My Pigeon Has Lice/mites

How long can bird mites live on my dog?

we had an issue with bird mites outside my daughters bedroom. we took care of it quickly. a nest of sparrows made a home with did eveything listed online asap! it seems to have worked. Now my dog has been itching we kow he has no fleas. Hes mostly inside because he is my daughters therapy service dog. Well i noticed the mites in the bottom of his paw! his dog house was infested as well.. we threw everything away and i washed him everyday for over a week and kept him outside.. Long story short.. how long can these parasites live on him! ???

Does My Cockatiel have Lice Or Mites?

my cockatiel seems to be(to me at least) scratching itself a lot. I dont know if its simply cleaning itself or something is really wrong but right after hes done, he shakes his whole body and this stuff goes into the air. does it mean he has lice or mites? any info is needed and thanks for the help!

Why are pigeons called vermins?

Probably because they flood the streets of almost every city… Not only the streets, they have occupied the roofs as well.Pigeons have adapted well to living in the cities of people and highly benefit from their activities. From this point on, dealing with those birds got a bit tricky, because there are close to non, natural predators to pigeons, that can also live in the cities.The habits of pigeons, such as searching for food in bins, and their large numbers, have won them the name of “flying rats”.Many believe that pigeons also transmit diseases, although there is no hard proof of that. Even the bird flu - H5N1, could not deal with the pigeons, because of their extremely strong immune system.There are none documented cases of a pigeon transmitting a disease to a human.(They may not transmit diseases, but their feces could lead to serious health risk.)Besides that, their large number, the occupation of the cities and the damage they inflict on buildings are just a number of reasons for people to consider them as vermin.

My Pigeon has lice/mites?

I just got a fantail pigeon today and I noticed she has some creatures roaming on her which were by chance visible (I am pretty sure they are mites or lices). HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM? Please note:
>< I can't give her a bath (It is very cold).
>< The only method I have access to is 'dog flea spray'.
Help me.....PLEASE!


Can bird mites,lice be transferred to Rabbits?

The way to tell if he has red mites is to put a white towel over or in the cage over night and check the towel in the morning - look for red or grey dots (two of the most common mites are the red and grey mites. Those red things are red mites -part of the family of spiders their bites are painful - they prefer birds but will travel and will bite animals and humans- I had a bad infestation due to wild birds on my roof and the mites travelled down from the roof into the house and i started getting bites. I started to have to spray the eves of the roof and the walls and all cracks about every 6 months with Safer- one of the many insecticide soap sprays for spider mites. There are over the counter sprays for mites at pet stores and Walmart( which is cheaper). I even saw a episode on tv about some exterminators and families horror stories about houses full of these mites crawling all over and biting the people who lived in the house- from birds nesting in the between ceilings spaces for years. Normally mites do not stay on the bird- they hate light so they normally spend the day in cracks in buildings and cages and come out to bite at early evening and night. So yeah you got a mite problem in the cage and surrounding area- and maybe in other spots also if you have a lot of wild birds sitting on your roof. I recommend to get the concentrate and mix up a batch and and put in a squirt bottle or a yard spraying cannister. Get safer spray or a generic brand from a garden center or feed store or walmart or get the mite concentrate from a feed store. Go to these sites for info

Common Lice and Mites of Poultry - University of California ... (great pictures and new treatments and info) ( all natural )

these are just sites for various types of internal or external pest on bird- most of which are usually seen on chickens-because pet owner get most of their birds from sources not exposed to wild birds like chickens are. (poultry site)

Has anyone had bird mites in their home?

That has to be the worst thing, having mites in the house.

Several ideas... (ordered by severity)

1) Mites can be killed by washing everything (sheets, towels clothes) in warm to hot water will kill them and use Johnson's Anti Mite Aerosol or Powder on bedding, furniture, and other inanimate objects infested with mites.

2) If you have Lice or Bed Bugs, wash everything (as above) but use RID or Stop Lice spray on bedding, furniture, and other inanimate objects infested with lice.

3) When using bug bombs, be sure to do the entire house i.e. Attic, underneath the house (if possible) and inside. If you do only one of these areas, they can re-appear from the other...

4) If you have fleas, use Bengal spray (found at local hardware store) this stuff is expensive ($12-$15 per can) , but be very careful... this stuff is very strong and lasts several weeks. Kills everything from fleas to scorpions.

Lastly there are some professional companies that offer carbon dioxide fumigation. Basically the house is sealed, natural / propane gas is turned off, and carbon dioxide is pressure pumped into the house and after a period of time, the house is replenished with good air. This method, anything and everything that breathes oxygen will die. I'm not sure if they use dry ice or a tank/canister. Also not sure of the cost...

Do all birds have lice?

Yes birds can carry Lice, also mites, but first they have to be in contact with another bird that has them.

Look up this site for more information "bird lice" it also shows the types that are around.and how to identify.

Bird breeder for over 50 years.

Is a pigeon making a nest in a house good or bad?

In my opinion, not a good idea:Pigeons like to live near people for the consistent source of food and shelter.Problems arise when the pests move inside houses and build their nests in attics, ceilings, wall voids, and vents. For example, their droppings are acidic and deface buildings. The droppings can also accumulate in such massive quantities that ceilings have collapsed.Since pigeons use twigs, straw, and other flammable materials to construct their nests, which often clog air vents or sit too close to exposed wires, their presence creates serious fire hazards, as well.Finally, the pests spread diseases and carry fleas, mites, ticks, and lice into homes.

How long does it take for pigeon's wing feathers to grow back?

!. Stop feeding mealworms, pigeons are grainiverous. Give it a mixed seed mixture.
2 - if the feathers have been cut, then it will take about 4 -5 months for the natural molt to replace them.
3 if the feathers have been pulled out either by a person or predator, then the replacement feathers should begin to grow in within ten days and be fully grown within a month - please don't let the bird try to fly while all the feathers are in the blood quill stage.
4. Rabbit cage is better without a doubt.

NO it's not vermin.

As to any lice or mites on it - just go to any grocery or pet store and pick up a spray for parakeets (budgies) that they use for mites and lice and you can spray the bird with that. Keep the spray out of its eyes. Pigeons lice and mites are species specific and won't transfer to humans. Red mites are a possible exception to that, but if as you say the birds eyes are bright, then the chances of red mites are at about 0.5%

Should I worry if a pigeon touched my head with its wings?

Very unlikely, especially if it just briefly brushed your head. You'll be just fine.