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My Professor Is Going To Give Xtra Credit If We Can Answer A Question .

Does anyone know the answer to this riddle? if i get it right, it's extra credit!!?

okay, so i don't remember EVERYTHING about it, but this is the information you need.

the title of the riddle is "Island on Fire", or something like that.

-a man is trapped on an island that is one mile across and very high up. the island is surrounded by waters that are constantly infested with sharks. one day, a small fire quickly turns into a dangerous forest fire, and is rapidly coming towards the man, who is on the other side of the island. the sides of the island are sheer rock, and there is no way to hang off of it. he cannot dig a hole for himself, and had no time to build a device to protect him. how did he manage to avoid the fire?
btw, he can't go around it or through it, obviously. my teacher said that real fireman do this when dealing with fires. my friend and i were thinking that he made his own fire, took the ashes, and covered himself with it, but that doesn't make much sense, now does it? hah.
my teacher also said it had to do with wind. ??

thanks. =]

Do you give Christmas presents to your teachers?

When I was in elementary school, my mom always got a present for my teacher-whether I liked her or not. I usually didn't even know what it was. I'm not that put together: I have yet to buy any of my son's teachers a gift, and I probably won't this year either.

A card is nice though, especially in the younger grades. They put up with our kids eight hours a day; they deserve a little recognition, I think. As far as high school and middle school; it's up to the kid. If he/she really likes the teacher, a card or candy would be okay, but a gift would be inappropriate unless the teacher and the student's parents were otherwise acquainted.

How do i bring my grades up?

you need to get on this problem immediately. the first thing i would do is talk to each teacher. tell them that you have always been a good student and that this semester has been really hard on you. tell them you know that you are waiting until the last minute to ask for help (and admit it, you are!) but you would appreciate any help that they could give you. could you do any extra credit? if you have any tests left, study hard and ask the teacher before the test day on any areas that you don't understand. show some effort to the teachers and it will go a long way!

good luck and don't ever let this happen again. it might have seemed worth blowing off studying at the time, but long term you seem to be paying a big price.


I really do HATE my history teacher?

I agree 100% with Mackle. Come on you guys. You should be lucky to only have such problems.

Look here's the deal. The teacher is NOT a bad teacher unless a majority of the class is failing. Look at your classmates, if most of them are passing and/or doing well, then you're the one with the problem.

History itself is a boring subject. Some people hate History, some hate Math, some hate Science, some hate Grammar, everyone's got that one subject or so, that just bores the hell out of them. What you have to do, is make it interesting for you. That's the first thing.

Figure out a way to actually want to learn History. If you can do that, I guarantee you'll at least get a C. After that, ask the teacher what you can do to improve your grade. Contrary to what people in here think, teachers don't have a lot of power. Teachers want their students to succeed and to do well in their class. But they aren't going to just give you good marks because of that. You still have to earn it.

There are a few teachers out there, who are too stubborn in their styles to realize that it may not be working, and that's evident when most of the class is struggling, and they have to constantly "curve" test scores, to bring grades up.

But most teachers genuinely care about their students, it's the students who don't care for the class or for school in general. You can't expect the teacher who can have up to 30 students in a class, be able to tailor specifically to your needs. That being said, if you ask the teacher what you can do to bring your grade up, they'll more than likely be more than happy to offer advice.

Of course, you have to be doing the basics, like your homework and reading ahead and being prepared for class. If you're truly doing your best, and not "just enough" to get by, then if you ask your teacher what else you can do, he'll definitely give you an answer.

No teacher hates a student, although they may be fed up with a student's attitude or lack of effort or interest, a teacher is a teacher because they want to teach. And teachers want to teach because they want you to learn.