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My Ps4 Friend Deleted Me And Blocked Me For No Reason

Friend deleted me on facebook for no reason?

So I changed my profile picture on monday night and it got 34 likes in the same day, but it's now Wednseday and I looked on fb a realised that one of my girlfriends has deleted me on facebook ( I wouldn't exactly say she's my friend because she's always acting weird around me) however I can still look up her page on facebook and she has made a status saying that she was jealous about something, could it be me?, I don't wabt to sound concieted?

Should I say something or just ignore her childish behaviour to show that she can't affect me?

My ''friend'' blocked me Instagram and I don't know why?

So I had this ''friend'' since the beginning of last year. I'm not too close to her, but we've talked before. She sat next to me in math class last year (assigned seats). And at the beginning of the year, I helped her with her textbook by telling her she left it there when she left class one day. She thanked me.

She accepted me on Facebook and we've chatted there for a bit too. And we've chatted on BlackBerry Mobile (BBM) when that was around....And she signed my yearbook and seemed friendly when we were on the same gym team in gym class too....She didn't mind me on her first Instagram (she has a new one), assuming so because she never did anything about me ''following'' her on there....

But last night, I was going through my crush's followers and saw that this ''friend'' of mine made a new Instagram. I requested this ''friend'', but got rejected last night....her profile was private.

Today, I went back to this ''friend'''s page to re-request her (in case she accidentally rejected me last night) and she was public....I added her, but then she blocked me....I know because I causally brought this ''friend'' up to someone else in a conversation and this someone else said that my ''friend'' is still active & that she's private again...

Maybe someone's gossiping about me? This ''friend'' has no reason to just go off on me like this....! What do you think happened here? My Instagram avatar is a real, clear photo of me & I have my first name under my Instagram name, which should appear when I add people on there....

Will people who have blocked me still show in my friends list on Facebook?

There is one answer here by someone else that is incorrect. Not everyone who provides answers actually provide accurate answers. - Be alert.The function of a BLOCK on Facebook is to disconnect in every way the person blocked. So, if an existing friend Blocks you, you mostly cease to exist in their Facebook world.They also mostly cease to exist in your Facebook world.The Block is not an absolute Chinese Wall, however. Blocking someone may not prevent all communications or interactions (example: in apps or groups there may be some visibility between the blocker and the blocked). Blocking only affects your interactions with that person on Facebook.Since they initiated the block, you will not appear in anything on their news feed or timeline and they will not appear in anything on your news feed or timeline.Since their action effected an “unfriend” result, there is no way for them to remain in your Friends list on your profile. That is pretty simple.The only way to remedy this is for them to UNBLOCK you on their account. If they never do that, you will never see them or anything they post, comment, reply.Even if they post, comment on someone who was a mutual friend. You will not see the comment in the mutual friends post or comment stream. You might see their name in the comment or posts by someone else as long as the name is not actually a tag. In other words, not every one with the same name will be blocked from you, only the one with a name that has the connection to their account.Facebook only talks about Blocking as an action YOU do so you have to figure out the flip side when someone blocks you.You can block someone to prevent them from seeing things you post on your profile, starting conversations with you or adding you as a friend. Blocking someone you're friends with will automatically unfriend them.People you block won't be able to:See things you post on your profileTag you in posts, comments or photosInvite you to events or groupsStart a conversation with youAdd you as a friendWhen you block someone, you also won't be able to do things like start a conversation with them or add them as a friend. Keep in mind that blocking someone may not prevent all communications or interactions (ex: in apps or groups) and only affects your interactions with that person on Facebook.Note: When you unblock someone, you won't automatically be friends again. If you block a friend and then unblock them, you'll need to send them a new friend request.

How do I approach a friend and ask why she blocked me on WhatsApp?

Don't try to contact her to find out the reason. I was in the similar situation. A girl, good friend of mine, unfriended me on Facebook. We were in same class in college. She used to call me and talk about her studies, problems in her life and so on. We used to talk for long time, and suddenly she stopped calling, unfriended me on Facebook. I didn't try to contact her for the reason. I knew one thing at that moment, she didn't want to have me as a friend on Facebook. We even came face to face several times after that, in college send off and other occasions, but she didn't talk to me, not a single word!Few days later, she called me and apologized first, then explained her reasons behind the action. Some friends had filled her mind with things like, "that guy is into you, he loves you and that's why he listens to you speaking for hours, listens to your problems, helps you with studies". The girl had no 'special' feelings for me, I was her "good friend". She got carried away by what her friends said about me and as a 'precaution' unfriended me on Facebook and stopped calling me. She felt very sorry for what she did to me and was very apologetic throughout our conversation on phone, for having wrong views about me. Afterwards, she sent a friend request to me again, and I accepted. That friend was very sensitive, shy and innocent human being. Even the thought that someone might be in love with her was 'scary' and 'risky' to her. Whatever she did was wrong and I didn't need to suffer because of her wrong views towards me, but I had to, and that's LIFE!The girl was so confused that the same cycle of events happened again after few months. I was hurt. This time I deactivated my FB account for good. I was sick that I was getting affected so much by someone 'unfriending' me on FB. I decided not to get affected by events occurring in virtual world. Looking back, whatever happened was for good and it stopped me from getting addicted to and being emotionally involved in FB.Long story short, girls are complicated, and if you go on pestering her for reason behind she blocking you, you might end up making the situation worse. MOVE ON!         (PS: The girl is there in my whatsapp friends list, I've just restricted our conversations to minimum level. Don't want to hurt her or get hurt again!)

How can you tell if someone has blocked u on facebook????

When someone blocks you, the connection completely breaks. When you search them it will no longer come up, unless they have more than one account and you can see their old profiles. Also you can't message them you will get a banner on the bottom saying "You cannot reply to this conversation. Either the recipient's account was disabled or its privacy settings don't allow replies" you can still see their profile picture but the name remains black and you cannot click on it, but if you click actions on the conversation and click "Report spam or abuse" then click option 3 "Report conversation participant(s)" then click okay then next to the person’s name you will either see ‘Blocked‘ or ‘Report‘. If you see ‘Blocked’, this confirms that you were blocked by this person. If you see ‘Report’ instead, it simply means that the person disabled his profile. Another way you can search them through google after you log out, if they come up then they have blocked you.

Why do people unfriend me off facebook for no reason?

You, sir, need to grow up. So what if they unfriended you off their friendlist. Those two people are obviously your "acquaintance." They are not your real friends. After all, it's their page and they have every right to delete whoever they want off their facebook. With or without a reason. Like I said, grow up and get a life..a REAL life. Facebook isn't real life.