the suspect driver will be suspended by the DMV. It is up to the traffic investigators to decide if the case should be presented to the DAs office for filing charges (20002 cvc). If prosecution is sought, usually the defendant is given a court date to appear without a custodial booking.

I hit and run a park car but came back?

I hit and run a parked car arounf 5:30am to pick up my wife.. I got scared firstime got in to an accident and went home.. I calm down and realize what i did.. I waited for my mom to come and talk about it and i suggest to come back and talk to the other party, the other party is greatful for me to came back and give my info insurance and will pay for every damage and they said the will not press charge any more but.. They file a police report already.. Was that still a hit and run? Is the police gana go to my house? I just want to have an idea whats gana happen next.. Please help

What should I do if my parked car was hit by an uninsured driver?

It depends on your coverage. Most policies have an uninsured motorist portion. But this is mainly, as I understand, only if you have collision insurance. The basic liability insurance only covers damage you do to other vehicles. Any damage done to your vehicle, whether you are at fault or not , is not covered by your insurance if you don’t have comprehensive or collision (depending on what caused the damage, in this case it would be under collision). If you prove another is at fault, their insurance would pay, if they had any.If you have coverage, just call the police to file a report and then make a claim with your insurance company. Also, be aware that your insurance company may try to file it as a collision claim instead of uninsured motorist if they can’t find evidence of another driver hitting you (a hit and run, for example). If they have no one to go after to get their money back or it is possible you are just claiming a hit and run to cover up an accident you caused (you hit a pole or something), then they will cover it under collision and they will raise your insurance rates.Of course, this is all based on my personal experience dealing with insurance companies in the past. Your best bet is always to consult your insurance company or a lawyer.

Someone hit my parked car and left?

Alright, so I parked my car in my high school parking lot today (I'm 16). Someone hit my car and left a dent, but I didn't notice until I got home. They did not leave a note, when I entered my car to leave the parking lot, there was no car next to me on the side of the dent or anything. There also wasn't anyone in the parking lot that might've seen anything.
Please help me! What do I do? My mom has State Farm, and I'm SO afraid that she's going to get mad at me because I didn't notice the dent until I got home. Will her rates go up? Is it to late to file a report or anything, because it probably happened more than 6 hours ago?
I'm so scared, please, advise me on what to do.

My parked car was involved in a hit and run by a school bus. I have footage of the incident but can only see the bus company name. What should I do?

If you have the exact time of the accident, they can determine which bus was at that location during that time frame. However, if all you have is this photo, it will be hard to prove.Having spent enough time dealing with people who have backed into my car (usually always in parking lots), I can say that 95% will change their story - even when they know there are photos that pretty clearly show what happened. And from that moment onward - once a party changes his or her story - it takes forever to sort it out, if at all. Example 1:A very nice elderly man backed out of a space in a lot and hit my car that was directly behind him despite my seeing him and honking like a lunatic. He apologized and apologized. I, unfortunately, did not get that on tape, but managed to keep my car in position and get several photos that pretty clearly showed how he backed up and hit the backside of my car.It took about ten months to get the other side to pay, because this super nice gentleman promptly changed his story once he got on the phone with his insurance company, and I honestly think I finally prevailed only because I had a freaking fit that my insurance company, which I had forever with no accidents, was dragging its feet. This despite my photos and quite precise drawing of the accident trajectory. Fighting another insurance company is a hassle and in these small cases, the go-to stance with insurance companies is no-fault, meaning both sides just handle their own damages.Truth be told, insurance companies like no-fault. They can absorb it and move on.Example 2:Another time, a 20 year old backed into my car in a lot, and despite more damning photos, she made it clear on-site that she was going to change her story, and she promptly called her parents, sobbing. Since it was a minor scratch, I let it go. Who needs it?The point is, you will really need to clearly show the bus veering into your car, or have a couple of witnesses. You can also be guaranteed the bus driver, not wanting to lose his job, will have a different story. It is not too late to contact the insurance company if you have these items. Otherwise, it's probably a wash - although maybe not. The bus company may be more accommodating.

My parked car was hit. No witnesses.?

My car was parked on a curb in front of my house. Theres a big dent on the Driver's door. I can't find any witnesses.

What should I do now?
How can I find who hit my car?
Will my insurance take care of it?
How hard will police pursuit the offender when I call it in?

Car Insurance parked hit and run question?

I have USAA as my auto insurance.
Here's the back story. I was parallel parked alongside a street here in Atlanta and a car (more than likely) was trying to get out of his/her space and hit the left driver side bumper pretty hard (ruining the paint and loosening up the bumper pretty good...and cracking the tail light). This person did not leave a note.
I have my 500 deductible. I also have uninsured motorists coverage.
Right now USAA is saying that I will have to pay the $500 ded. Why couldn't they put it under the uninsured motorists coverage I have instead so I wouldn't have to pay a dime?
Is it within reason to call them and ask for this issue to be adjusted? If so, what points can I make to insure I get the deductible taken care of under the uninsured motorists coverage?

Thank you for your help!