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My Pinky Toe Is Broken

How do I know if my pinky toe is broken?

if your pinky toe is broken there isn't anything you can do at all... well except wrap it with medical tape to Ur other toe. the only way you can tell its broken is if its bruised. i have experienced a TON of broken toes so ya all you really have to do is wrap it for at least a week and if it doesn't feel better by then its most likely more than that toe.... i hope your toe gets better:)

How can I tell my pinky toe is broken?

Since you're not certain it's broken it's probably sprained. If it was broken you'd most likely be able to clearly see that it's broken. Spraining something can also be very painful and can take even longer to heal then breaking something so I think this is probably the case. I'd suggest icing your toe daily and possibly getting a splint to support it if you can find one comfortable enough to wear. I think it would be a legitimate reason to not have to run so much in P.E. but you'll probably need to see the school nurse first - which you should do (or rather have done) anyways.

How can I tell if my pinky toe is broken?

On the outset, it’s impossible to tell if you’ve got a broken baby toe (pinky toe) just by assessing your case with the help you find online. Go to the nearest hospital/ clinic and meet a doctor. Explain your symptoms and have your foot x-rayed. That’s the only procedure to be sure if it’s a broken toe or not.Take my case: I had accidentally stubbed my toe to the wall the other night while going to the bathroom. There was mind boggling pain when it happened. But afterward (nearly 10 hrs later) - I only experienced mild, nearly non-existent pain and swelling, with absolutely no difficulty walking (except for a slight shift) or bearing weight upon the damaged toe. I was able to bend and buck my toe just fine. I was not entirely OK with the discomfort experienced but it wasn’t severe, or anything. I could walk, dance and go about my routine. It wasn’t until I paid a visit to an Orthopaedician/ had my foot x-rayed that an underlying fracture was discovered. The Doc traced the fracture line in the toe (on the x-ray) for me to see for myself. My experience is a testimony that you won’t always have the symptoms indicated online for a broken toe: throbbing, pain, swelling, broken nail shaft, discolored nail or bruised skin etc.I agree with Maya Deva Kniese. There is no better way to get this right than to visit an Orthopaedician. The sooner, the better. Good luck.

How do I know if my pinky toe is broken?

It may be broken or bruised. A doctor will be able to tell you but chances are he won't be able to do much for a toe, as in splinting it. He can make sure that it's aligned properly though!

If you tape it, don't tape it too tightly; toes and fingers can be taped to the one next to it for support but always make sure you don't cut off circulation in such a thin digit.

A good home remedy for bad bruises and small broken bones, as long as the skin isn't broken, is comfrey; take some of the root, grate it, put a little cold water on top and let it sit for a few hours, it should get a bit slimy. Then put the slimy stuff on the broken bone for example with a thin cloth or just tissue paper. The comfrey will help it heal and also if the cloth or paper is thin enough it'll harden as it dries so it'll give a little support as if it's a very thin cast. They used this for all breaks in Medieval times, today I'd definitely recommend a doctor for larger breaks but it's still good for these nasty small breaks the doctor can't splint much better even now.

It still takes a while to heal though, the first pain goes down pretty quick but it'll be several weeks before it's completely better. No matter what you put on it, bones take a while to grow back together.

How do I heal a broken pinky toe?

A broken toe needs to be evaluated by a doctor or a podiatrist to determine the best course of treatment. Immediate first aid is important for faster recovery.As an immediate measure to deal with broken toe or fractured toe, the first thing that needs to be done is to relieve stress from the foot.Apply ice if you suspect your toe is broken.Keep your foot elevatedAvoid putting weight on the footUse a soft compression bandage to wrap your foot. But don't make the bandage too tight.RICE protocol.Consultation with a physician for confirmatory diagnosis or broken toe or fractured toe.Radiological studies to confirm the fracture of toes.If the toe fracture is very small and the fracture is of the smaller toe, then no treatment is necessary as it does not cause any impairment.For broken big toe or big toe fractures, the patient is given protective shoe wear for ambulation. Custom made walking boots are also available to help facilitate ambulation.In majority of cases, the physician buddy straps the toe to the adjoining toe to immobilize the toe.The individual should avoid weight bearing for at least a month if the person has a complex fracture of the big toe.Source: Broken Toe or Fractured Toe|Treatment|Symptoms|Recovery|Prognosis

How do you still work out with a broken pinky toe?

I’ve broken my pinky toe before, and for at least a week after the injury, I found it extremely uncomfortable just to walk, and I had to wear flip flops during that time because wearing any type of closed-toe shoes was extremely painful.I don’t recall how long it took before I was able to start exercising again, but I think it was at least two or three weeks, and even then I had to be very careful for a while not to do anything to reinjure it before it was fully healed.My advice is not to do any lower body training until you can walk comfortably on the injured foot. Taking a break and letting the injury heal properly is much better than trying to train through it and possibly making the injury worse.

How do you treat a broken pinky toe?

There is no real treatment for a broken toe. The best thing to do is (using medical tape that can be purchased at any pharmacy) tape the broken toe to the toe next to it. This will offer stability to the broken toe. Keeping your foot elevated and using ice will also help with discomfort. Take ibuprofen if you're able.

Remedy's for a broken pinky toe?

This just happened to me last month! The end of the sofa just jumped up and laid the smackdown on my toe. This is what my doctor told me (without doing any x-rays)-

It may not be broken, it may just be sprained. Either way the treatment is the same. Just get some cloth tape or medical tape and tape it to the next biggest toe (just like what mel said). Use a little bit of cotton in between them so they don't rub.

Good luck! I know it hurts, but it gets better faster than you think. I used some IcyHot (or something similar) to numb the pain a little. I actually used it on my whole foot, and within 2 weeks I was pretty much back to normal.